New PS5 system update finally makes the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset a must-buy

1 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:51 ID: oziidy
New PS5 system update finally makes the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset a must-buy
2 : Anonymous2021/08/07 00:04 ID: h7zz3ij

(the previous Setting for changing the verticality of the 3D direction, may as well have been nothing)

I am glad to get a very small peek at the new beta settings. I'd like to see Sony support all headsets ASAP with some finer tuning/EQ Settings, in System. Especially their own Sony headsets of past, like the Gold and Platinum headsets

ID: h80kitn

I just wish that 3D audio would automatically turn on and off for games that don't support it or at least move the toggle down to the quick settings so I don't have to leave the game.

ID: h80m6vx

This exactly. Games that don't support it (which are the majority of games right now) sound really muffled with it on and I always have to go deep into the settings to enable/disable which just takes time, especially if you switch between games often.

ID: h80n3rt

Wait it doesn't turn on and off automatically?...

ID: h80y1ea

I want Sony’s high end noise cancelling headphones to be supported like the Pulse.

ID: h81hbma

It absolutely kills me that I can't use my XM4s with the PS5 wirelessly, you can still turn the noise cancelling on when it's in with a cable but it just feels frustrating having Sony products not communicate with eachother

ID: h80w2x0

(the previous Setting for changing the verticality of the 3D direction, may as well have been nothing)

Does the 3D Sound just not work for you at all? Because the verticality settings absolutely work for me. Top one sounds above my head, next is around my forehead level, default is about my jaw (ended up what I stick with), then neck and furthest down is around my shoulders.

This isn't with a Pulse headset either; I'm using a set of noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones I got off Amazon, using the corded headphone plug. These aren't high end headphones, but they fully work for me.

ID: h8029pm

I still like my Golds and would like more of a reason to use them. Sometimes I felt like they sounded better on my PC than my PS5

ID: h80w29x

That’s strange, my platinum headset sounds great! I do have to toggle off 3d audio sometimes, but that’s easy enough.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/07 02:40 ID: h80g77m

Too quiet? Reviewer must be deaf if he can’t play games on full volume and not perforate an ear drum

ID: h81lvok

There's the main volume, and a chat/game balance volume which by default is in the middle. It was probably all the way on the chat side on theirs.

ID: h818kxc

I don't think I ever owned a headset or even earphones that were too quiet at full volume, like, even the worst ones I tried were loud enough at something like ~75% volume.

The reviewer is either lying or had a faulty unit.

ID: h82ka53

There are many, many audiophile grade headphones that are "hard to drive" meaning they need more ohms to truly reach their potential. The vast majority of smartphones and/or motherboards simply don't supply that many ohms because most people are content with easily driven cans, so a separate amplifier must be used.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/07 03:27 ID: h80la0b

It's a "must-buy" because it has an equaliser now? Jesus christ, what a terrible article

ID: h81dnx7

Plus I think the writer had his settings wrong because I’ve had a pulse since day 1 and they’re incredible with no volume issues at all

ID: h81q49f

I just went to the reddit comments to see what the feature was.

When I was looking into headphones most people were like. The pulse 3d is okay but something like the Arctis 7ps are great because they can be tuned via the PC equalizer.

So the fact that they get an equalizer and are 50 dollars cheaper than the Arctis 7p means yeah it may be a good buy.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/07 01:04 ID: h805hhw

Damn headphone threads just confuse me. Which one is the best dammnit.

ID: h80e6q8

The one that costs more than the one you are thinking about getting.

ID: h80l391

But only slightly more. The one that costs a lot more is a waste of money,

ID: h80ne4t

A pair of open-backs from sennheiser if you just want headphones for audio and don’t need a dedicated mic. HD598’s (or whatever new model has replaced these), HD58x jubilee, or 6xx if you have some cash to burn. Or the Phillips fidelio x2’s might be fun for single player games

The Pulse is... good. Not bad, not great. It’s $99 and I think Sony squeezed every drop of quality they could at that price point.

edit: 6xx have high impedance dualsense won’t drive them well

ID: h80icar

I tried A LOT of headsets on ps5. I don’t feel like typing out all the models I tried, but it’s pretty much all the ones you’d come across as suggestions on Reddit and the forums.

Best sounding was the Penrose and the beyerdynamic dt990. I found the Penrose too uncomfortable and the lack of a mic option for the dt990 ended up nixing both of them.

In then end I kept the steel series 7p. It’s not the best sounding, but it’s by FAR the most comfortable (razer black shark v2 pro was a close second) with the best directional audio for apex legends, (which is my most played game). It also has the retractable mic and it works with the mute button on the ps5 remote and the cross chat adjustment is nice too.

So basically it’s a very good GAMING headset. It doesn’t matter that it’s not the absolute best sounding one out there. I’d take it’s comfort and features over the head squeeze on the better sounding Penrose or the lack of any gaming features on the DT990 any day.

FYI I hated the pulse 3D. Worst sounding, least comfortable headset I tried.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/07 02:28 ID: h80ewfg

This is a terrible article lol

"I returned my headset because the sound was too low (?), then I bought one again when they added this little preset setting menu in the PS5 beta"

ID: h80z1dj

Haha yea talk about a fair test

7 : Anonymous2021/08/07 02:05 ID: h80caxw

I cant get much useful info out of this fluff article that mainly revolves around the writer probably never figuring out his chat/game mix slider. And name dropping some affiliate links to his favourite headsets and a pulse 3d addvertisement on page.

So the Pulse 3D specifically will get EQ options on PS5. That's nice but i really want to know if they actually adjusted their 3D audio profile settings and tempest algorithms. Or if they just made the sample to choose a profile easier to identify the correct "height" compared to the current running water sound. "Closest to ear level" is still a bit ambiguous.

With some other headphones having their own EQ and 3D audio working across all headsets why is this article recommending you buy these now? I have them and think they're decent value if they fit you comfortably but unless this update adds some more secret sauce exclusive to the Pulse 3D I would not make that kind of statement. Cant wait for proper tempest audio implementation to become more standardised though.

ID: h811k8d

It actually sounds like the writer is a bit deaf and should get a hearing test done if he always needs headphones at max volume

ID: h811asd

Affiliate links is why. This is a fucking sales ad.

ID: h80xj0m

There is a new sound in the 3D profile sound test that is much more precise in sound level. Also being able to listen to ear sides individually now helps to determine height for each ear better before finally selecting a profile. The second sound test is much better than the water waves.

ID: h80f4bs

All the update does is add EQ, the separate 3D audio setting is for all headphones. All EQ does it just change the sound signature of the headphone thats it.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/07 00:56 ID: h804oc9

I lost interest in this article when they said the pulse headset sound was too low? I’ve had mine since day 1 and I’ve nearly blown my ear drums out my nose multiple times.

ID: h805f71

Probably had the sound prioritize to chat instead of the game lol

ID: h80fspn

Or its some guy whos blown his ears out listening to loud music/content too much so now he has to crank everything up to hear shit. Theres a reason apple and others have started giving warnings if you listen to loud music with headphones too much.

I own the pulse and keep its volume a little above half, and even going a couple notches higher would be painful.

Edit: And I just realized that he sets it to the stereotypical beats/popular trash headphone v shaped eq curve. Because of course he thinks that sounds “better”.

ID: h80dmw2

Long-term hearing damage is no joke. I used to crank my headset but now at my age I’m really careful with long high-level volume exposure. A lot of integrated systems like Apple and Sony are providing are now intentionally reducing volume levels unless you explicitly override them.

ID: h80i1bq


IT'S NOT WORTH IT. Take care of your hearing.

ID: h80a1lq

Seriously, I think this dude is just deaf or he's trying to play at a death metal concert. I've never even had it close to max volume.

ID: h80e4yu

I remember going to Le Mans and being blown away by how loud the cars were. I got full ear defenders to make it tolerable and also to not damage my ears, as did a few of the others I went with. A few didn’t bother getting any as it wasn’t that bad for them, or they were manly enough to deal with it or whatever. That was in 2008. As of last year one of those guys is using hearing aids now, and I’m of a similar late 30’s age and can still hear those things that scare off cats or keep teenagers from hanging around outside shop entrances.
Look after your ears. They need to last you a life time, and if you think a particular headset isn’t loud enough, it’s not the headset, and you’re well on your way to losing your hearing the more you crank it up to compensate. The Sony Pulse 3D are PLENTY loud enough. Check the game/voice balance if you think there might really be something wrong.

ID: h80jvmm

Seriously. This person must be borderline deaf. These things get uncomfortably loud. I'm sure any headset can do that.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/07 00:03 ID: h7zyyzt

Does this mean third party headsets like Steel Series won't sound like garbage anymore?

ID: h805dcx

The article states that the author thinks the 3D Pulse is better after the update due to improved 3D audio settings and an EQ to increase volume, the latter of which isn’t available on other headsets according to the article. I never found a problem with the Pulse’s volume levels in the first place, so I think he may be overstating this improvement.

ID: h80e5r6

Agreed. I have the Pulse 3D headset and the maximum volume level has never been an issue. I don't think I've ever even come close to maxing out the audio, let alone wanting to exceed that maximum which I assume would be a great way to ruin your hearing.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/07 02:45 ID: h80gs94

I splurged on arctis pro wireless. Best wireless headset by a mile.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/07 02:38 ID: h80fybu

This guy must have been doing something wrong if he thought the Pulse headset was too quite.

ID: h80xtdb

Seriously. I used to be a DJ and have wonderful hearing damage because of it. The Pulse 3D can still get way too loud. I don’t think I’ve ever gone past the last 3 or 4 notches.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/07 02:12 ID: h80d0k3

Does it feature the thing where you can hear yourself when you talk something tone? I hate not being able to hear myself as I start to mess up my words when that's the case. Anyone know of a headset that will work for PS5 that you can hear yours when taking?

ID: h80dl99

Arctis 7P.

ID: h80ff22

Did you mean hearing through the headset what your voice sounds like through your mic? If so, the Pulse headset has a switch that can enable or disable. Granted, it’s pretty quiet.

ID: h80h834

It has mic monitoring which you can turn on or off via a dedicated switch on the headset. With it on you hear yourself in the headset while you talk whereas with it off it sounds like you're talking with clogged ears. The effect isn't super pronounced but it is noticeable and it does make a difference if you're uncomfortable talking with covered ears.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/07 03:04 ID: h80iunz

Do people just not realize the headphones are only on like 70% by default? Between me and my buddies I've tried several cans and they all get loud enough to be uncomfortable. Hearing loss is no joke i guess.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/07 01:47 ID: h80a85i

Does the Arctis 7p work with these settings?

15 : Anonymous2021/08/07 07:52 ID: h8182pz

Wtf is this article? It doesn’t say what the update is. The guy says it was too quiet, then he found EQ settings and pushed everything to the max and now it’s louder but still not as good as Xbox.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/07 10:23 ID: h81i735

I just wish you could use the mute button on the controller to mute the headset.


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