Amazon treasure truck today has PS5s for those still looking!

1 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:04 ID: pbeb01
Amazon treasure truck today has PS5s for those still looking!
2 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:19 ID: hab4si1

What's a treasure truck? Don't think we have that in Canada

ID: hab5nxp

Amazon park trucks in specific locations in major cities loaded with 1 or 2 specific items only. You would order on the app and go pick them up from the parked truck.

Very clever marketing in London catering to office workers with trucks parked outside busy commuter train stations.

ID: hab5xjb

Since Covid they haven't been doing the trucks (at least in the US) it's basically a daily deal at this point.

ID: hab8rxk

Ahh interesting thanks for the clarification. Is this remote or AI controlled like those Amazon stores in the US? Or are there actual staff, seems like there could be alot of problems, especially with in item like this.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:33 ID: hab6v21

Glad I was able to help a few people get a PS5!

4 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:09 ID: hab3b11

got one!

ID: hab3gje


5 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:29 ID: hab67sm

Got a PS5 even though I was looking for an Xbox lol. Guess it's time to switch back. Last time I had a playstation was my PS1 and PS2 from when I was a little kid!!!

ID: habbf7e

You’re in for a treat! I picked one up earlier after not playing any games since ps3. Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart hit my ps2 nostalgia just right and GoT is a beautiful and super fun game, I def recommend those!

ID: habdias

Any two player games. I'd love to play some games with my gf?

ID: habeuvy

I also made the jump from XBox One to PS5. I'm liking a lot of the games and the PS5 is fun, but despite buying the PS5 for Christmas last year I'm still struggling to get used to the controller and go back to my XBox One for cross-platform games like Rocket League. However, for games I haven't played before like the Spider Man games, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, etc. it's amazing.

ID: habhql9

Does the controller just feel small? I have a PC and Xbox One as well.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:29 ID: hab69il

showed as sold out 3 min after i got the text :(. glad to see a decent amount of people got one

7 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:10 ID: hab3e44

I was able to grab one

ID: hab3i04


8 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:18 ID: hab4ifi

Sold out in less than 10 minutes. 🙁

9 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:35 ID: hac77gf

I managed to get one! Mind totally blown! I was holding my phone in my hand when the SMS came in. My son is going to be elated when he opens this bad boy on Christmas

10 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:38 ID: hab7mty

So at what point in time do PS5s start to sit around for longer than one minute?

There’s not an infinite demand. It’s crazy I’m still the only person I know who was lucky enough to get one.

ID: hab8nq3

There have been 8.6 million PS5 units sold world wide compared to 114.19 million PS4 units that where sold worldwide. So probably quite awhile

ID: hab9d1w

Ya good point. I just thought they’d be ramping up production more by now.

ID: habc58s

Yeah I don't understand it, unless bots and resellers are continuing to buy up stock. I still haven't even come close to getting one though not trying super hard and constantly refreshing. Just hoping I can pop into a walmart/target sometime and grab one soon.

ID: habfjhs

It's luck. I'd been trying whenever I could since last year (no bots) I finally got an order in today. Did the same thing, constant refreshing and somehow after dozens of F5 presses I made it to the order screen.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:08 ID: hab31ux


ID: hab3543

I tried to help sorry.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:11 ID: hab3l4s

Wow, that was fast. I just got the message (luckily I have one and I'm not greedy). Check a minute later and gone.

ID: hab3qw7

Yeah I already have one as well and immediately thought I should post this for those that don't.

ID: hab3vgh

I was coming to post too but you beat me and probably no point now. lol

ID: hab3y6h

Same here. I had the opportunity to pick up one, but I left it for someone else.

ID: habr83l

I clicked it as soon as I got the text message and it took three tries to purchase.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:27 ID: hab5v08

At this point I’m lovingly looking at that $800 priced one

ID: habccz7

If you're gonna spend $800, mind as well buy a Gamestop bundle.

ID: habhian

I haven’t seen those available for a while now though

14 : Anonymous2021/08/25 17:58 ID: habjkqu

Can't believe this shit is still hard to find.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:22 ID: hab57m5

...and gone moments after I got the text.

I'll get one. Someday. Maybe.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:23 ID: hab5e2b

treasue truck is dope. got a snes classic from it. its basicallly a amazon truck that parks in one area in your city. u buy a product, show up, and they look at your phone for proof. thats it. pick up and go.

ID: hab9qve

They stopped doing that since Covid, it’s basically just shipped to you like anything else now

ID: hababnm

yeah. makes sense. maybe they should re-brand for the time being

17 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:24 ID: hab5f5x

Oof, got text message at 12:04pm. Could not secure one.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:25 ID: hab5muy

Lol i was clicking for 10min

19 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:25 ID: hab5nmv

The amazon app is trash

20 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:30 ID: hab6ejb

So crazy. I got the text at 11:15. I was doing something and came back to my phone at like 11:19. Clicked the link…

Sold out lmao

21 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:32 ID: hab6mmu

I missed out ):

22 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:49 ID: hab96nm

I hate not having the money for one now. I had 500$ set aside for MONTHS before I tore a muscle in my leg. Now I’m trying to save every penny I can.

23 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:51 ID: hab9k3r

I had one in the cart, went to ask the Mrs. if a PS5 is in our future, then it vanished. Oh well, the wait continues.

At least now I can ask her for pre-authorization for a PS5 & XSX when I get another chance. I really can't believe we haven't had this important relationship discussion yet!

ID: habacia

It's also easier to ask forgiveness than permission lol

ID: habscjq

That's what I managed to do today. Buy now, mmake a plan of how I'm going to budget in the future. SHe middle named me, but said it was cool.

24 : Anonymous2021/08/25 18:47 ID: habqxvr

I scored one. I’m so excited

ID: habr1c7


26 : Anonymous2021/08/25 19:07 ID: habtxfg

What is cool about this treasure truck is that they are shipping them to home. No need for me to drive to a location! Sweet.

27 : Anonymous2021/08/25 19:07 ID: habtxz0

I got one, but I refuse to believe it until it's in my hands.

28 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:01 ID: hac24yc

I got this alert and clicked within 10 seconds. Sold out.

29 : Anonymous2021/08/25 17:32 ID: habfnjx



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