***Public service announcement*** it’s completely normal for some ryzen CPUs to have a higher than what you’re used to idle temperature.

1 : Anonymous2021/07/21 04:14 ID: ooijwu

In the 40-50c range. It's 100% completely normal for some ryzen CPUs. It's within spec and you don't need to worry about it.

EDIT; Something else people oftentimes don't know is that your CPU idle temperature will be substantially higher while in BIOS as opposed to checking it with an application such as Ryzen Master while idling in Windows. Your CPU voltage will also be displaying higher than normal idle values. Bios has no active power management, you are far from an actual idle in BIOS.. Don't use it to determine your CPU idle temperature or idle voltage. It will through you off.

2 : Anonymous2021/07/21 06:37 ID: h5z1haf

then you have the "mine idles at 16° and i've never seen it go above 42° under heavy workloads" people

ID: h5zkvlc

I dont understand everyones problem, mine runs perfectly cool at 35° under full load. looks out my artic mansion window at the frozen expanse

ID: h5zz066

Are you Superman by any chance?

ID: h619vn6

Don't forget about the 12 case fans that cost more than the GPU.

ID: h60h6ea

Bullshit, Arctic temps at ground level just hit 37C for the first time ever... or was that Antarctic...

ID: h5zzxx7

I never believe these people.

ID: h62f9pj

Sounds a bit hot to me

3 : Anonymous2021/07/21 09:37 ID: h5zgtdg

My room ambient temp is like 26-28c this summer. I idle between 42-52c. Game temps are like 70-80c.

5900x with PBO and Curve optimiser

ID: h5zyn0k

Same, what cooler do you have?

ID: h5zyshw

Arctic freezer II 360. And I don’t like it, running be quiet fans on it and yeah it’s very silent but can’t control or se pump rpm.

I’m going EK AIO later on, seems to be an overall better option.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/21 07:32 ID: h5z7180

My 5800X idles at 27-29c in 20-22c ambient on custom water, but it does still sit at 46c in the BIOS.

However, an argument could be made that higher idle temperatures are actually more beneficial to longevity as long as the heat is not unreasonably excessive and there's a lower delta between idle and load temperatures.

For example, due to thermal fatigue, a component which fluctuates between 25c to 90c constantly will on average have a reduced lifespan versus the same component which fluctuates between 58c to 90c constantly.

Most circuitry will generally tolerate higher average temperature delta over ambient (again within reasonable values) longer than they tolerate high delta between idle and load.

ID: h60gn6j

90C... the highest temp I've ever been able to push my 5900X to was 75C, even with PBO, changes to voltage and fixed core speeds, no matter the config or the workload it just maxes out at 75C, though its usual load temp will be 65C. I just wish the thing would boost to its fullest capability. If every core can hit 4.925-5.2GHz momentarily, then under load they should boost to as close to those speeds as possible within the thermal / voltage / current envelope. Instead they all sit at 4.625GHz at 65C, and refuse to go any higher in spite of ample headroom.

ID: h60k252

I hit 109c once on my 3600, No clue how it didn't shut down dude to being to hot, I thought the junction was like 95c

ID: h60mgit

My 3700X seems to be hard locked to clock speeds of 4.375Ghz no matter how much voltage I throw at it. I think mine has degraded.

ID: h60m72z

Idle temps won't have as much of an impact on longevity as voltage does. I have a 3700X and ran it at higher voltages for over a year, and it degraded. I used to be able to achieve 4.4Ghz (sometimes slightly higher) on a single core. Now it never goes past 4.375Ghz.

ID: h61td32

This. Fluctuations are what cause wear. Similar to airplanes -- it's not the milage, it's the amount of compression/decompressions into and out of high-altitude. Idk if he was correct -- buy my father swore by leaving our Gateway 2000 on around the clock, for this very reason.

ID: h5zcvzj

This. You don't want a higher discrepancy between the highest and the lowest temp. You want it in the same ballpark.

ID: h5zt8sx

Yea, but running it on water... I doubt you even see 90c 😀 Cheers!

ID: h5ztuck

I max at 85c on air during benchmarks.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/21 04:23 ID: h5ypxr6

But how am I supposed to complain that mine isn't like everyone else's that is below that!

ID: h5yq2y6

Life is about acceptance my friend

6 : Anonymous2021/07/21 19:16 ID: h61e0uj

Temperature tip: ignore all temperatures especially idle unless you have performance/stability issues

7 : Anonymous2021/07/21 07:24 ID: h5z5ypq

It's 'normal' but still bad.

My 3900X at stock will 'idle' at 62c and ~20w core power usage meanwhile with a 4ghz static 'OC' @ 1.1875v my idle temps are ~35c (35.2 right now with 21c ambient) and ~8w core power.

ID: h5zbq1c

Yeah the difference is the voltage between stock and your custom OC. That's why it's hot on stock. The default voltages are too high. Anyone who spends time in the bios tweaking or runs the 1usmus tool to tune things up will get better results than stock.

ID: h608o7w

My 3700x had a 1.475v stock voltage at idle..limited to 1.25 at 4.3ghz, lost 100mhz single core but lowered idle temps by over 10c

8 : Anonymous2021/07/21 11:25 ID: h5zoql2

It's "normal" for ryzen 3000 and up. Mine idles between 55-62c, yeah totally loving this normal idle temps

ID: h602xlm

I thought about re-applying my thermal paste, but meh, after reading that others are seeing this too, and it's not affecting my load or looking like its a "bad thing," I just accept it

9 : Anonymous2021/07/21 10:44 ID: h5zlgdy

Is reddit glitching out? I see like 50 double comments on this post

ID: h60agev

I see like 50 double comments on this post!

10 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:33 ID: h617w4d

AMD has literally said this, but thank you for echoing it because I still don't think everyone knows

11 : Anonymous2021/07/21 09:05 ID: h5zeqfj

my 5600x idles around 40-50, normal load like what I'm doing on the pc now. Few browsers open 50-55, full load is around 70. I see no problems with these temps. Likely comes down to a quiet fan curve and a mediocre thermal paste job. Really isn't anything to worry about IMO.

ID: h613ei8

I think it has to do something with the 7nm and the die's smaller contact area. Also stock voltages can be rather high.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/21 04:42 ID: h5yrs76


ID: h5ze9jw

I live in Australia which is way BELOW the equator, ~50 C idle is expected on a 32-45 C summer day.

ID: h5yw6fn

Your "idle" is not the same as everyone else's "idle". Have a feeling a lot of people who like to jerk themselves off over their low Zen 3 idle temps close every single program they can to brag, and use whichever temperature monitor and sensor shows the lowest reading. My "idle" is having 2-4 firefox tabs open, discord, telegram, hwinfo, steam (without the window actively open), geforce experience, and anydesk in the background. No shit my idle is 40-45c even on an X73.

On ryzen master it shows ~35c to hwinfo's ~45c on Tctl. Ryzen master seems to go off one of the CCDs which is always much colder than the Tctl that most people read on hwinfo.

ID: h5ysyok

It's extremely common and normal for many ryzen CPUs and it's an "issue" AMD is very aware of. I'm not saying it's ideal but rather it's normal and not of concern. It will cause no harm whatsoever. Your CPU is meant to operate within certain parameters and as long as it stays within those parameters everything is fine.

ID: h5yua2g


ID: h5yz37s

Most ppl seeing > 40C probably are running bloatware or poorly written software in the background.

This is probably actually because of a bad/old AGESA update. The factory bios version on my b550 board caused it to run hot 24/7, and updating to the latest bios fixed it

ID: h5yzmuq

That's very possible.

Over my 1.5yrs adventure into Ryzen 3000, it was actually full of little bits of frustration here and there. If I recall correctly, in my case, earlier AGESA ran hotter at idle. PBO/memory o/c also complicates the problem.

ID: h5yzsha

I think I am one of those in the second group. Do you know how I could see everything that's running that isn't task manager?

ID: h5z0dk1

Task manager could see all background tasks/process names. It takes some time to spot the 'rogue' if you have many software installed.

If you could start from a fresh reinstall of Windows, one strategy is to introduce 3rd-party software slowly into your system. Perhaps one per few days and see which new install causes issue.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/21 04:45 ID: h5ys1sr


ID: h5yt2eu

It definitely has nothing to do with having a dud. Millions of ryzen CPUs idle in the 40-45 range some ( relatively uncommon) above this.

ID: h5z3fds

That is about what my 5950x idles at also with 240 AIO set to the silent fan profile.

The 5950x is more optimized, manufactured to a higher precision and more thoroughly quality controlled than other Ryzen processors.

I also had a similar concern about idle temperatures when I first switched to the Ryzen.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/21 06:35 ID: h5z1by1

I get higher voltage

ID: h5z1hoj

Totally normal. See the edit to my post

15 : Anonymous2021/07/21 13:18 ID: h6001h7

5900X with PBO enabled

Ambient around 20 C

Mine idles at around 52 C, but my fans don't really even kick on until 55 - 60 C. I rather keep my CPU warm and my living room quiet.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/21 10:43 ID: h5zlg2m

Oh today I finally understood why BIOS temps are always higher so thanks for that ☺️.

My 1500x idles between 38-44c and underload it goes to max 67c using the stock wraith spire using the same factory TIM since installing it. Ambient temperature is usually in the early 30s because I live in hot part of the world.

ID: h5zqq4k

Simple answear. In BIOS runs CPU on base frequency 100% loaded, without power safe function. This is the differences with loaded OS, where most of cores are in "sleep" mode (minimal frequency and power mode).

17 : Anonymous2021/07/21 06:31 ID: h5z1176

Depends on a lot of things, including ambient temp, what you are doing, who you are cooling your CPU and the actual CPU itself.

For example, my 2700x is currently sitting at 55c while I browse reddit - that is because it is aircooled and fans aren't running at all - my fans only start running at 60c. It doesn't go over 75c even under load because at that point all my case fans and my 2 CPU fans ramp up to 100%.

I wouldn't worry as long as it is below the max temp when you are using it for heavy workloads.


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