Should I upgrade from 1700 to 5600X or better?

1 : Anonymous2021/07/27 11:26 ID: oskzmw

So I've had my trusty 1700 since pretty much the beginning. It has certainly served me very well and still does a great job to this day. But in Feb I got myself a 3070, which was a hell of an upgrade over the 970 I had for like 5 years or so.

Obviously there is now a bottleneck, though not necessarily a very obvious one. The only one I think this would be huge is Ark as I noticed that I had barely any performance increase in large bases between the 970 and the 3070.

Anyway, I've been wanting to upgrade for a while but I was always thinking "what if Zen 4 comes out sooner rather than later" but now looking at the even more recent news I can see it is still a while away. On top of that I now know it will likely be DDR5 too, which not only means I'd need new RAM but also means it will be expensive as all hell (I remember the move to DDR3 & 4).

So I guess I just want to have my thoughts validated. At this point, it's probably best to just get the best latest Ryzen I can afford, right? But then I feel like if I deal with the non-perfect performance for a while longer, I could instead start on a new generation instead of having to upgrade twice (since I will have to get a new MB since 1700 MB won't support the latest Zens).

But will the performance of Zen 4 be a significant increase over 5600x et al? No one knows I guess.

Sorry to blabber, I guess I just need someone to re-affirm that I should just upgrade to the best I can afford now and maybe wait for 2nd gen Zen 4 once any kinks are ironed out + prices settle a bit.

Let me know?

EDIT: Just wanted to say I really appreciate the huge response from everyone, thank you for all the advice so far!

2 : Anonymous2021/07/27 11:54 ID: h6p3y9q

I would suggest against being an early adopter of DDR5 as it's going to be more expensive per GB than DDR4 and based on the experience with early DDR4 kits it is fair to say that the early DDR5 kits are likely to be of considerably lower quality than what will be available later.

On top of that being an early adopter of any technology means you may run into new issues that can take a while to be resolved.

Because of this I would strongly suggest upgrading to a Zen 3 CPU if your motherboard supports Zen 3 CPUs (the vast majority of 300-series boards do not) or Zen 2 CPU if your motherboard doesn't support Zen 3.

That way you'll be able to wait until the new AMD and Intel platforms mature before switching.

ID: h6p43o0

Yes, DDR5 was indeed my main concern. I guess the big question is whether to go for 5600x or settle for something like 3700x and no buy a new mobo?

ID: h6p488x

If your motherboard doesn't support Zen 3 then the best option is to go for the 3700X.

ID: h6q1kbj

Seeing how the 3700X is basically what is inside the current gen consoles, except with faster clocks, I'd expect it to age quite well.

While it is a bit risky in some sense, I'd wait for Alder Lake to release (or close to it), I'd wager that Ryzen CPUs will drop in price quite a bit by then.

ID: h6p63ri

I'd argue that new mobo and 5600x will provide more longevity for you than a 3700x. Prices for the 5600x have come down a lot since launch, and a solid b450 or b550 board is easy to come by in any size.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/27 12:06 ID: h6p50sf

And not to throw more variables but there is probably going to be a “zen3+” coming when alderlake is released. The ddr5 new socket zen4 is rumored to be second half of next year. Not a lot if know about “Zen3+ “ but the rumors go from 5900x with a ton of 3D stacked cache (highly likely) to just a clock speed bump similar to XT last year (no idea if this is true). If you buy a 5600x today it could be replaced by a faster 5700XT am4 chip in a few months. Nobody knows at this point but just throwing it out there as something to think about

ID: h6qlm5m

Zen 3+ is rumored to have been scrapped, making Zen 4 and DDR5 platforms the future for AMD.

ID: h6p5k8d

Well shit, that's quite the spanner you threw in the works lmao

4 : Anonymous2021/07/27 11:42 ID: h6p2skb

I think you can consider this option if you plan to upgrade to Zen4 in the near future.

Buy a 3600/3700 and wait for Zen4/5 CPUs. That way you don't have to spend more on a pretty dead end motherboard, while having a substantial boost over your current one.

ID: h6p408o

currently the 5600x is cheaper than the 3600. So i would say he should go for the 5600x

ID: h6p499d

It's not a good option if the OP has to buy a new motherboard.

ID: h6p4cxj

First gen motherboards doesn't support 5000 series CPUs. That's the problem.

ID: h6p3krp

Hmm but is the boost that substantial going from 1700 to 3700? I was under the impression that bang-for-buck would be very much the latest Zen area for me.

ID: h6p5qfw

In gaming, I would say it is, the lows will be much better. You can see the difference between all generations here:

ID: h6plcuw

Boost is very substantial going from 1700 to 3700X. Zen 3 is great, but its expensive and Zen 2 is a super value right now. The 3700X is one of the best all around CPUs ever made. I wouldnt sacrifice 2 cores/4 threads for the single core perf of Zen 3, but thats just me.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/27 12:06 ID: h6p50qs

Are you running your 1700 at stock? 3.0 GHz base speed is really low and this CPU benefits very much from overclocking. 3.8 - 3.9 GHz is where you want to run it at. Also, it can on a B450 board, support RAM faster than 3200 MHz.

Edit: to answer your question, the upgrade will definitely yield more FPS and stability but do not expect a ridiculous performance uplift, Zen 1 still packs a punch. Single Core scenarios are going to benefit the most. CS:GO, League of Legends, WoW are some examples. AAA games usually properly use all it's cores and although you will notice an improvement, it could be rather small.

ID: h6p5hod

Nah, it's liberally OC'ed to 3.6 as it wasn't a particularly well binned one.

RAM is ~3000mhz I believe also, I did ensure it was all correct when I did the original install etc and the board is an x370

ID: h6p5rcf

3.6 GHz is still an improvement 🙂

I own one too and currently it's overclocked to 3.9 GHz (1.31 V) with 3466 MHz RAM. I upgraded from B350 to B450, a quality one, the difference in stability when overclocking, especially with RAM support... Night and Day.

If you really want to upgrade and keep the board, buy a 3700X.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/27 12:06 ID: h6p513k

5600x is a good choice and will still be a good system after Zen 4 is released. Depends on your current Board tho. What Board do you have right now? There is no perfect time to upgrade, there is always something better and faster around the corner. Get the best you can afford, it will serve you well for at least 4 years.

ID: h6p5p8n

x370 Gaming 5:

unfortunately doesn't support 5600 🙁 So I need to make the decision whether to splurge more by buying a new mobo OR if a 3700x would be plenty to tide me over.

ID: h6pr9ve

I would suggest saving a bit and just get the 3700X. The process improvements and optimizations should give a 20+ % improvement with no increase in power consumption. It may not max your GPU but that is a personal preference thing.

If you want to go with a different board and get a 5000 series CPU, I would suggest getting either a B450 or X470. These don't miss much in terms of features and are reasonably stable as per BIOS and drivers. AFAICT the 'bug' around USB dropouts isn't a problem. There does seem to be some variability amongst the 500 series boards.

Good luck.

ID: h6prf2s

Then buy a 3700x second hand, should be no more than 200$, and serve you well for 2-3 ys more

7 : Anonymous2021/07/27 12:13 ID: h6p5q8g

I went from a Ryzen 1600 to a 5800x after I managed to get an rtx 3070 and saw improvements across min average and max frames @1440p 144hz. Zen 1 Really bottlenecks the latest graphics cards.

ID: h6p6qhl

Yeah I'm absolutely not surprised to be honest. Thanks for sharing your experience.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/27 12:43 ID: h6p8u7n

u dont need better than 5600 for 3070. get a fast ram with it also - 3200mhz+

ID: h6pg2oa

3600 would be most stable. 5600x infinity fabric is 1800, so works perfectly with 3600 RAM for stability.

ID: h6qnkxr

u can change this setting in the bios to match any ram

9 : Anonymous2021/07/27 14:18 ID: h6pk8se

Dont downgrade to 6 core, IMO. If you are going to upgrade, go 5800X or better or else get a 3700X. Its a GREAT chip, comes with an adequate cooler, and you can get them for $269 from Amazon right now. Trust me, a 3700X is a HUGE step up from the 1700. Its the same move I made and it hasnt disappointed. At $269 with a nice Prism cooler its a no brainer.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/27 19:20 ID: h6qpem0

Get a 5600X. Huge jump. Then save for later.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/27 21:17 ID: h6r58lx

Well OP, that depends on whether or not you want to be a beta tester for DDR5 and Zen4 sockets or not. If not then I would suggest you wait until at least the 8000 series CPU, which is relatively far off. The jump from 1700 to 5600 will definitely bring you gigantic performance boosts. By the time the 5600 feels dated things should get better with the next generation of RAM and chipsets.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/27 11:57 ID: h6p48d8

If you do you are instore for many more fps in games, much more efficient workloads. Pretty much snappier everything.

I went from 1600->3600->5800x.

ID: h6p5cr8

How noticeable was the leap from 3600>5800x?

ID: h6p8fu1

Went from 1700 to 3600 to 5800x here. The 3600 was a fine CPU until I upgraded my rtx 2070 to a 6900xt and started targeting 240fps for my monitor. If your targeting 144hz a Ryzen 3000 CPU will be up to the task. The leap from 3600 to 5800x gave a nice little fps boost and I consistently can keep 200+ fps in most games compared to the 3600, which felt like it had less headroom depending on how CPU heavy the title was. Regardless, the jump to either 3000 or 5000 series will be massive from a 1700 even if you have it oc'd (I kept my 1700 oc'd at 3.9 iirc). Personally, moving forward I'm going to stick with 8 core plus CPUs. Things like alt tabbing out of games feels much smoother.

ID: h6pbyd0

It was substantial, factor in sam for your 6900xt as well like my friend just did and it equates to a solid leap in gaming performance. It was like going from 1600 to 3600.

Any 5 series will be a massive upgrade from 1xxx series. 5800x was all that was available for me at launch and i have loved it ever since. No pbo, all core @ 4.7ghz 1.3v(or there about).

13 : Anonymous2021/07/27 13:47 ID: h6pg482

Hello there! Went from 2700x to 5600x, it was a nice overall performance uplift. You mentioned you play Ark and barely noticed a change, and I can tell you as a former Ark player that using the game as a metric is not a good idea, as the game itself is badly optimized especially in big bases, which is why I tone it down to 1080p from 1440p

14 : Anonymous2021/07/27 12:24 ID: h6p6vpl

If your motherboard supports zen3 wait for zen 3d which should be out before the end of the year or like q1 of 2022. If it doesn't you can upgrade to a b550 for a good price and get a 5600x. I wouldn't wait until zen4 unless you have to. Unpopular opinion Intel's Alder lake is dropping soon too and it may not be bad. I have no idea what the pricing will be but get what is best for your budget.

I think the 3070 and 5600x is an excellent pairing and it should make the GPU the bottleneck again so if the majority of what you do is gaming than it's an ideal pairing IMHO.

ID: h6p774r

zen 3d

2nd time this has been mentioned now and has me worried lol since I was ready to pull the trigger today! Thanks for the advice.

ID: h6pqtor

I would also suggest waiting a little bit further too if you can. Because Alder lake is some sort of leap forward in terms of die design and process node, when things get interesting on the Intel side, it means things will also get interesting on the AMD side as well due to competition.

I'm also waiting on that Zen 3D as well since I personally prefer to get the last gen of an end of life socket, AMD is moving away from AM4 to AM5 so you can expect things are fully polished and finalized, and you won't see new stuff coming out in the future that superseded your Zen 3D chip.

And like other people have mentioned, you don't want to become an early adopter of DDR5 and AM5, let those enthusiast jump onto it instead since they have the patience to help isolating bugs out. It's also the reason why I would not jump onto RDNA1, same for Alder lake, the Raptor lake is going to be some sort of refresh of Alder lake I believe, so you can expect Alder lake have some kind of flaw and imperfection with it for sure. Zen 3D is going to be a safe buy for me.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/27 12:58 ID: h6pafym
Buy 1440p 144hz+ IPS monitor, this way you will be much less cpu bottlenecked, but still a bottleneck.
5600x, no need to pay more, a great choice, just dont forget to update your bios first.
zen 4 +ddr 5 is obviously a superior choice, but ddr5 will cost A LOT and it's a full platform change, so add another motherboard to it. Unlikely worth it.
ID: h6paonz

I forgot to mention in the post I already have dual 1440p 165hz monitors.

With 5600x I do need to pay more as my mobo doesn't support Zen 3 but it does look like still the better option.

Yes, DDR5 does seem like a stretch being worth it at this point tbh.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/27 13:18 ID: h6pcpy5

A new mb would only be $150 more (+-$25 for sales).

Get the 5k series, or wait for next gen. There is zero point into getting a 3k cpu if you are planning to keep the purchase for 3+ years.

The advancements from the new generation of consoles will mean that new software tech should be realistically hitting the market in 6-9 months (the industry has had a yearish so far to develop) and specs are going to become more demanding. I sincerely doubt 144 hz will be the standard for you on a 3k cpu in a year or two from now.

If you plan this purchase as a stop gap, and plan to buy next gen stuff no matter what, then get a 3k series for now.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/27 13:54 ID: h6pgz2i

Once you open yourself up to a motherboard change, Intel also becomes an option. Intel CPUs are generall better value options these days. Something like a Core i5-10400 isn't that far off in performance from a 5600X.

18 : Anonymous2021/07/27 15:53 ID: h6pwnkk

With Intel releasing Alder Lake and AMD releasing Zen 3D by the end of this year, I would recommend saving your money for a few more months then making a decision. You can either get something a bit better than your current choices, or your current choices will be a bit cheaper by then.

Personally, I would recommend getting a more up-to-date motherboard if you want more longevity out of your system. Either a B550, or there are passively cooled X570S motherboards being released in the coming weeks. This will allow you to take advantage of PCIe 4.0, and even if it doesn’t make much a difference at this moment in time it may be a bottleneck not having it in the near future. With this in mind, I’m leaning towards the 5600X for its single-core performance, however you’re losing two cores from your CPU. The 5800X may be a more worthwhile upgrade compared to the 5600X, and already prices on it have dropped substantially since launch.

19 : Anonymous2021/07/27 17:02 ID: h6q6az4

lmao r5 1600 and 6900xt here, the bottleneck is painful I think ill upgrade to a 5600x, 5800x or 5900x but you said you don't have a board that can run zen3 chips so imo you should really look into a 3600 or 3700x those are still a great performance increase. with good cooling and decent memory I doubt it would bottleneck you at all with the only exceptions being games like csgo

20 : Anonymous2021/07/27 17:45 ID: h6qcah0

I think I missed it but what is your target resolution and refresh rate? I would say yes if 1080p or 1440p @ 120Hz or more. I would say "maybe" for 4k depending on what you play since the GPU is the bottleneck usually. Went from 2700x to 5800x with a 3070 for context. I play on a 1080p 144Hz monitor so it was an excellent upgrade for me. I wouldn't have done it for 4k at this time as the fps difference was only noticeable in CPU bound games. There is an argument to be made that upgrading smooths out fps at 4k though

ID: h6qddl8

1440p @165hz, so yeah I guess it does sound like a good option. Although now I'm kinda thinking about the whole Zen 3D..sigh

21 : Anonymous2021/07/27 18:17 ID: h6qgpij

Buy the last am4 chip supported on your mobo and ride it out... I keep hearing mixed info if another chip will be on am4 and or if so supported on my/your mobo. I upgraded from a 3700x to a 5900x for my x470 and hope to make it 3-4 yrs with that....time will tell if it was a good move or not....but using the same mobo and ram will really brought down cost over time... amortizated.

ID: h6qi5i9

Well you're certainly not going to be having AM5 on your mobo if that's what you're wondering. But maybe the Zen 3D?

23 : Anonymous2021/07/27 18:32 ID: h6qisgu

I was holding out for DDR5 and Zen 4 here, but with motherboard issues popping up all over the place, it prompted me to have to change it. Decided to upgrade my 2700X to a 5600X at the same time, while moving to a B550 board.

I have no regrets on this front now I've done it. Holy mole, how my 2700X was holding my 2070 Super back in some cases. One game, my FPS jumped from 71 to 100.

Thinking about it, this feels like a good forwards step while early issues with DDR5 and the like get ironed out. Would allow me to step in when that tech has matured, however long that takes - months, a year, maybe two? Who knows how long it will take, so take that into consideration too.

24 : Anonymous2021/07/27 19:35 ID: h6qre2a

There is always going to be something better on the horizon. Waiting for the next better release will have you waiting forever. The gains from 1700 to 5600 are significant. What are your fps goals? The difference between Zen 4 and Zen 3 will be less than Zen 1 to Zen 3.

25 : Anonymous2021/07/27 21:08 ID: h6r3yer

I think you should buy my 3900x. Because i just bought a 5900x with intention of selling my "old" cpu. Lol

26 : Anonymous2021/07/27 21:50 ID: h6r9qhx

I have a Ryzen 7 1700

27 : Anonymous2021/07/27 21:58 ID: h6raq0f

....congratulations? lol

28 : Anonymous2021/07/27 22:14 ID: h6rcvp5

Thank you

29 : Anonymous2021/07/27 22:01 ID: h6rb4vq

Get as much CPU as you van afford..the chip shortage is going to get worse.. I work in auto industry and its bad.. Really bad.. And tbey are about to direct remaning waffers etc to making chips for cars..

I just baught a new 5900x and im sitting at chipotle about to score a 2080 ti for 800 bucks

30 : Anonymous2021/07/27 22:02 ID: h6rb9ht

score a 2080 ti for 800 bucks

That's a... score? Jeez. GPU prices appear to be back to normal a bit more now at least, why not get a newer series?

31 : Anonymous2021/07/27 22:07 ID: h6rbx18

It out performs the 3060 and all im happy with 1080 1440 gaming.. My flight sim , diablo 2 resurrected gonna be freaking awesome and then Diablo 4 then xplane 12..

32 : Anonymous2021/07/27 22:37 ID: h6rfw9k

I have the 1700X and I'm going all the way to the 5950X. Benchmarks say I'll get double the performance.

33 : Anonymous2021/07/27 22:40 ID: h6rg90e

I'm in the exact same same boat as you. I just recently upgraded from a GTX 670 to a RTX 3070 and I have a 1700x. My plan is to go with a x570 and probably go with a 5800x. Probably in a year or two I'll make a brand new build with future specs and use my current as a streaming/editing computer.

34 : Anonymous2021/07/27 22:43 ID: h6rgn3m

Are you reaching the framerates you want? If yes, don't upgrade. Since your motherboard doesn't support Zen 3, I'd grab a 3700X or better when you do decide to upgrade.

35 : Anonymous2021/07/27 22:56 ID: h6ricim

Get 5600x you will not regret it

36 : Anonymous2021/07/27 23:17 ID: h6rkvrn

You don’t want to go from 8 cores to 6 it won’t last you very long. Upgrade to a 5800x or higher so you can enjoy you’re pc and not have to upgrade after that for a few years. Also get a nice kit of 32gb 3600mhz to go with it and you’ll be good to go

37 : Anonymous2021/07/27 23:28 ID: h6rmddm

I would probably suggest the 5800X as you'll likely want to keep it for quite a while.

38 : Anonymous2021/07/27 12:42 ID: h6p8nuy

My 2700X bottlenecked a 1080 Ti.

I know this because I had a 5900X/1080 Ti before upgrading said 1080 Ti to a 3080 Ti.

Ryzen 5000 chips are all the benefits, none of the drawbacks (of first-gen Ryzen 1000).

Given Ryzen 1000 (not bad but significant early adopter frustrations), I'd recommend going for Ryzen 5000 instead of waiting for the next generation/DDR5.

39 : Anonymous2021/07/27 13:41 ID: h6pfe3i

Nah, imo you should aim for what i call an *ABSOLUTE* upgrade (frequency, core count & ipc), get a 5900X and as

said, do not go into DDR5 right away as it will be really expensive and you'll get the pains of being an early adopter (more like an alpha tester).

Yes, 5600X is way faster than the 1700 but i just feel those extra cores(5900x) are worth it too. But get which ever fits your budget/use case best.

40 : Anonymous2021/07/27 13:43 ID: h6pfl4r

5600x is great for gaming right now, and probably for the next couple years. 5800x is a little more future proof but I’m rocking the 5600x and loving it. Great cpu for gaming. I’m running x570 board with it.


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