Get FSR On Any Game [Lossless Scaling]

1 : Anonymous2021/08/21 19:52 ID: p8y2i8
Get FSR On Any Game [Lossless Scaling]
2 : Anonymous2021/08/21 19:52 ID: h9tpr0i

For those of you familiar with Magpie you're probably aware that some games are unplayable with it due to bad stuttering issues or input delay and then other games that do work require process laso and riva in order to make it playable, so two other additional programs.

This program doesn't require anything else and works on every game I tested, even games that were incompatible with Magpie and also it keeps the window in the fake fullscreen mode much better & consistently so it is worth another try.

For those unfamiliar that you could inject FSR into any game, well here you go, have fun.

Edit: Two videos are coming out where I will test Magpie and Lossless Scaling side by side to see which one has a greater performance advantage and which one looks better (assuming its not identical) then another video using them in every game I own to see which one works on more games or perhaps it will depend on the game and you will need to alternate between them

ID: h9tr4mq

Interesting. How goodl is the image quality?

ID: h9ttwcl

I do not know how LS does it but Magpie does it like this in Cyberpunk 2077. 1440p vs 1080p upscaled to 1440p. Hope it helps!

ID: h9ttnbg

I am familiar with Magpie but haven't had any of said issues. Also, as reported in LS's Steam Discussion page, others also have issues with it regarding fps and needing other programs.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/21 22:21 ID: h9u8w9u

Hopefully better than Magpie. Even with zero sharpening it looks like high frequency crap. FSR needs better representation.

ID: h9u9tmq

Hopefully better than Magpie. Even with zero sharpening it looks like high frequency crap. FSR needs better representation.

You can adjust sharpeness in this application and it looks great. I was using it with Minecraft Java shaders, upscaled it from 720p and 540p to 1440p to improve performance. Since textures in the game are 16x16 it the resolution wasn't that bad and the shaders didn't look blurry.

ID: h9up6wt

legit FSR doesnt do it at the end of the render pipeline like all these other "FSR variants". Thats what happends with opensource tho.

ID: h9uv1nk

I legit want to scratch my eyes out trying FSR through magpie. It looks like film grain overload. The Lanczos version magpie uses is nice though, especially if you have cpu power to spare.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/22 01:20 ID: h9uupd1

So... it doesnt boost your frames at any given resolution/ graphics quality...

You use it to enjoy the frames you would get at 1080 in 1440 instead... is that a correct conclusion

ID: h9wkcj9

Depends if you are talking about the input or output resolution. Just like with DLSS.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/22 11:41 ID: h9wdol2

Here's my experience with the bought version of the app:

My monitor is native 4K and I'm using a 6800XT with the following settings:

1.3 scaling (FSR ultra), 0.3 sharpness (0.5 is way too grainy) and always "force resize ON", unless the game misbehaves.

Elder scrolls online: It works as expected. I went from 108 FPS to 137 FPS in Grathwood. I noticed a visual loss, but it still looks pretty nice. Personally, I'm gonna leave at native 4K because I don't need the extra performance. It could help people with lower end cards. Result: Pass.

Far cry new dawn: This is where it starts to go bad. I lost performance using FSR, from 117 FPS 4K to 97 FPS. I retested several times. I didn't feel any visual difference besides the yellow square around the screen (when it was ON) and the performance loss. Lossless scaling was showing the game using the lower resolution, so I dunno what happened... Result: Failed.

Cyberpunk 2077: I'm using the GOG version of it. This one was weird too. Since I can't get a FPS counter on it (besides radeon settings), it showed me 63 FPS at native 4K and locked 144 FPS with FSR on. But here's the thing, it didn't feel that smooth, at all. It felt a bit like using Vsync on CS:GO, it wasn't stuttery per say, just "sluggish" to move the camera. I know it was ON because, once again, the yellow square around the game showed me it was ON. . It felt less smooth than the 63 FPS I had. Result: Failed

Elite Dangerous Odyssey: This game has native FSR support, for fun I tried it anyway. I was inside a station in FPS mode, since it's insanely GPU bound. Native 4K = 46 FPS. When I enable FSR from lossless scaling, the FPS doesn't move and there's no square around the game. I go to the app and it shows "Elite dangerous doesn't support resolutions below 2953x1661, tried 2954x1661 instead" (wut?) Tried fullscreen mode instead of borderless and it now worked, but I got negative performance out of it, straight to 42 FPS. I noticed a visual difference too, but nothing crazy.

I used the native FSR ultra from the game and I got 63 FPS and the game still looked great, but with more jaggies (as expected, thanks to the shitty AA the game has) Result: Failed.

ID: h9whxd6

My results are the same. Some games I lose performance others I gain.

This is the same with magpie where some games Magpie is superior in performance then vice versa. So just download both and try both on each game you need the FPS on and see which one works and if both do without performance loss then pick the one that looks better.

ID: h9yf81f

The Cyberpunk sluggishness might be due to it being in windowed mode and freesync working differently. My monitor Hz didn't match the fps in the game. And afterburner display was screwed up.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/21 21:54 ID: h9u5hzx

Magpie works flawlessly with all the games I've tried on my 6900xt..and it's free.

ID: h9u7lou

The only game I've not managed to get magpie to work with is GTV5 story mode

ID: h9u946x

Magpie works flawlessly with all the games I've tried on my 6900xt..and it's free.

It didn't work for me in COD Warzone but lossless scaling did. Also lossless scaling stays in fullscreen mode more often, its harder to interrupt.

And you have more control over it such as the sharpening (you can change sharpening of magpie by going into files I found) so to each their own, I don't like how steam is required to be running to use this app so they both have their own perks I suppose.

ID: h9wlekz

Does freesync run when you use FSR with LS?

7 : Anonymous2021/08/22 00:55 ID: h9urnpn

Is reshade working on implementing FSR?

8 : Anonymous2021/08/22 04:46 ID: h9vifho

can I use it with CEMU ?

9 : Anonymous2021/08/22 05:36 ID: h9vmzzx

Magpie is free, but I'm curious if one looks better than the other, or if the performance hit is less.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/22 05:53 ID: h9voi0z

What the heck does lossless scaling even mean?

ID: h9vqnp5

it used to do integer scaling only, which is "lossless" when upscaling.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/22 05:56 ID: h9vooon

anyone try warzone?

ID: h9vzfcv

anyone try warzone?

Yes I did. I even say that magpie did not work for me in warzone which is why I looked for an alternative and this one did.

Because warzone is so blurry the additional sharpening made the game look better than native to me (1080p to 1440p) it was a good result.

Magpie added a lot of input lag for me on it.

ID: h9w2ndf

noted, thanks

ID: h9vxw92

you didn’t you watch did you

ID: h9w2eac

No, I was about to restart my computer and ask the question first

12 : Anonymous2021/08/22 06:35 ID: h9vrxwd

I've tried it on two games but I'm getting black borders...

ID: h9vyley

Mess with the scaling value, that's what it for. I explained in the vid.

You can also try leaving it at 1 then clicking the resize button

ID: h9w1zh5

I solved it by buying the full version. The video is misleading as it says it should work in the demo version too.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/22 15:16 ID: h9x1eyx

ayyy you took my suggestion from YT, thx bruv

ID: h9ypodj

ayyy you took my suggestion from YT, thx bruv

Yw but what was your suggestion?

14 : Anonymous2021/08/22 06:45 ID: h9vsoey

Does it improve performance? If not, it's useless.

ID: h9vzkxl

Yes, as long as your resolution scale isn't 99% in which case the small overhead FSR has will be greater than that 1% decrease in resolution which I shouldn't have to explain but I am just incase.

But yeah I got extra FPS

15 : Anonymous2021/08/22 04:19 ID: h9vfo6j

How many times are you going to post about Magpie? Seriously..

Stop shilling your "Lossless Scaling" program.

ID: h9viui4

Magpie and Lossless Scaling are different programs

ID: h9voh5f


ID: h9vz9bf

How many times are you going to post about Magpie? Seriously..

Stop shilling your "Lossless Scaling" program.

I made one post on magpie, then one post on lossless scaling.

Why? Because their different programs and people have an interest in injected FSR. I do not own lossless scaling, I make no money from sales in fact I only recommend buying it if magpie doesn't work with your game

16 : Anonymous2021/08/21 20:27 ID: h9tu9q4

So only steam games work with Losless Scaling..?

ID: h9tv42l

No. You can use it in any game. Just press the hotkey when the desired game is active

ID: h9u9acp

only steam games work with Losless Scaling..?

You have to buy it on steam, but it works on non steam games, any window will work.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/21 23:44 ID: h9uj1lz

Does it work with Linux?

ID: h9v9l4q

There is Proton Glorious Eggroll

ID: h9v9soz

I know, but that version did not start Path of Exile. Guess I'll have to wait for Valve to update their Proton version.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/22 03:37 ID: h9vb2go

Did'nt work for me on watchdogs legion.. (I just got black bars) Its the only game where i'd need something like this.


ID: h9vz2nm

Did'nt work for me on watchdogs legion.. (I just got black bars


It does that for everyone if you don't set the correct scale value for your game. First thing I recommend is clicking force resize and if that doesnt remove black bars then increase the scale until it does.

I figured people would of heard me talk about it in the vid or read the read me file the dev put for a guide.

However I will create a dedicated video for how to use these in the future

ID: h9wcm2v

Nevermind.. Im running the demo version and the dev just said its not supported in the demo.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/22 05:28 ID: h9vm9hq

It seems they did some serious improvements to their program, I tried FSR when it first came out to Lossless Scaling and not only it looked horrible, it also didn't work in half of the games I tried. Magpie was a lot better, but now Lossless Scaling may be a better way to use FSR. Having the sharpening setting integrated into the GUI is quite handy, and it seems to be working with the games that wouldn't work before. I'm yet to see which one works better though.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/22 22:16 ID: h9yn11o

I don't have much games to test right now, just...

Elite Dangerous : negative performance gain. 1440p in space station 50fps // 1080p scaling 1.33 FSR 30fps =(

This is on a RX580 8GB.

ID: h9yrria

I don't have much games to test right now, just...

Elite Dangerous : negative performance gain. 1440p in space station 50fps // 1080p scaling 1.33 FSR 30fps =(

This is on a RX580 8GB.

This is true for me too, some games lose performance some gain. It sucks, I hope it can get more consistent

22 : Anonymous2021/08/22 23:53 ID: h9yz6oo

Could you explain to me how I configure it in the program and how in the game? What resolution do I use in the game? I have tried to use it in Cyberpunk but it does nothing, I put mofo window and 1080 in the game, I give the program but it does not increase the FPS, I want to try it with Raytracing

23 : Anonymous2021/08/22 14:22 ID: h9wucpw


There is a reason this is 5 dollars. If this were equivalent to FSR, this would be 100 bucks easy. This isn't the same as FSR. You can't even compare the two technologies. Lossless scaling allows you to scale lower resolutions onto higher displays w/o blur. And while this is a much needed technology, it DOES NOT promise to create 4k like images the same way AMDs FSR does. Super resolution is a frame rate amplifier, but is a spatial upscaler. All this is doing is allowing you to amplify frames by running the game at lower resolutions and making it "not blurry".

Do some research.

This is what the ad says on the lossless store page:

"Lossless Scaling scales any windowed game to fullscreen correctly without blur.When you run the game fullscreen at a resolution less than the native display resolution, the graphics driver uses bilinear interpolation of the image resulting in blurring and loss of quality.Lossless Scaling makes a game window borderless and scales it to fullscreen using integer multipliers. The output image maintains its original clarity and integrity. Additionally you can enable fullscreen anti-aliasing in the app even if the game has no such option.Useful for scaling many old games that do not support modern screen resolutions or fullscreen mode, pixel art games, modern games, if you cannot run them at your native resolution and want to get rid of blur."

Thus you aren't actually getting FSR anywhere. Nowhere does this say it will scale the game to higher than normal resolutions and it will look great.

Now it may have an AMD FSR feature, but that only means the lossless scaling uses FSR to do so. Not that you can run a 4k like image at lower resolutions.

24 : Anonymous2021/08/22 14:37 ID: h9wwasz


There is a reason this is 5 dollars. If this were equivalent to FSR, this would be 100 bucks easy.

This isn't the same as FSR. You can't even compare the two technologies.

This is FSR it includes many scaling options and FSR is one of them. I tested it in an FSR game and it looks identical minus the hud had to be upscaled as well since it wasnt the native implementation. The original goal of lossless scaling was to just scale without blur, but they recently added FSR as an option to it. Do some reading, there's even a free program called magpie that does FSR for free so idk why you think they would charge $100. Use it for yourself and see

25 : Anonymous2021/08/22 14:52 ID: h9wy845

Magpie doesnt state anywhere that its offering AMD FSR in any game. It only uses FSR to do its own upscaling. Its not even in the same ball park as what AMD offers. You're confusing the upscaling magpie offers with amds FSR. I suggest you look that up and compare it more closely.

"The program presets a variety of zoom modes, if they do not meet your needs, please customize the zoom .Lanczos: Common traditional interpolation algorithm, good at preserving sharp edges.RAVU: See About RAVU . This preset uses a zoom variant.FSRCNNX: A variant of FSRCNN. Excellent performance in various occasions.ACNet: A port of ACNetGLSL . Suitable for animation-style image and video enlargement.Anime4K: An open source high-quality real-time animation scaling/noise reduction algorithm.FSR: Suitable for 3D games.Pixels: Enlarge each pixel by an integer multiple to preserve the visual effect of the original image. Two magnifications of 2x and 3x are preset."

FSR is a zoom mode. Thats it.

Even this: "Magpie isn't designed to offer great performance improvements. It is primarily a tool to upscale any window to native resolution and comes in handy when running the app in full-screen results in a blurred image. Lossless Scaling (which has now added FSR support as well) and IntegerScaler are some of Magpie's alternatives, but the developer claims Magpie is much more powerful and it's technique of covering the screen with a full-screen window does not restrict the scaling algorithm. "

26 : Anonymous2021/08/22 14:44 ID: h9wx7m5

NO ITS NOT. FSR is a spatial upscaler. This is not a spatial upscaler. You have no idea what you're talking about.

FSR is added, but its not added to upscale an image so that you can run at a lower resolution and get 4k similarity.

FSR programs dont do it for free. You literally haven't a clue here.

Here is the update that includes the "FSR" feature from Lossless's own store page.

"- Added AMD FSR 1.0 scaling type;- LS is now run with administrator privileges by default to set the GPU scheduling priority;Notes:AMD FSR 1.0 is a GPU demanding type of scaling compared to integer scaling, but produces a higher quality image. Depending on your GPU and target resolution, it can consume significant resources. But in most cases it is advisable to use it for modern 3D games.For the best result, AMD FSR requires the input image to be well antialiased as well as be noise-free (turn off various post-effects that create noise). It's designed to be used in [1.0-2.0] scaling factor range, the less number you select the better quality you get. AMDs quality presets for native implementations are:1.3x - Ultra Quality1.5x - Quality1.7x - Balanced2.0x - Performance"

NOTE how FSR is only used to scale the image UP. Thats it. Its not generically used as FSR in the native game.

He even says "Please do not compare this with a native game implementation, because the LS post-scaling method may have performance and quality disadvantages."


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