Norman Reedus thinks that Death Stranding 2 is happening

1 : Anonymous2021/08/28 21:48 ID: pdio5y
Norman Reedus thinks that Death Stranding 2 is happening
2 : Anonymous2021/08/28 22:11 ID: haqfuhr

"Speaking to journalists at a roundtable for The Walking Dead Season 11, Reedus said "I think we're doing a second Death Stranding," before noting Kojima and PlayStation are in negotiations over the sequel."

ID: har581g

Hell yea. It will definitely be a PS5 game by then. KP will have a better understanding of Decima so it should look even crazier. Had to be stressful for them to build the studio and create the game in just the few short years they had.

ID: har64gd

If you think about it, that was such an insane triumph. Not many studios could have pulled off that series of power moves.

ID: hasrfze

I love DS and hope so much that there’s more in that universe — sequel, prequel, a totally different story set elsewhere in the universe, Sam Porter Bridges booking up Europe to the internet, whatever they want.

Alanah Pearce did a podcast with SkillUp, Jake Baldino, and YongYea on the state of games right now, and they talk about the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding at 07:50. They make a fair point about how different it is to the original experience of Sam off on his own, really struggling to walk up even a small hill and the struggle of traversal, and now there’s gonna be loot catapults and race courses and launch ramps. They were wondering if this was all added to make it more accessible to the people that dismissed it as a “walking simulator” and if it would maybe bring more people in that wouldn’t have played it before.

And Jake Baldino makes the point I felt, about how he was experiencing “Gamer Dad” feelings about having to walk miles uphill in the snow and seeing someone else play it the first time with a literal jetpack and it being “too easy”, haha. Will be interesting to see how they space out when you get access to this equipment. But yeah, I loved DS and I found it to be very zen-like and meditative, and I even loved the hundred hours that I put into it while listening to music or a podcast or standup comedy, sort of looking for something to do with my hands and the lack or a music playe

in DS makes those endgame repeat trips very quiet compared to all the cutscenes and story beats you got earlier. When you’re just working on 5 starring locations, it’s a chill game to not need to devote all your attention to and enjoy other content at the same time (in no way am I saying that the game itself is boring though, I’m just a weirdo that played it for 200+ hours, and will absolutely by DS2).

ID: hasxo10

Oh my, 4 of my favourite gaming personas in one podcast? I’m so in like Flynn!

3 : Anonymous2021/08/28 21:56 ID: haqdxou

I would think so too. Made a profit, good reception, and it keeps Kojima on lock for Sony. DS is also getting the directors cut treatment, so I assume they wanna keep moving forward with the franchise.

ID: har3q2p

Game was amazing. One of my favourite games of 2020 (I was a bit late). I had no idea what it was going into it, and absolutely fell in love with it. Played for 125 hours or so, could have easily played for another 125...

ID: haronlo

That’s so good to hear. I haven’t played it yet due to not have a ps4 at the time and when it went to pc my pc was so bad that I dared not ruin the experience playing on a struggling system. Got a ps5 and now my patience has paid off. I’m looking forward to getting the directors cut.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/28 22:22 ID: haqh8bq

I don’t know how they could do a sequel, the first game wrapped up all plot threads pretty neatly.

But lmao, he’s gone so far as saying that the sequel is under negotiations, how did he just spill that out?

ID: haqr3qg

A second game doesn't really mean it needs to follow up the first. Could be a prequel, could be a different character story

ID: haqruq0

exactly, there's no need to follow up sam's story

ID: has4qg1

I wouldn't worry about Kojima being able to come up with a story lol

ID: hashhax

I would love for it to be a prequel. I think it would be so satisfying to witness the death stranding and be part of the early days.

ID: har1wcu

I would like to see a spiritual successor, like Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls, where they just take the original concept and mechanics and just expand and refine everything in a totally different world and story.

ID: har1tqi

maybe the missions on the directors cut are more relevant than we think they could be the base for the sequel?

ID: har3jlk

The first game perfectly sets up a new world with new problems. I’ve always said Kojima could basically make a hybrid Metal Gear Solid and Death stranding game for the sequel. There’s a huge power vacuum now that the BTs are gone. America will have to rebuild and private militaries and corporations will be fighting for power. (And there could still be supernatural stuff similar to the BTs but different maybe more like Metal Gear Solid supernatural). It could be like 18 years later and Sam is pulled back into working for Diehardman (he’d be called Old Sam of course) and Louise would be grown up. A mix of sneaking and delivery gameplay would be cool and it would please all of Kojima’s fans and be a middle finger to Konami.

ID: has3yde

Head to Europe.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/28 22:57 ID: haqlk67

God I hope so. I really like it. It was peaceful and relaxing but then it can flip to stressful and the story... I actually dug it a lot.

ID: haqv6js

Honestly it it simultaneously one of the most relaxing and most stressful games I’ve played at different times. I’ve never freaked out as much as I did when I accidentally killed somebody lmao

ID: haqz4xd

That’s how I described it to my friends. It’s the most chill game ever, until it’s not.

First time I got grabbed up and my packages went everywhere was so frantic. I ran to the bike to try and get out of there then they grabbed up the bike. Whole lot of “oh shit oh shit oh shit!”

ID: har6ab2

Those early encounters with the BTs were some of the best in my gaming career.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/28 22:15 ID: haqge6l

I’d much prefer a prequel to see how life was before the death stranding

ID: har3b3w

Seeing/being apart of the outbreak would be wild.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/28 23:36 ID: haqqc4j

Ah, the second strand type game.

ID: har2eg5

Stranded Deep!

8 : Anonymous2021/08/28 23:26 ID: haqp4e5

I thought the story had ended but there a lot more to dig on (Louise) BB when she grows up. Like maybe she triggers some other weird occurences or another weird beach somewhere.

I mean its kojima, he'll come up with something crazy as usual. Or maybe send Sam to connect europe or asia or something.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/28 22:29 ID: haqi32j

I liked DS but I'd rather have something new tbh.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/28 21:49 ID: haqd4ak

I wouldn’t say no but I don’t really see how there could be

ID: haqdcq7

More pod babies

11 : Anonymous2021/08/29 00:12 ID: haqulhb

I'd rather Kojima use his talents on another new ip personally.

ID: harh25l

I'd like to see a new stealth-action game called Iron Cog Rigid or something

12 : Anonymous2021/08/28 22:02 ID: haqeqge

I’m in the minority but I hope for less BTs and more delivering packages and rebuilding

ID: haqoz58

Mountainclimb/delivery gang rise up!

ID: haqmneh

Lol I’m with you. It’s a relaxing dopamine drip with that. The BTs are stressful.

ID: haqsbkv

Yeah BTs were just uninteresting and less fun to fight against as time went along.

ID: haqrbad

There should be a sort of peaceful mode that disables all enemy encounters or just BTs.

ID: har0xw6

More packages yes, special deliveries and conditions. I'd add more infiltration bits like what the dlc levels look like and have us also deliver more secret stuff on the down low and those kind of missions. (Using the regular delivery service as a front ) Less BTs , agreed.

Addd more mud physics and put winches on some of the cars, etc. Some inspiration from Mudrunner .

ID: har373r

Loved mudrunner then found out I couldn’t play online because of the strict nat type bs and got turned off super quick but I like your idea.

Edit: maybe it was snowrunner? Idk

ID: haqtbnm

Ehhh I think they are kinda integral to the gameplay tho. I definitely think they should expand on ememy types tho. Maybe BTs that move around and hunt you out instead of just kinda being there until you run too fast around them.

ID: haqsu3q

I’m with you. I hated the BTs, but loved the traveling. Also…the poop/urine bombs and toilet cutscenes were just absurd.

ID: haqgm6g

I pray devs dont see this comment. Lol

ID: haqti8j

Depends on how they approach it. If it will be anything like in the first game, yeah, fuck it, I better play UPS simulator, but they can make a very different game within the same universe and make a sequel more like Dead Space or MGS or whatever else. Who knows.

As long as these combat sections actually play well and don’t feel like a third wheel it might be interesting.

ID: har25xm

Or keep BTs but have there be a way to make them go away from an area (at least for a limited time). It’s so annoying having to repeat the BT areas a lot.

ID: has71km

I wouldn’t mind that. The fun for me was the traversal. Reaching the peak of a mountain in cold snow then making my way down. The views! Although I wish they’d make the game a bit sharper for the PS5

13 : Anonymous2021/08/28 21:53 ID: haqdmtd

I think that Norman got PAID and he would definitely work with Hideo or Deltoro again even if it's nothing to do with death stranding.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/29 01:46 ID: har5kj2

Honestly., there’s a lot you could do with a sequel. The first game is about connecting everyone and trying to get start on building back the country and building a community. I think a sequel about the actual building of the country and how it could go wrong in a dystopian sense would be amazing.

All these people have witnessed and experienced horrible things. Maybe when building back the country they go to horrible extremes and it could be a look at that. Meanwhile you would still have groups that think the new government isn’t doing enough and groups that think we shouldn’t be going as far. There’s a lot of room there. At least that’s how I would handle a sequel to a game like Death Stranding.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/29 00:38 ID: haqxlsb

That's excellent news, I think that there's a ton of opportunity to expand on the ideas already in place. The game had a ton of great gameplay ideas, beautiful environments, and a really cool sci fi concept.

The actual story with the president was a little groan worthy when it find got to the big reveals, but the stuff with Mads Mikkelson and Quiet was super neat.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/29 01:36 ID: har4de7

I hope so!

17 : Anonymous2021/08/29 02:18 ID: har9923

Norman Reedus and His Amazing Fetus 2: Electric Boogaloo

18 : Anonymous2021/08/29 03:53 ID: harjfyp

Also worth noting the Death Stranding NOVEL specifically calls it the "Novelization of the Death Stranding FRANCHISE". And just 1 game would not a franchise make.


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