Ubisoft loses another top “Assassin’s Creed” developer

1 : Anonymous2021/07/21 16:46 ID: ootthv
Ubisoft loses another top "Assassin’s Creed" developer
2 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:27 ID: h60ydwl

TL:DR they lost Raphael Lacoste, the art director for the series since the very beginning back in 2007.

ID: h61kb12

Dude is an incredible artist. Been following him for a long time. Looking forward to what the future holds for him.

ID: h62fypd

Hopefully Assassin's Creed will start looking lik e Assassin's Creed games again.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:13 ID: h60w9pa

Assassins Creed hasn’t been the same in a long time. I know a lot of people like the new direction the series has taken, but I personally can’t be bothered to care anymore. The original Ezio trilogy was perfection. I don’t like the new RPG shit they’re doing.

Just my personal opinion.

ID: h618n74

Ghost of Tsushima made me realize ubi didn’t need to introduce rpg elements to make combat more engaging while still being challenging

ID: h61cgg1

What makes you think they added rpg elements to make combat engaging?

ID: h61n1xy

That’s the difference between Ubisoft and Suckerpunch.

ID: h617m2e

For me its fun enough but i just dont really care for new ubisoft stuff anymore. It ticks the boxes for a successful solid game but they all just feel so, so much more soulless than many other games.

ID: h61iz8m

Ubisoft is using an exact formula of “do as little as possible to make as much money as possible where it’s not a TERRIBLE product but it’s also not very good whatsoever”. Even during the tougher times for Ubisoft around Watch Dogs release they were still a top 3 fav of mine but now they don’t even crack top 10. I have zero faith or loyalty to them whatsoever anymore. Everything they put out is worse and worse, and now they came out with that super contrived video about their f2p shooter… I already went through my “feels bad man” phase but damn.

ID: h60xzn1

I liked Origins because it was new and fresh but Odyssey and Valhalla are just more of the same with a bigger grind. Origins was my last AC game

ID: h610idy

Origins is definitely the best of this new rpg style AC. Odyssey was a fucking odyssey to say the least but I liked it for what it was. Valhalla, just no. Give us old AC Ubisoft....please

ID: h61gq2a

This is the truth. It went from assassin's creed to cultural warrior simulator rpg. Most MCs are more assassian adjacent than assassin and the main plot was reduced to email blurbs and the ending cutscene. Just give the OG fans a half decent ending and starta new series for this game in a completely different genre...

ID: h614oih

Your sentiment is shared by many. Today's AC is a completely different game, they may aswell be 2 completely different IP's.

ID: h615px0

i loved the Ezio trilogy that was master class. Current RPG style is fun for me also but just doesn't seem too AC for me

ID: h61g24e

The Ezio story was dope, I feel like his story had the deepest development. Now it’s all let’s obsess over the Isu Progenitors and godly super powers. What happened to putting a bad ass character in the middle of history and telling a boss tale? Valhalla was dope no lie but they could have done without making characters the reincarnation of gods.

ID: h61gofn

Our personal opinion

ID: h61q881

What rpg? There’s little to no rpg, it’s just a Viking/Egyptian/green murder simulator now

ID: h61xkma

but I personally can’t be bothered to care anymore


ID: h62f62a

Syndicate and Unity were on the right track, they just needed to changed some things and they would have been perfect.

People complained so much about the 'Ubisoft formula' that they felt the need to change things up.

So now they went the RPG route, which is literally a cover for their transactions, which is worse then what they had before.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:06 ID: h613yq8

I feel like some of the main characters deserved another game or 2 to flesh them out. Not just a dlc which is nothing but mostly similar to main game

Ezio is still remembered and favoured primarily bcos we know his entire story from birth to adult to old to death. We formed a bond with him and see him develop and mature.

Characters like Connor,arno,shay could have had another game where they all met each other since they all were connected. But ubisoft just chose to throw them in the garbage.

Ubisoft is moving further away from good stories in their games and want to make them a grind fest Prime example is watch dogs legion. Its the most boring game I have ever played with no motivation for the player. Saving London is not exactly exciting when u play as a generic character. Aiden must have been boring in the first game but atleast the motivation to find his niece's killer was pushing me to finish the game.

It's funny since the blood lines dlc gained more positivity than the base game. It had actual characters like Aiden and wrench

5 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:30 ID: h60yrdf

I doubt Ubisoft is worried about this, all those departures and they keep outselling the previous game with the new one.

ID: h62dxdv

People come and go - its normal, but lets make an article about it so that we can all sit down and slate once again how bad AC series is.

On top of it, everyone is acting almost surprised that a dev who worked since 2007 left in 2021. Its honestly amusing to read it all

6 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:00 ID: h60ug2j

Just assassinate the series please.

ID: h60wwlt

Valhalla was the best selling yet lmao

ID: h615x9n

Lol yeah they have absolutely no reason to stop or even change what they are doing

ID: h61bu1n

I feel like this could’ve situational, given that it was a launch title, and one of the last triple A games that has came out in the last year or so due to covid

ID: h61h4kq

Because there are more fans of generic rpg sandbox than an actual game a out assassination and conspiracy theories.

ID: h60wkk5

It's going live service, so yeah that'd be for the best

ID: h61cjv9

Live service is a positive. Not a negative.

ID: h6164hl

Seriously, the series isn't even the same games anymore they needed to just drop the AC title and rebrand it. Seems like they are 100% done with the stealth gameplay. They are only interested in Micro transactions and making a huge game with boring quests weak stories, and just making you play for as long as possible.

ID: h6176aq

drop the AC title and rebrand it

I mean, I agree... but... lol, they will never drop one of the most known and successful franchise names in gaming

ID: h60wqvy

What do you think Ubisoft has been doing all these years?

ID: h60wzll

Selling tons of copies of AC games

7 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:41 ID: h610f11

Sooner or later Ubisoft will end out of Ideas and we will end up with Assassin's Creed : John Wick .




Though not a bad thing I say.

ID: h612ly3

Ubisoft already ran out of ideas years ago.

ID: h618nb0

New ideas are a gamble. Rehashing old ideas is free money

8 : Anonymous2021/07/21 23:18 ID: h62aqcj

And nobody gasped in surprise.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:05 ID: h60v8k0

Is that what infinity is supposed to be about? You get in the animus and go back to 2021 when Ubisoft was shit and destroy everything related to Assassins Creed?

10 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:35 ID: h60zjcu

What really killed it for me (pun not intended) was the kind of hack and slay approach they had with the last few releases. Somehow erased the beauty of it.

ID: h62b9cw

Killed it for you, but Valhalla is the most successful AC to date

ID: h61i35y

Yup. Assassin's creed: warrior

11 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:40 ID: h6108j5

Ubisoft is losing a lot of top talent with the garbage they've been pushing out lately. Color me surprised. Seems they could maybe benefit from changing up their management teams around a bit.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/21 20:21 ID: h61nbrz

Def because their “new” direction.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/21 23:59 ID: h62fmkl

Ubisoft’s been going down the shitter for a while now but the combination of the live service announcements and their recent slate is just sealing them as a “stay away” developer to me

14 : Anonymous2021/07/21 19:12 ID: h61dfer

They are probably bored with making the same game over and over again.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/21 21:26 ID: h61whge

Assassins Creed died after Unity

16 : Anonymous2021/07/21 21:53 ID: h62012a

Assassin's Creed died years ago. It sucks because it was my favorite video game franchise ever. Now I hate seeing it

17 : Anonymous2021/07/21 22:57 ID: h6285ma

They just lost the hidden blade developer rip assassin's creed free to play


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