AMD AM5 socket could be compatible with AM4 coolers, 170W TDP SKU confirmed –

1 : Anonymous2021/08/17 04:26 ID: p5wov1
AMD AM5 socket could be compatible with AM4 coolers, 170W TDP SKU confirmed -
2 : Anonymous2021/08/17 05:14 ID: h996b8r

seems like a good idea to save money on mounting mechanisms

ID: h9ajtpl

Look at the money they really are for AM4, or any other, on eBay. Like $20.

They still redo the Printed Motherboard circuits entirely in spot, perhaps all.

ID: h9b73e2

Still, it means you could reuse yours if you had spent good money on an am4 compatible cooler without having to get an adapter

3 : Anonymous2021/08/17 05:32 ID: h997wxj

Save a lot cooler manufacturers from unnecesary headache. Good way to save enviroment.

ID: h99ckel

Users budget too

ID: h9bicb7

Some manufacturers (Noctua being notorious for it) would have offered the mounting kit so it saves money on them .

ID: h9bfcg3

Yes. its best not to piss off your fans who have been going on about how much more affordable AMD is.

ID: h99kal5

Idk about that, manufacturers can make quite a lot of money releasing new coolers with new mounting brackets.

ID: h99zhy7

new mounting brackets are usually sent out for free to existing users from the best companies.

ID: h9av4dn

Until users and system builders take that into account for cost / longevity.

One of the reasons why Intel CPUs are offputting - you are lucky if you get a mobo socket support more than 2 generations of chips. The upgrade lifecycle is terrible.

ID: h9ag9oq

But wouldn't they rather sell the stock they already have in the warehouse?

ID: h9a7v74

But first they would need to update the included mounting hardware, decide what to include in the box, update packaging to reflect changes, and deal with existing stock. It also makes buying more confusing and difficult for buyers and can result in missed sales while dealing with the above issues. Users buying a new board are probably going to get a new cooler anyway.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/17 07:02 ID: h99fapd

Either way Noctua will make a new bracket if necessary, and if you provide proof of purchase will send you one for free (have the same cooler for 4 builds now).

However, it would be amazing not to have to do that, so other cooling solutions can be reused as well.

ID: h99ujyv

Noctua really outshines here, they even gave me one for a long long discontinued cooler when I switched to a 6700k and then again for the same cooler with my ryzen. Pays off to use the same mounting system for decades I assume

ID: h9a01k6

An unrelated question here, are Noctua's air cooler as good as medium sized AIOs?

I have been using a 280mm NZXT AIO, and I am pretty pleased with it. I have actually replaced all my case fans with Noctua's fans.

But I really like the aesthetic of a large air cooler, so just wanted to know if they are bette

. I have seen Linus swear by air coolers mentioning in multiple video that Noctua's air coolers are as good as AIOs. While some other people did some comparison and found AIOs to be a bit better.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/17 05:48 ID: h9999p0

I can keep using my Cooler Master Hyper 212? Fuck yeah! I'm using it with a Ryzen 5 1600 right now, can anyone tell me how it would fair with a modern 8 core CPU?

ID: h99ahl2

It handled my 3700X adequately. PBO makes it squeal somewhat at > 80 degrees (~110 W power consumption) but regular usage puts it at around 70 degrees in a very well ventilated case at 21 degree ambient without overclocking when all cores are maxed out.

For a 5800X it is outright going to hit 90 degrees (maximum operating temperature) pretty much in any all core workload though since that’s a 105 W TDP chip with a maximum power limit of 142 W and is also much harder to cool than a 3700X.

ID: h9a7kxo

The new 5000 series with PBO2 definitely pushed the thermal limits a lot more often even despite the difference in TDP.

ID: h9aoawf

can anyone tell me how it would fair with a modern 8 core CPU?

All that matters is power. Doesn't matter if it's a 125W Bulldozer or a 125W Zen 3.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/17 07:41 ID: h99i721

For those that aren't familiar with how AMD's TDP works, it's TDP*1.35=Power consumption in watts, so 170W TDP is actually 229.5W power consumption.

ID: h99ipzn

There's some gotcha's to that, like the 5600X caps out at 76W instead, but yeah, for the most part that's right.

ID: h99j43x

Ehh, it's probably more likely that's all it can use, my 2600 caps at 88W, which has a 65W TDP.

ID: h99vyny

My 3600 is 65W TDP that seems to cap out at 68W in reality. Does the 1.35x factor only apply to PBO-enabled systems..?

ID: h9a2afo

It's actually a meaningless number and a meaningless unit of measure, as previously discussed around here and in other places. For example the Gamers Nexus introduction -

7 : Anonymous2021/08/17 05:22 ID: h9970oa

I'm just hoping they put in a proper retention mechanism, the cpu getting stuck on the heatsink is something that shouldn't happen in this age.

Yes yes yes, i know heat it up and twist it gently, but that advice assumes you can even turn on the computer to begin with, if you can't, you're gonna have a bad time.

ID: h997xnu

AM5 will be lga(Intel style) so you won't have that problem anymore.

ID: h99e6oj

Proceeds to rip the entire socket out of the board

ID: h9bvihi

Now all the bent pins will be on the board instead!

ID: h997py1

Idk man. Some people pizza when they should of French fried.

ID: h998i8r

...... what?

ID: h99xg8v

Some coolers don't allow for rotation at all and you have to rip it out with the cpu and it's terrifying.

ID: h9a1ml9

No, you don't. That's why OP said "heat it up". Just turn on the computer for a moment and take out the heatsink while the cpu is still warm.

EDIT: Downvoted for explaining something not only obvious but also widely discussed in this sub. Nice.

ID: h99uc8x

I just put a blow torch to the heat sink once I removed the fan and that worked a treat. I felt wrong but also fun.

ID: h9ajlub

I don't have the balls to do that

ID: h9avqst

If you cant turn the computer on then a hairdryer works, if the heatsink is too large hairdryer from the back side of the board

8 : Anonymous2021/08/17 05:20 ID: h996uvm

Saw that coming

9 : Anonymous2021/08/17 08:54 ID: h99ni75

On one hand, good that they keep it, but I wish the next mounting system was totally square because for ITX orientation is important and a lot of coolers do not offer that. Having the retention points arranged in a square would make changing orientation possible by default.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/17 09:02 ID: h99o45q

With 120-170W CPUs incoming, I hope AM5 also includes some sort of common nomenclature for motherboards which support those wattages, and for cheaper ones that don't.

ID: h9b6obu

Be prepared to be disappointed

11 : Anonymous2021/08/17 13:21 ID: h9ac0pd

That is a power hungry cpu

12 : Anonymous2021/08/17 06:44 ID: h99dv25

24c 170w version? With a RDNA igpu? Also those 4 extra pci-e lanes....Ummm yesss please 😉

ID: h9av1w9

Genoa server chips on Zen 4 are gonna be 128 core.

We're gonna see more than 16 cores on am5, it's just a question of if it'll be Zen 4 or Zen 5. I'd put my money on Zen 4. They have the chance to utterly bury Intel with a 24c w/ 3d v-cache. They'll probably do it if just for the 'halo product' status: they'll have the fastest chip in ever possibly way at that point.

Reminder than we're also looking at quad threading per core, which will REALLY benefit from the 2tb/s on the v-cache.

ID: h9a3rrt

You wish. They probably will have the low end sku variants with iGPU, like how they are doing now with the 5700G.

ID: h9awc1q

Why would I wish? It's gonna happen.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/17 06:35 ID: h99d62p

Ouch, 170W? Not a fan of the wattage rise across the board for high end compute.

Possible that this might indicate a core increase for AM5? Or are they actually pushing more wattage for frequency?

ID: h99nrzg

I'd expect that it's for enthusiasts, no one is preventing you from getting a lower wattage one.

ID: h99s4xo

Might only be 100-200mhz higher clocks, they're generally around exponential increases in power consumption when pushing really hard

ID: h99zyzf

given intel is sucking down 250w currently, it's gonna be hard to compete for the top of the charts if you can't pull down similar numbers

14 : Anonymous2021/08/17 16:32 ID: h9b3phz

I'm sad they're going LGA


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