Nanite in UE5: The End of Polycounts? | Unreal Engine

1 : Anonymous2021/08/03 16:22 ID: ox6yav
Nanite in UE5: The End of Polycounts? | Unreal Engine
2 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:21 ID: h7kp6aa

The geometry compression is pretty impressive. 1 million triangles down to 14 mb? The more they can do to help lazy devs reduce file size the better

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ID: h7kv5pc

And risk a player having another game installed on their system? No way!

(sarcasm of course).

ID: h7kubxu

Game sizes aren't going to be reducing. The UE5 demo download on PC, which is short, is 100gb.

ID: h7l7oxv

I don’t think that demo is a good measure of anything tbh.

ID: h7kzd2o

The UE5 Demo on PC isn't optimized and packed in a way an actual game would be. Even Epic made that clear.

ID: h7lefkq

That's the whole project file. The packaged "game" is like 20 or 25. With other optimizations, UE games are almost certainly going to get smaller, or at the very least not increase in size as much as one would expect with much more detailed worlds.

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3 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:59 ID: h7kuows

For static meshes yes, the real question is what is the new bottleneck for detail? Memory? CPU?

ID: h7kzoy3

I reckon it's why Sony focused so much on IO throughput. They did work closely with epic while I'm the design stages of the PS5.

ID: h7lecx1

Exactly my thoughts.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/03 18:27 ID: h7kym76

Don't believe the lies.


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