Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event Now Live (August 17 – 30). PS5 Enhanced Version Free For The First Time Ever.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/18 10:38 ID: p6ol5m
Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event Now Live (August 17 - 30). PS5 Enhanced Version Free For The First Time Ever.
2 : Anonymous2021/08/18 10:46 ID: h9e8nez

anyone already have this and can describe some of the ps5 specific features?

ID: h9e95zq

Has a Performance and Fidelity toggle so depending on what you pick you are basically looking at 60fps, increased draw distance, high-resolution textures, improved reflections, improved ambient occlusion, improved shadows, and greater depth of field.

No DualSense features though.

Edit : forgot the obligatory faster loading times too!

ID: h9ezyem

No DualSense features though.

Adding these to compliment the combat would go a long way.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/18 12:22 ID: h9egpjg

Headups, if you're a returning player AND care about trophies, I would not play this atm. If you do not care about trophies, you should have no issues moving forward.

Somebody at ZOS had the brain blast moment where they decided that despite all in-game achievements being easy to check against, that for some reason you should not get the PS5 trophies on load...

Not only this, people with old accounts have been reporting that certain specific trophies for already completed achievements will not pop when manually re-done. You literally have to start fresh and even then it isn't a 100% that your trophies will work properly.

They say they are working with Sony to fix it, but nothing yet...

4 : Anonymous2021/08/18 12:53 ID: h9ejstc

My only issue is a lack of crossplay and from what I understand, that’s never coming.

ID: h9ez18w

Cross play with pc would be pretty bad since ui mods give them a huge advantage.

Hell even basic stuff it helps. A big part of ESO when I played was collecting the sky shards which every 3 gave you a skill point

On pc there was a mod that literally told you where each one you missed was. On ps4 you had to look up an online guide and check to see if you got it or not.

Would definitely like cross play with Xbox though.

ID: h9f65uu

i mean, the sky shard example is a poor one for why we shouldnt have cross play. Why should anyone be forced to wander around every zone finding them? What's really the difference between looking at a guide and using a mod on pc other than saving your precious time?

The pvp issues are really why and maybe high end raiding, but overall I'd love to see cross play implemented in a way that made sense for maybe some things like guild areas and general questing.

ID: h9fche4

Ui tracking mods for pve content is hardly something console players would give 2 shits about if it quadrupled the playerbase. You can just pull it up on your phone and have it serve the same purpose. Not having crossplay is pretty dumb for a game like this.

ID: h9f7qlx

Doesn’t have to be with PC, though I’d want it to be as well. Console crossplay is really what I’d like at a minimum.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/18 14:09 ID: h9esoco

There’s also a 60% sale on the game till August 31st.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/18 11:53 ID: h9edznc

I've only played Skyrim. Is this any good?

ID: h9fei1q

it’s nice! i started recently and have mostly ignored multiplayer mmo stuff. i’m playing it like a single player rpg, basically a nicer looking skyrim with more to do (but a less centralized plot). combat is a lot better than skyrim (although it’s still not amazing)

ID: h9fhekk

Thanks. I purchased a 6pounds version with free ps5 upgrade. I'm not generally into magical nonsensical language so found Skyrim quite accessable, so I'm hoping this will be in a similar vein.

ID: h9efx0u

Combat is really its weakness it feels bad. But everything else in terms of a mmo is great.

ID: h9et89x

It is still better than Skyrims combat, I would say.

All mainline Elder Scrolls games have had ... less than stellar combat.

ID: h9effr1

It's pretty different than Skyrim but if you like the lore and doing quests then you'll probably enjoy it.

ID: h9ejlwj

The most similar to Skyrim is Oblivion, which is on PS Now.

ESO's combat is easy and things feel weightless since it needs to account for lag. It's also a lot more structured than Skyrim.

There's a large PVP area (Cyrodill) focused around capturing and holding keeps, its really fun if you find a large group of people.

Worth a shot, but expect it to be different since its designed for multiplayer.

ID: h9eilfz

Its a typical themepark MMO (and a good one to be fair) with an elderscrolls skin, so dont expect skyrim gameplay.

But if you like the elder scrolls world and like themepark RPGs then youll probably enjoy it.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/18 13:26 ID: h9enhli

Just play Final Fantasy XIV. It’s better in pretty much every regard, from combat, story, the amount of content, and it’s end game.

I’ve played probably 200 hours in TESO before trying FFXIV it’s has always been a soulless cash grab meant to entice you with shitty nostalgia to make you buy loot boxes.

There’s barely a story, the story that is there is horribly written. The combat is repetitive and button mashing. DLC’s cost $40 for barely enough content to do in a weekend, that they squeeze over a year to hide the fact there’s barely anything to do

Lots of astroturfers and bad actors in the comments today.

ID: h9eo22d

it doesnt matter that FF XIV is better (which I agree btw), if you like more the franchise of TES, ppl will prefer to play TESO, simple as that

I like both franchises, I even like fallout, so I also play F76, already put 200h in that game, and I dont know how is that possible lmao

ID: h9eq7bj

That’s all TESO is though, a soulless nostalgia cash grab with shitty loot boxes. I don’t know how anyone could enjoy that no matter how much you enjoy the franchise

ID: h9fi9g8

Eh, chill. They're different games. For one FFXIV requires a subscription, while ESO is buy-to-play. Additionally, folks who are fans of Elder Scrolls games may prefer ESO due to the familiar locales and the more elder-scrollsey story and combat.

I personally prefer FFXIV but this is kind of an apples to oranges comparison. They're very different games.

ID: h9epzta

That all might be true, but that art style will make me gag any day of the week so ESO wins.

ID: h9erpnj

What’s wrong with the art style in FF14 aside from it being pretty vibrant and alive?

ID: h9eq4f1

ff14 is an awful mix of slow old school combat and new age instances that limit interactions and immersion, I can't see how anyone likes it honestly.

ID: h9eqfy3

Sounds like somehow hasn’t played the game. That or they actually enjoy hitting a single attack button over and over again in TESO like a monkey.

ID: h9exjoi

I just hate the FF universe with all my heart. So no, thanks, I won't follow the advice of an edgy "know-it-all" who calls others "kid". Did you also tip your fedora while replying that?

I've played over 800 hours of ESO and I can tell you that I bear no such feelings over the game. Plus what lootboxes are you talking about?

ID: h9fim26

Regardless of everything else, you can't really claim that ESO doesn't have a deluge of lootboxes.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/18 15:09 ID: h9f0b0w

Not gonna lie I read Elden Ring at first and got insanely excited for two seconds

9 : Anonymous2021/08/18 15:03 ID: h9ezjik

Would this require ps plus?

ID: h9fcupd

According to the product page, yep

ID: h9fem9s


10 : Anonymous2021/08/18 18:41 ID: h9fszkv

I’m assuming LS5 enhanced version is only free during this trial? And then you have to pay for it?

Or it’s completely free for PS5 users?

11 : Anonymous2021/08/18 19:14 ID: h9fxdic

If this game was remotely challenging and the combat reworked it would easily be my favourite MMO

12 : Anonymous2021/08/18 19:25 ID: h9fytsf

I purchased this game 2 years ago on a sale. Played it like... 30 minutes and dumped it for good. Is it too late to start over? how is ESO on new players?

13 : Anonymous2021/08/18 20:02 ID: h9g3s2d

How can I download the PS5 version? It shows only the PS4 Tamriel Unlimited Version as free. Ps5 Version is „not available“

ID: h9gu84x

Go onto the game page where you see the option to download it, and then to the three dot menu just to the right and you should find all of the other versions available.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/18 20:02 ID: h9g3txw

The game has no crosssave right?

15 : Anonymous2021/08/18 12:51 ID: h9ejm81

Thanks I'll check it out.


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