Genshin Impact Version 2.1: Join the Hunt With Aloy in the World of Teyvat

1 : Anonymous2021/08/20 14:31 ID: p86e22
Genshin Impact Version 2.1: Join the Hunt With Aloy in the World of Teyvat
2 : Anonymous2021/08/20 19:16 ID: h9p5xpl

Out of curiosity does anyone know how these crossovers happen? Is Guerrilla offering their character or do the other games approach Guerrilla asking to use Aloy in their game?

ID: h9p8p76

It's usually part of a broader marketing deal. If I had to guess, I'd say in this case Sony probably approached miHoYo because they saw what a massive cashflow Genshin Impact was generating and they wanted to encourage more of it flowing through PlayStation (since Sony takes a royalty of all in-app purchases on that platform). The character is just a hook for advertising campaigns. Heck, she's a walking advertisement, herself. The idea is to create the impression that "PlayStation is the best place to play Genshin Impact" (like, I'll bet that's in their marketing docs, verbatim) in exchange for Sony supporting and promoting the game. I'll bet cross-save support was part of the deal in the interest of bringing players from other platforms. It's all about "I have, you have; I want, you want" and striking a mutually beneficial agreement.

ID: h9pzvq0

It kinda have worked. Since cross save was introduced, multiple friends (including me) switched to playing on ps4.

We all had a pc, the game could run at 60 fps on max settings but the simplicity of booting up the ps4 and just start playing is astonishing.

For more serious challenges (like the abyss) we still play from pc, but all the other times ps4 is the way to go

ID: h9si3l4

If I may add, it could also be a quid pro quo deal. Remember Mihoyo had to get PS for their playerbase. This is the return favor.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/20 16:18 ID: h9ofq0d

Is ashly burch doing aloy voice for this for the English version?

ID: h9ohkwv

seems so

ID: h9s78br

What makes it seems so to you?

ID: h9q5bop

No. It’s a different person unfortunately

4 : Anonymous2021/08/20 15:58 ID: h9ocnjp

Not gonna lie. The free Aloy had gotten my attention. I had never intended to play this game but after they had announced this, I started playing it and it hooked me. Excited to get my first 5 star character on Sep 1st!

ID: h9oe1a5

How long does it take to reach level 20?

ID: h9oe99i

Not long.

ID: h9of8gj

A couple of days or so.

ID: h9qe9jc

Less than a week

ID: h9ofhnz

Could be done in a couple days, normally.

ID: h9ojgxi

For how dry 2021 is , this game keeps me busy , for a good cause

ID: h9qdizv

Had the same exact position. Game is really good and addictive.

ID: h9t71s2

Until you hot the wall of constant artifact grind. Let's just say I've played this game for a year and I don't have a single article fact that could be considered good.

ID: h9oje5g

Genshin impact is so good its unbelievable that its free to play. The story, production value (design, story, music, combat is all AAA). Anyone complaining about the gacha mechanics hasn't played it, you can play and enjoy the whole thing without spending a cent. The gacha is really only for hardcore fans, collectors and people that want to dash through the Abyss (the "endgame" which just give a few rewards for a dps check)

ID: h9op6x2

I mean casual people can definitely complain about gacha, and specifically the grind that comes from later levels. One of the reasons I stopped is because the grind got ridiculous compared to how fast the game increases difficulty.

ID: h9owbz1

Anyone complaining about the gacha mechanics hasn't played it


ID: h9oo4zb

I really couldn't put more than 10 hours into it, it just seemed like a shittier version of an MMO without anyone to play with.

ID: h9osna1

I disagree. The game feels incomplete. I played through whatever story they had several months back, and it ended super abruptly.

There are tons of characters but no gameplay narrative arc to tie them together.

It’s almost like someone took an amazing single player RPG (which would’ve also been fun to play through with friends), awkwardly chopped it up and filled it with grind/gambling nonsense.

I spent like $30 on random stuff to see if paying for content would make the gaming experience more whole, and it didn’t.

ID: h9p0uzb

Came here to say this. Have some karma

ID: h9p68rs

Yup that's exactly what got me to play the game!

ID: h9p6a8p

Yup that's exactly what got me to play the game!

5 : Anonymous2021/08/21 08:03 ID: h9rm6mt

We finally get to see Aloy in 60 FPS on a PS5!!

ID: h9solbg

She's 120fps in Fortnite on PS5.

Inb4 "yeah but you have to play Fortnite.."

6 : Anonymous2021/08/20 16:39 ID: h9oisda

If you have Prime, their gaming portal is giving away a free Genshin pack every month for a while.

ID: h9x8fh8

Is it a ps store code it gives or does it ask you to link shit?

ID: h9x9qhr

A code u enter in game

7 : Anonymous2021/08/21 06:37 ID: h9rfx3c

Aloy looks so Kawaii in this game.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/20 20:43 ID: h9pio6a

The legend of Waifu: breath of the weeb

9 : Anonymous2021/08/20 16:32 ID: h9ohsk5

J-join the hunt?

This line makes me want to defeat an enslaved and suffering false disabled old man with a scythe

ID: h9pu451

Victorian plin plin plon

10 : Anonymous2021/08/20 21:14 ID: h9pn2xg

There are some really arrogant people commenting in that article. I think she looks super cute and all kinds of adorbz and I’ll be definitely playing with her.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/20 14:35 ID: h9o0fx9

Damn i need to get to lvl 20

Any1? kno if genshin is coming to xbox

ID: h9p0cxj

Any1? kno if genshin is coming to xbox

Four maybe five years the usual timeline for when games make it to Xbox after the fact

ID: h9o94n9

If you haven't played before there's a ton of story now so you'll easily get 20.

ID: h9o9re1

Oh i have lol. I love the game im surprised by how good it is and its free to play. Not only that i can play on my phone with the same account. Should i buy primograms? 980+ 980 free

ID: h9o2mb5

Unfortunately, we haven't gotten any word or an official announcement for a xbox release.

ID: h9o8eeg

I really doubt we’ll be getting an Xbox release any time soon.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/21 13:55 ID: h9sf2q3

Thanks for reminding me to filter out this shitty game.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/20 16:19 ID: h9ofrza

Oh shit shit shit why

ID: h9ohvh8


14 : Anonymous2021/08/21 15:32 ID: h9srba2

Genshin is a scam gacha game with no gameplay. Weeb bait bullshit. It's not successful.

ID: h9wcqlm

Nah its pretty fun and full of people.

ID: h9ykt8i

Has lots of gameplay, not just weeb bait bs, very successful. All your points were the opposite of truth lol

ID: h9ykx1x

Has lots of gameplay, not just weeb bait bs, very successful. All your points were the opposite of truth lol


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