Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins – Console Launch Trailer

1 : Anonymous2021/08/14 01:38 ID: p3yvd5
Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins - Console Launch Trailer
2 : Anonymous2021/08/14 01:57 ID: h8v0sxp's a mobile game? Except on PS5? And you can't play it on your mobile, even though it looks like a mobile game?

ID: h8vkxrt

Oh you can definitely play it on the phone, but not if you buy it on the PS Store of course.

ID: h8vxlp8

See my initial thoughts I posted in separate comment.

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3 : Anonymous2021/08/14 02:32 ID: h8v50ju

I really wish that we could get a proper AAA Doctor Who game. All you need is a good studio

ID: h8vxjln

Doctor Who is not an easy genre to write a game for, IMHO. While there is action in DW, it's not your standard kind of combat action. So, it would have to be more of a investigative RPG, maybe with puzzle elements--but RP'ing as the Doctor would feel a bit weird--maybe you'd play as a new companion (like in an introductory episode), but still, not sure how that work.

ID: h8vycuh

Doctor Who adventure games did it well.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/14 02:05 ID: h8v1q6y

See that headline in the trailer @19 sec?

"Alabama's blue box"

This game is mobile, like a real time experience.

I's all coming together boys! /s

5 : Anonymous2021/08/14 07:30 ID: h8vx61f

I played the 1st chapter on Android, since that is offered free. I found it to be somewhat engaging, but be aware that it plays like an ARG (at least through the 1st chapter), which I assume is the same as the PS4 game. It reminds me of another game I've played, "Lost Phone" I think it was called. I've yet to see how good of a "Doctor Who" game it is, but at least the start is promising.

I think that a phone is a better platform to run it on, as the gameplay, at least initially, is that you have "found" a phone belonging to someone else, and you interact virtually with at least one other by chat (so far). So operating the "game phone" is like operating a real phone--the touch controls are thus quite natural, unlike if you had to use a controller.

Plus, on Android the full game costs just $3.99 rather than the $12.99 for the PS4 version.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/14 02:22 ID: h8v3s72

Games based on TV series or movies are always a hard pass.

ID: h8vkymy

Welp, guess we're saying goodbye to any and all Star Wars games...

And, while we're at it, apparently also Alien: Isolation and even good ol' GoldenEye!

ID: h8vodfa

Is Alien: Isolation fun and worth a play? I've never tried it, but I liked the first 2 movies.

ID: h8vp6xx

Lol all the games in the Alien IP have been awful except for Isolation which strayed away from any other game before in the IP. The 007 game IP has been dead for more than a decade, the last game was 007 Legends which was utter trash. Starwars Battlefront 2 was such a shitshow at launch that was an obvious attempt at milking the franchise and the playerbase for all it was worth. In general star wars games are fine but they're generally helmed by studios that have large budgets where as that's not generally the case.

So yeah there's some games that are good, but the sheer number of awful games greatly outnumber the good ones. Fast & Furious Crossroads, terminator resistance, jumanji video game (based on the movie), predator hunting grounds, were all shit recent games and people bought em. Those are just off the top of my head, the list is huge, the majority are shoddy attempts to just milk video game consumers based on the IP.

ID: h8vo8cp

I was a fan of Simpsons Hit and Run, the original Star Wars Battlefront 2, and the pod racing game for N64 back in the day. I can't think of any adaptations in the last ~15 years that I've liked

ID: h8yf4j4

There have been many great licensed games. Maybe not so much in recent years, or I just don’t pay attention.

But the LOTR games were great, even the direct movie tie ins. Star Wars has made some great games, also loved the ps1 episode 1 game and the episode 3 game. Batman, lego games, Spider-Man…

There are many duds but many good ones. Like any genre.

ID: h8ygoyw

LOTR is based on books, not movies/TV shows. Batman and spider man are also based on books in the form of comics unless specifically being developed based on a movie/tv show like the Jumani video game. So no, the examples you gave don't apply in what the comment was referring to aside from Star Wars which I talked about in a diff comment.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/14 12:59 ID: h8wmjwj

do they even make money out of these Dr Who games? honestly


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