[GN] $380 AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT GPU Specs, Release Date, Die Size, & Performance

1 : Anonymous2021/07/30 07:54 ID: ougb0e
[GN] $380 AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT GPU Specs, Release Date, Die Size, & Performance
2 : Anonymous2021/07/30 08:55 ID: h729dyw

RIP the budget market.

ID: h72csr1

This shortage has really shifted things around.

Manufacturers realised that increasing prices still meant people would go out of their way to buy new products to the point of stock exhaustion, so why would they back down? You would have the same people screeching about high prices also complain about not being able to get hold of said hardware.

Bear in mind I'm not defending this at all, it's atrocious that a mid-range GPU is now costing almost $400, but they set the price high and people are still buying - why would they stop doing it?

The only way things can change is if people just held off buying these products, but that's easier said than done.

ID: h73ac4i

That's mostly miners though. Atm i see overpriced GPUs sitting on shelves and sites for weeks, even a month without anybody buying them. Especially those LHR models. 6800xt/6900xt don't sell at all cause their hashrate is pretty much the same as 6700xt when it comes to ethereum. Yet they are still overpriced sitting there with no purchases.

And then you have ebay where right now people have completely stopped putting GPUs on auction (final bids are too low) and they all resort to "buy now" or "make an offer". I wonder what it will take for AIBs to get the message. Only miners are buying at these exorbitant prices and even they are slowing down as the difficulty bomb and London fork are setting in (4th August).

ID: h72h154

With GPUs printing money people will never stop buying them. That's why the shortage exists in the first place.

ID: h72gbb6

The only way to change that- is to green tax Proof-of-Work based mining, or ban investment into it. That would reduce the demand for new GPUs, and put a lot of GPUs currently used in mining into second hand market, ruining the day for scalpels and high MSRP (AMD/nVidia and AIB).

The other way- is to wait for the end of the mining boom (which does not seem to be coming, with new megacorporations like Amazon starting to use cryptos), or wait till semiconductor production ramps up (it takes years to build new fabs, even if you could get all the equipment from ASML and others fast). That is not happening soon.

So, seeing that no action is made to curb mining- we are left with market deciding the price- which is high at the moment- and we should not complain if we do nothing about it.

ID: h744s2m

The overwhelming majority of gamers buy $100-300 graphics cards

June 2016

RX 400 Series released 2016.

$100 in 2016 = ~$115 in 2021
$300 in 2016 = ~$340 in 2021

ID: h746qm9

Price:performance has really gone to shit for so many years. Back when I got a 7850 for £120, it was able to game well enough at 1280x1024, which was above 720p.

Now, if you want to somewhat game at 1080p? Time to fork out double for a shitty 1650. Never mind AMD's offerings.

ID: h74k4f4

Linus has also pointed out that the price for everything that goes into making a GPU has doubled or always been high.

And I’m talking RAW materials overall worldwide.

People forget that the Pandemic is still on-going and the effects of shutting down the global economy has repercussions.

ID: h72g9qu

Pile on, green shameless ones.

1060 FE was $300

This thing is 2.5 times faster, has more VRAM and asks $380 at times when 580 sells for (remind me, I forgot)

2080Ti FE was $1200. And there was no other MSRP to be seen about 2080Ti, years later.

So, blame increased prices on those who bought that.

ID: h72h60l

I'm pretty sure the actual MSRP was $249 for the 1060. Higher priced FEs don't really count imo.

We're also 5 years later...

3 : Anonymous2021/07/30 13:56 ID: h7308d2

A PS5 is cheaper than a 1080P GPU and can game at 4K. PC gaming is supremely stupid right now.

ID: h73ongw

Hate to say it but that's exactly why I got a Xbox Series X. Didn't make sense to me financially to spend close to $800, or even more now because of shortages and price increases, over the course of 2 years or so to completely upgrade my computer.

ID: h732rli

This is a poor comparison when you consider most PS5 games run at around 1440p and have heavily dialed back settings compared to the PC Ultra. If you run this card at the same resolution and settings I'm sure it would do a lot better than the PS5.

ID: h736b33

That and actually Sony/Microsoft are selling their consoles at a loss.

ID: h73f67o

Not true

ID: h73yxaa

yea but can the ps5 print money

ID: h744l9x

PC gaming has always been stupid, it is for nerds jerking off to FPS numbers in their mom’s basements. Gaming should be about game play and not FPS. Gamers got played by AMD and Nvidia to chase specs and aesthetics.

ID: h74e7a5

imagine being upset that people prefer smoother games

ID: h746w6e

Case in point, PC gamers are obsessed with averages and max FPS. But not the minimum FPS, which is what matters. Apparently, capping the game to the minimum framerate is not something everyone does.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/30 15:41 ID: h73en74

worse then the 3060. WTF is wrong with AMD's pricing the x600 xt is a sub 300 card.

ID: h742kwj

The naming schemes of the cards is irrelevant. Only performance and price matters.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/30 17:44 ID: h73w9lv

So anyone who wants a build for $1k or less from here on out is just fucked now huh.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/30 09:10 ID: h72aek0

Memory prices are up so gpu's will be up as well.. because of margins

ID: h72aqok

Prices of everything are up. Including shipping costs.

ID: h74l0pr

This is something people don’t understand, the cost of materials in 2016 was considerably cheaper compared to now post shut down the global economy world.

So even comparing inflation and adjusting the price in today’s money isn’t exactly right because if they spent as much money on raw materials like we have in 2021 they would HAVE to raise prices above the difference for inflation.

Btw I’m speaking of cards in the past and not today in a world where 8GB GDDR6 VRAM seems to be the standard.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/30 10:34 ID: h72g7vo

S for speculation.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/30 15:35 ID: h73djxp

To be perfectly honest I would just get a PS5 as this card would be scalped all ways till Sunday.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/30 21:08 ID: h74p3a4


Aaaaand it's dead to me.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/30 17:14 ID: h73rzf7

$100 more than last gen. Absolutely crazy.

ID: h74g7au

The price of everything going into those cards is up. Aluminum, copper, plastic, memory modules, everything. In some cases that increase is over 50% compared to what prices were a year ago.

Is all that increase enough to justify the $100 bump to past generation? I don't know, but it's not all unjustifiable.

ID: h74jxqt

Not to mention inflation and demand.

ID: h74hx99

It's justifiable when you wanna keep your 50% margins lol.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/30 15:20 ID: h73be0z

So is AMD as greedy as Nvidia now or do we need to wait another couple of months?

ID: h742qul

People are still complaining about the 3 year old 2080ti here but ignore the $1000 6900xt lol.

ID: h74n3f2

The 6900 XT for 1k is set to compete with the 3090 at 1500. That's why it doesn't look that bad. The 2080 Ti had nothing to compete against and replaced a 700 card for 1200. That's why it was outrageous.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/30 14:14 ID: h732jcu

If you look at the card in the thumbnail it looks like Steve is dressed as a knight in chain mail armor

13 : Anonymous2021/07/30 10:39 ID: h72gkmh

Amd stopped catering to customers. What joke price. Any GPU over 300$ is overpriced and unjustified. Covid and supplies shortage is smoke screening you people, wake up. Keep downvoting and proves me right.

ID: h72qhzy

ANY gpu over 300$ is overpriced?

ID: h72y7s9

For most people, I would say yea. 10 years ago, when I had already been PC gaming for 15 years, I wouldn't pay over $250 for a graphics card and was still able to get perfectly good cards for the time. My 1st Voodoo was a little over $200. I stuck with the $200-$250 range all the way until the 1070.

ID: h72re5l

Any Gpu not just Amd. I'm going to speak with my wallet and not buying anything until this circus is finished. My advice is to hold on with what you got or buy 2 generations older than current for cheap.

ID: h74m31g

My guy, you don’t understand inflation.

You have no real grasp on the cost if raw materials in a post global economy shut down world.

I HIGHLY reccomend you take a basic economics class or consider a career path in buissness, because you’re arguing about things you don’t understand.

ID: h752gel

Let's compare pricing from 10 years ago to now: The msrp for a gtx 560ti was $249, which adjusted for inflation is $301. Msrp for a rtx 360ti is $399. gtx 570 - original msrp $349, adjusted for inflation $422. rtx 3070 msrp - $499. Also a different comparison: gtx 1660 original msrp - $219, rtx 3060 msrp - $329. Also the fact that a 1050ti has a lower msrp than the 550ti shows that inflation hasn't really been projected into gpu pricing. Nvidia just decided to overprice the 20- series and kept the pricing for the 30-series. Since amd is now competitive in performance they started using the same price model.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/30 08:44 ID: h728nbh


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15 : Anonymous2021/07/30 23:51 ID: h7596jn

DOA. Even if this card is 10% faster than the 3060, it can’t ray trace in any meaningful way, has less VRAM… and would you look at that, the 3060 Ti’s a good 20-25% faster for practically pennies.

What the fuck is AMD doing?

16 : Anonymous2021/07/30 14:47 ID: h736xof

If they priced them at what the price should be, scalpers would buy them regardless and in fact it would incentivize them more (I can buy two for the price of one and double my profit margin). We are living in that market right now.


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