Little Nightmares II – 4K Enhanced Edition | PS5, PS4

1 : Anonymous2021/08/25 14:01 ID: pbbu2y
Little Nightmares II - 4K Enhanced Edition | PS5, PS4
2 : Anonymous2021/08/25 14:23 ID: haanq4n

I loved the first one. Still can't get the speed run trophy though!

Will definitely be picking this one up soon.

ID: hab53qb

Speed run trophies are the absolute worst. It always gives me a bunch of needless stress when I do try for them and I find them pointless as a trophy because if you actually are a speed runner then you aren't gonna give a shit about a trophy.

ID: hab8v7c

I think speedrun achievements are awesome and a great idea for a challenge. And why would a person who can beat a game super fast not want a trophy for it?

I think so many people just expect all trophies/achievements to be a mild grind at best. I love when a game has a challenge that not everyone is gonna get.

ID: habej5m

Trophies are pointless period. If a game has a very hard trophy, that doesn't mean it is a bad trophy, it means you should stop caring about it.

ID: habd46x

I can agree that they are stress inducing, but I like the challenge.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/25 15:47 ID: hab01gn

Getting goosebumps hearing the OST.

This is one of my favorite franchises.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:13 ID: hab3sin

Is this game spooky? Or is it like sackboy?

ID: hab77ms

It's spooky and grotesque.

ID: haba0wh

Don’t listen to him. It’s just like Sackboy. He even makes an appearance.

ID: hac14cg


5 : Anonymous2021/08/25 14:24 ID: haanx20

Hmm I didn’t hear anything about dual sense support…it would be great if it did have it.

ID: habgmx7

Ok I’ve tried a bit of the first chapter and it seems there is dualsense support. The haptics are pretty nice but subtle. It’s not as prominent as Returnal or Astro bot though. Aside from that resolution mode looks great, especially the lighting and textures.

The 3D audio really sells it as well. I’m definitely going to have another play through and hopefully some time later they add some DLC.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:38 ID: hab7kch

I think I'll platinum it again!

ID: hacfqug

Does it even count as a different game? How many ps5 games get a different trophy set from their ps4 version? I remember vita/ps3/ps4 cross play games would share their trophy sets

ID: hacmw6e

On PS5 for some weird reason the trophy list is never ever the same. One reason I can think of is that annoyingly they changed the size of the game icon in the trophy list on PS5 so in that sense they are incompatible.

Honestly I think that method of sharing trophy lists is better but on the flip side I can't resist the chance to get another free platinum trophy on a game that is short and fun enough to replay

7 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:59 ID: habasep

Finally! I bought this at release to support the devs, and because I loved the first one. But I've been holding off to play it untill the ps5 update released.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/25 15:25 ID: haawpd8

im pooping my pants with this game... imagine now with 4k,raytracing and 3d audio

9 : Anonymous2021/08/25 17:58 ID: habjl63

I loved Inside and (the other one), but couldn’t get into LN1. The aesthetic is great though, is this worth trying if I didn’t love LN1?

ID: habo4uk

No. It's pretty similar gameplay. I personally enjoyed both, LN2 was a bit better for me. Inside was superb, Limbo was also great and they got me into searching for more similar games and landed me with LN collection:)

10 : Anonymous2021/08/25 14:08 ID: haalpuf

Very nice update. Might have to buy this very soon. Nothing about frame rate though. Hope there’s a 60 fps option. I don’t own the original game so I don’t know if something like that already exists.

ID: haam0fh

Yes it mentions 2 options on the blog. There’s is a 30fps native 4K with ray tracing and a 60fps dynamic 4K with ray tracing also.

ID: haamotc

Awesome! Thanks for the info.

ID: hab73kz

Cool! I just bought this game for like $20 on sale, so if the update is available for another 10/20 I may as well go for it.

ID: hab841x

It has a style similar to claymation, so I'm wondering if 60fps would ruin that feel in the same way that it gives movies the "soap opera" effect.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/25 17:05 ID: habbnqg

I hope the PS5 version gets a physical release

ID: hac30ab

The physical release of the PS4 version should cover you since it comes with the free upgrade

12 : Anonymous2021/08/25 17:34 ID: habg0dl

This game was awesome. The first one was great. If you’re a fan, it’s very similar to Limbo and Inside… both also amazing.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/25 15:20 ID: haavxpx

Damn no save transfer

14 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:23 ID: hab5cfn

Is there a way to upgrade from the PS4 edition?

ID: hab738y

Download from the store

15 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:33 ID: hab6v0m

Got the first game on sale but didn't finish it. I liked the atmosphere but I found it quite frustrating and unenjoyable to just get stuck every couple minutes figuring out what the game wants me to do in each section.

I assume the second game is more of the same?

ID: habgeev


16 : Anonymous2021/08/25 14:17 ID: haamvgh

For free? Not for 10$? Sony - watch and learn

ID: haas6ib

I mean comparing this upgrade to Ghost of Tsushima isn't on the same level, also they've had lots of free upgrades to 60fps for games

ID: haazpmi

Literally had a free 60fps update in Ghost of Tsushima aswell haha.

ID: haaswa5

You have to be a special kind of idiot to complain about the GOT upgrade lol

ID: hab8vmk

Go ahead you fanboys and downvote me that's fine. I love Sony games, maybe more then you guys, but the way Sony handled the upgrade path is very bad consumer wise and that's our duty as loyal customers to criticize it.

ID: habir7a

Yeah just because they're in a PS5 sub they can't criticize it it's ridículous.

I find it absolutely idiotic the way they remake or remaster games from literally 2-3 years ago like Spider Man and then have you pay 20€ for it.

I find it ridiculous that GoT already got a PS5 update and now has even another one except this time it's 10 extra euros or dollars. Ridiculous practice.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/25 14:25 ID: haao29d

Can't even find the second game in the PSN store right now for some reason

ID: haaor4s

September ps+ confirmed

I wish

ID: haarpgy

Just scroll down and they have it for $29.99 or $39.99 for the Deluxe version

ID: haap7af

I couldn't find it either but if search for Little Nightmares 2 and click on the demo and then you can select which version you want, Standard Edition or Deluxe.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/25 15:31 ID: haaxja1

Finallyyyyy I've been waiting since the 30FPS demo came out!

19 : Anonymous2021/08/25 15:55 ID: hab13yw

Looks awesome. Never heard of it but just bought the first one for $5

20 : Anonymous2021/08/25 15:57 ID: hab1fg0

Finally <3

21 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:47 ID: hab8ys3

I'm about half way through and stopped playing waiting for the update. Nice.

22 : Anonymous2021/08/25 17:40 ID: habgxss

Yay finally the ps5 upgrade is released

24 : Anonymous2021/08/25 18:33 ID: habotus

Is this a Playstation exclusive?

25 : Anonymous2021/08/25 19:27 ID: habwwhx

Need to play this yesterday! Wonder if it'll hit PS+...

26 : Anonymous2021/08/25 19:52 ID: hac0ory

I own a disc copy for PS4, can't seem to find the free upgrade to PS5 even after i insert the disc ....


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