I don’t understand the people angry with the 6600XT MSRP

1 : Anonymous2021/07/30 11:19 ID: ouio9n

The GPU market is absolutely insane right now.

A bit shy of 2 years ago, I bought a Sapphire Pulse 5700 for $370. This week, I sold it for more than $800. I could have sold it for more because it went in like 2 hours. Probably Could have gotten $860+

$379 is too much for a midrange card, yes, in theory. In practice, these cards will be sold out at $500 as an incredible deal -- because that's almost what a used RX580 costs these days -- and you'll actually be seeing them sold closer to $600+, still being sold out. I'm 100% going to buy one if I see a $500 price, because I'll get more performance than my 5700 and a few hundred in spending cash as the net result, even if the card isn't worth half of that $500 under normal circumstances.

Both Nvidia and AMD are selling every single card they make, and they're selling them way cheaper than their actual market value.

Because, again, $379 is way, way below market value for an 6600XT right now.

How are AMD or Nvidia greedy fucks for selling below market value? And why would it matter in the first place if the MSRP price is fake bullshit in the first place?

I understand the people who are worried that this is the new normal, but those people are complete idiots. In a competitive market, prices aren't dictated by tradition or expectations. They are dictated by how much it costs to bring something to market (i.e. the margin) and the supply and demand for the thing being made. Supplies are constrained, demand is crazy stupid, the whole market doesn't make a single lick of sense in terms of the resulting prices.

2 : Anonymous2021/07/30 12:30 ID: h72q971

Picked up my RX 590 for £150 last January. Will be keeping it for a while given current prices.

ID: h73fn33

I bought a used RX 570 4GB for about $80 back in 2019.

That was when eBay sellers were listing 8-20 of RX 570/580 GPUs in boxes and would not allow individual sales. It was either buy the entire box or nothing.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/30 13:56 ID: h730961

My 5600XT for $290 last year is starting to feel like one of my best purchases in years.

I truly feel for everyone that’s either trying to build their first gaming PC or those who need to upgrade/replace their GPUs this year.

ID: h73ci1i

Radeon RX Vega 64's performance for a fraction of the price

ID: h74326a

RX Vega 56 cards were going for what price at one point? 180-200€. Lmao

ID: h743ht0

Been trying to build a new PC since last year, found a 5600xt on Amazon for $350 CAD ($280-290 usd) and didn't pull the trigger cuz I was looking for a better deal or some shit. Regret that decision every .single .day.

ID: h7468uk

I also got a 5600XT last year at MSRP just before Nvidia released the new GPU’s and at the time I wondered if I’d regret not waiting and getting a next gen. Safe to say I’m now very happy with my buttery smooth 144hz 1080p gaming. My friend had to go with a prebuilt recently just to get a 1660.

ID: h74h5wf

1080ti for $750 in 2017... money purchase

4 : Anonymous2021/07/30 12:36 ID: h72qw1z

My economics prof once told me.

If an product is sold out, it was too cheap.

The second hand market is actually the price people are willing to pay for such a card.

I don't even dare to look at the market right now what my simple rx 5700 is worth.

ID: h72uum4

Well, second hand market is actually below what people would be willing to pay for a NEW product with WARRANTY. AMD could probably sell the cards 200$ above second hand market price.

ID: h739d98

what SOME people are willing to pay...higher price less demand.

ID: h744w9s

As long as that "some" is bigger than your supply its irrelevent. You'll never price a non essential product at a point where every single potential consumer will buy it.

ID: h746asv

And some people aren’t willing to pay for a Porsche or even a new toyota, what’s your point?

the market says what the value of the cards are. When supply MEETS demand is when competitive pricing will start. Until then accept your new reality.

ID: h731jyn

If one thing this gpu shortage has made it clear is the number of people who don't understand basic economics

ID: h73p4jt

Overpaying for a card and telling yourself you understand why you did does not make you an economist. Also, it is fallacious to correlate a "good big strong" economy with increased level of quality. I think those two things are part of the misunderstanding as well.

ID: h73hs0h

I also have the RX5700 non-xt. It goes for $600-1200 USD on ebay depending on how bad the scalper has overpriced it. I bought mine at $289 new.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/30 11:54 ID: h72msgx

You are actually right. Most of us won't able to afford to buy a new GPU in near future. I'll probably just skip this generation and will get myself a new GPU in 2022 or 2023. My 570 is struggling but I'm not willing to pay 600 euros for a midrange card.

ID: h72ryqt

Yeah, I've got a GTX 1070, but I'm either just going to get a gaming laptop or I'm just going to wait till the next generation of AMD cards.

ID: h735n60

I have a 1070ti and the 3060/6600xt is a garbage upgrade performance wise while the 3060ti is none existing and the 3070 and 6700xt are up to $1k at my local microcenter

6 : Anonymous2021/07/30 14:48 ID: h7373gu

At this point they could sell it for 6000$ and raise the price of all their other cards too with this fanboy logic

7 : Anonymous2021/07/30 15:19 ID: h73bctb

People aren't mad because of this card's msrp, they are mad because this msrp means that when the market does stabilize, in the next generation they are going to raise the prices again, and there won't be a gpu crisis by then. That's how we got 1500$ gaming GPUs, and, while I believe the GPU market will continue to creep up its prices, that should really come with an increased performance per dollar, at least sub 1000$, like the guitar market, for example. If they market a 1080p card at 400$ now, next gen will be 450-500$, so what resolutions are fit for a hypothetical 200$ card? 360p? Not to mention this card is about the same performance as the 5700 xt at 1080p, will be slower at 1440p, because of the bus limitation and small infinity cache, has bad almost to the point of unusable rt capabilities and has less CUs, for about the same msrp.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/30 12:04 ID: h72npsm

You re right. Vegas were $250 new by 2019, available everywhere while going for $1000+ with no availability in 2017. Same with Polaris right now. In late 2019, 570s were below $150 regularly (even $99 in same cases). Now, good luck finding any new Polaris below $300... Miners are the ones effing up the market, not manufacturers. And that's not trying to defend AMD or Nvidia, it's simply reality.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/30 15:27 ID: h73cerp

" these cards will be sold out at $500 as an incredible deal -- because that's almost what a used RX580 costs these days "

No idea where you from but in Europe you can buy pretty much used 580s and 1060s for 180-220€. Which is nowhere near 500$. And the 4gb / 3gb models go for even less. Around 150-170€.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/30 16:01 ID: h73hlfc

Bs for that 5700. The prices went down last 2 months and a 5700XT used to be €850 and is €450 used here right now. Some idiot bought it.

How don’t you understand $379 is way too much for a low mid range 1080p card…

11 : Anonymous2021/07/30 17:27 ID: h73tvo2

1080p card in 2021... 379$

12 : Anonymous2021/07/30 14:58 ID: h738eot

I mean, be mad that there won't be a single 6600XT available at that 379 "MSRP" because there will be no reference edition. Every card is going to be released by board partners, so the real MSRP Is closer to 450-500 on the low end, much akin to there being no 3070ti Founders Edition.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/30 14:57 ID: h738bsf

The whole problem is being made worse by people being unable/unwilling to wait until cards return to the prices they should be at. As long as that continues, the prices will never drop.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/30 13:12 ID: h72uy9b

I've long accepted that now is the time to catch up on my (substantial) Nintendo Switch backlog, PC gaming is out of the equation for me until probably 2023...

ID: h74no8u

You have a 3900X & an Aorus Master.

Did you not buy a GPU?

15 : Anonymous2021/07/30 13:46 ID: h72yznp

I don't like the price of course, but who's surprised anyway? It's to be expected the price wouldn't be good, we are in 2021 after all.

So, for me, it's what it is. It's just another day in 2021.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/30 16:38 ID: h73mu9v

As long as they actually change the MSRP if supply gets back to normal or don't continue the price hike for the next generation it shouldn't matter.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/30 13:56 ID: h73094r

32CU 2048 shader ~320mm2 die size is literally specs of RX 470/RX 570 that launched at around $180. The only world where $380 MSRP makes sense is when you compare AMD to literal scalpers and in that case they can fuck themselves.

ID: h73e45z

This product wouldn't cost nowhere near this in a normal market. I would say 300$ at most. That leaves enough space for an RX 6700 (keep in mind that 6700 XT would have a slight MSRP discount at 450$).

18 : Anonymous2021/07/30 14:36 ID: h735j9r

"$379 is too much for a midrange card, yes, in theory"
this is not even a midrange card. 3060Ti/6700XT/3070 is.

ID: h739sul

It's a lower mid range card. Ala RX580.

19 : Anonymous2021/07/30 13:09 ID: h72ul8n

People are angry because those MSRP prices will become the norm, whether there is a chip availability crisis or not. I don't get how hard is to the people to understand that.

20 : Anonymous2021/07/30 13:23 ID: h72w67m

You say 379 is the perfect value for the card as if everyone can buy this specific card at MSRP and this card will not be scalped just like every other card.

21 : Anonymous2021/07/30 14:35 ID: h735d73

I don't think the issue is the official AMD MSRP, the question is what the AIB MSRPs are going to be. They are inflating the prices of all other Radeon 6000 series way above MSRP, so it seems to me that we can expect the 6600 XT to be more like $500 minimum.

ID: h74n96c

AIBs are effectively getting squeezed.

If the MSRP back in 2020 was claimed to be not real it certainly isn’t real in a world where the dollar is currently in hyperinflation.

Ram prices are DOUBLE what you’d expect, and we’re throwing 8/16GB VRAM modules into cards now standard, not to mention the cost of other raw materials that go into making GPUs have also gone up.

And if you’re an exclusive AIB particularly for AMD you have to be feeling the squeeze the hardest bc you can’t sell on two fronts.


After reflection I can agree, things are just out of control right now.

22 : Anonymous2021/07/30 11:45 ID: h72ly0e

Here, scalpers! Ask OP for 3x MSRP

23 : Anonymous2021/07/30 11:50 ID: h72mfgy

You have to understand that most people are dumber than a rock and highly emotional. Put in that context 99% of internet whinging and arguing makes complete sense.

It's the same kind of stupidity as when a few months ago people were arguing up & down on every forum about which card was a better buy... at MSRP, when in reality finding one at 2x MSRP was a miracle, and more likely they went for 3x. Yet did that stop people from arguing endlessly about imaginary scenarios? You know the answer.

Just point and laugh, and keep it moving.

ID: h72xdwu

i argued with someone yesterday who unironically told me companies will keep inflating prices to $10000 and make more profit off rich people alone.

like they literally think prices are set by companys' goodwill

and the anti-capitalism 'corporation = evil' meta on reddit doesnt help

ID: h72qnb0

I guess I am dumber than a rock for not wanting people to charge me a minimum of $400 for 1080p. I am so dumb for hating the price increase trend

ID: h72yfgy

I’m convinced that there are people on this sub that don’t actually use high-end graphics cards, they just buy and sell them like stocks and other investments. That’s why they snub their nose at people who actually care about buying these things at a reasonable price.

ID: h73bij6

You aren’t dumb for hating prices the way they are. If the price is too high your perfectly justified in waiting or trying to get one for cheaper. You aren’t dumb for not going for a price you can’t afford.

But people are going to charge what the market determines. If you were selling your gpu and had an opportunity to make 600 extra dollars over msrp because that’s what the other similar cards on the market were selling for, would it be dumb to say no to 600 extra dollars for minimal extra work?

24 : Anonymous2021/07/30 15:48 ID: h73fkfj

no you are the idiot... its a fing 1080p card for close to a 3060 ti price. i dont give a rats ass how the market currently is, those are the set msrps... this card makes the 3060 look like a value and not only that AMD doesnt have the driver support nor feature set of its competitor. the 6700xt is stupidly priced aswell as it should be 420 ish because less features, cheaper to make then nvidias and only marginally beats the 60ti. Screw saying its because of the market because if they went by what the street price will be they would just price it at 650. msrp is stating normal pricing of a gpu in a normal market not this f'ed up one

25 : Anonymous2021/07/30 12:20 ID: h72p8sh

It really sucks because you can't even have a discussion about the actual product. Since every discussion gets derailed by the price circlejerk.

26 : Anonymous2021/07/30 12:30 ID: h72qapp

I don't really have any input on this, but looking on eBay, the 580 sells for 200-300 pounds used, 1060 for a bit less too.

27 : Anonymous2021/07/30 19:42 ID: h74cxhn

It is flawed to draw the conclusion that, since the RX5700 is worth $800 and RX580 is worth $500 in the second hand market, the 6600XT brand new for $500 is cheap. The former cards are severely overpriced due to their mining capacity first and foremost. A RX5700 is not worth $800 for gaming. There are RX6700 XT rotting on shelves for $700-730 nowadays. I have seen some as low as $699, on stock. Whoever has $800 to buy a gaming card, wouldn't be buying a 5700, that is for sure.

The 6600XT however - as well as the entire RDNA2 stack - has below average mining profitability. These are gaming cards. Therefore the market value of a 6600XT shouldn't be compared to that of a card primarily sought after by miners.

28 : Anonymous2021/07/30 20:06 ID: h74gex6

this shit is basically a 5700xt but probably worse, oh and the die is smaller, maybe slightly better than a 12gb 3060 all the while having less productivity performance compared to a 3060. The point is the msrp sets the standard for AIBs and $380 is stupid especially considering the 8gb and smaller die. *Benchmarks first of course*


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