Call of Duty Vanguard | PS4 – PS4 Pro – PS5 | Alpha Graphics Comparison & Framerate Test

1 : Anonymous2021/08/28 21:27 ID: pdic07
Call of Duty Vanguard | PS4 - PS4 Pro - PS5 | Alpha Graphics Comparison & Framerate Test
2 : Anonymous2021/08/28 21:54 ID: haqdoh3

Looks best on PS5 obviously, but not really next-gen.

This will be the case for a lot of cross-gen games, especially with third-party titles. I hope at least Sony can pull off some next-gen graphics with Horizon Forbidden West & God of War Ragnarok, since they “only” have to develop for 3 systems and not for frikin 8. Also, I hope that these really are the last cross-gen first-party games.

ID: haqni9j

Every CoD Campaigns has way better graphics than multiplayer.

ID: har7vbk

True. Cold War looked phenomenal. But still, I'm sure it will improve once they move on from last gen hardware.

ID: hasijgu

They're scaling back God of War so it runs on PS4. It'll looks great on the PS5 but not as great as it was going to.

ID: hau6lvf

Yup. Same thing will probably happen with Spider-man 2 and Gran Turismo unfortunately.

ID: hau9u8t

Frikin hell and I thought God of War 4 was looking amazing on PS5.

ID: hasl45b

Cross gen titles will remain a thing for a long time because of COVID making it harder for people to move to next gen. As long as there are shortages developers will continue to support last gen and they are already saying shortages will continue into next year.

ID: haqzxby

I hope at least Sony can pull off some next-gen graphics with Horizon Forbidden West & God of War Ragnarok,

Well don't expect much cos those games are cross-gen

ID: har9url

We’ve seen horizon… it looks next gen

ID: haqhljx

Idk, I feel it looks really good. I think every COD has been better then current gen, except for treyarch games, but even going back to WW2 it looks better then a lot rn. So I wasnt crazy impressed, but I think its definitely on the edge of “next gen”. Also they always have insane graphics in the single player and tone it down for multiplayer, so Im excited to see that.

ID: haqj9vc

Not really. The graphics are really similar to mw2019, which granted was one of last gens best looking games, however was an only last gen game

ID: haqkaq4

The campaign gameplay looked pretty legit though. The multiplayer will always be scalled back.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/29 00:21 ID: haqvmjk

The pop in is what annoys me, then fucking trees

ID: hauq3nf

No matter how great a game looks, popin destroys it all

4 : Anonymous2021/08/28 23:47 ID: haqro1p

Played it for a little while then deleted it. It was alright but im skipping cod this year.

ID: hasgla4

Yeah. Same here. MW 2019 alpha wished me to buy the game. But this year, the gameplay feels boring and I could care less about buying it. Played a couple of matches and didn’t touch it again

ID: harb533

Me too, I don't like the bloated look of the weapons it reminds me of MoH.

ID: harsdb8

I just cant get into another ww2 game

5 : Anonymous2021/08/29 12:01 ID: hasl3o8

PS5 looks dope…

6 : Anonymous2021/08/28 21:28 ID: haqadu4

Little recap:

- Remember: it is an Alpha and this data may vary in later versions or updates.

- All versions use reconstruction rendering to scale the resolution.

- Better textures, draw distance and anisotropic filtering on PS5.

- PS4 and PS4 Pro do not have dynamic shadows. Some static shadows have also been removed.

- PS5 has extra reflections on some specific materials, but it is not ray-traced.

- On PS5 there is a considerably better treatment of depth of field. On the other hand, PS4 Pro has problems with this setting.

- The framerate remains an acceptable way on all platforms and in both modes (on PS5). However, it is a mode with a fairly limited number of players and it is too early to draw conclusions, although I am confident of its stability in the final version.

ID: haqx2ub

Its not an alpha its a marketing demo. Alphas happen far earlier in development not 2 months before release

ID: haqjmje

I don’t really know any terms like dynamic shadows, so maybe you answered this and I didn’t get it, but aside from a lack of reflections, is there ray tracing (Illumination, shadows, etc…) on PS5? It looked great in BOCW.

ID: haqmoed

Not in multiplayer according to this test. It could be enabled in the story mode.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/29 00:23 ID: haqvvkt

i thought there was some tweet from a guy saying Vanguard on PS5 was the best looking cross-gen game to date but i guess, like most “insiders”, that was all bullshit

ID: harajja

It was Tom Henderson, he was talking about campaign footage. Dude was completely right about battlefield 2042 for months before launch and leaked many details about this game as well that were later confirmed.

Not bullshit, just better looking footage because it was both campaign and likely a new build

ID: hassnzr

The campaign footage looked incredible to be fair. MP is definitely average at best though.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/29 05:01 ID: harpzen

I played the Alpha to try out the promised 120hz mode on my new TV that supports it.. it’s smooth but I don’t think it’s steady.. and like others have said already the pop in and flickering is off putting

9 : Anonymous2021/08/28 22:20 ID: haqgztr

Yeah…could I just get another Modern Warfare on this engine please? Went back to play MW and it’s already almost nostalgic. I might download the high res pack and move CW to PS4 cross play on the ext for a while.

ID: har0ur9

Only if they fix the rampant and out of control cheating. literally caught a guy sniping me through a concrete building earlier today on his killcam. My body sight unseen.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/29 03:56 ID: harjrd9

Battlefield 2042 is gonna smoke this shit.

ID: hassr5z

Don’t really trust Dice to pull off the launch tbh. Will wait and see.

ID: has83nl

This is like the third battlefield that will "sMoKe ThIs ShIt" which is a cod game. But it didn't happen before and it won't this time as well. I'm also a battlefield fan.l btw but I think this cod is gonna be good, way better than cw at least

11 : Anonymous2021/08/29 06:22 ID: harwp4s

All this unicorn power not used properly: just adding an extra blurry pixelated shadow and keep the crappt chekcerboard res and dynamic too? What is the purpose of PS5 then? Where is the ray tracing? Even the half baked one from Cold War?

Even the trigger effects are so lame and the haptics. Damn B4D used the trigegr effects for eevry weapon in truly amazing way and every weapon felt different. Even Mobile Suit Gundam uses it better than this COD.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/29 10:27 ID: hasdvrr

Gave this a go. The aiming, recoil etc just felt different to other COD games and I just didn’t like it. Have decided to skip it altogether this year.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/28 22:37 ID: haqj3n7

Looks like crap

ID: harahdz

Agree, mw still looks way better.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/29 03:39 ID: hari0qi

This game looks and plays like poo. I have a PS5, OLED and played in 120Hz mode.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/28 21:49 ID: haqd2xm

I was actually impressed looks great on ps5 with a 4K TV you can definitely tell it’s a visual upgrade

16 : Anonymous2021/08/29 12:43 ID: hasp02v

Hardly any difference

17 : Anonymous2021/08/29 14:36 ID: hat2k2p

I just can't get into online shooters anymore. When I game I do it to unwind and relax as I don't have much time to play(new baby).

18 : Anonymous2021/08/28 21:33 ID: haqb1m7

Looks gorgeous on the PS5 on my OLED, very impressed by the newer COD engine

ID: haqlw98

… it is using the modern warfare engine.. nothing new about it.

ID: haqmc4t

So why did you feel the need to comment that?

ID: haqjpkt

What? Lol

19 : Anonymous2021/08/28 23:28 ID: haqpbaa

Looks and feels like Cold War

ID: haqt0fm

You clearly haven’t played it then

ID: haqt2a6

It looks and feels like MW, not CW.

ID: har5a0w

Yeah I’ve seen others say it feels like MW but I felt a lot more like BOCW to me also

20 : Anonymous2021/08/29 00:03 ID: haqtlb0

On a positive note I've been having a ton of fun with this alpha. Its a really fun mode and I've sunk around 5 hours into it. Gunplay feels solid thanks to the MW 2019 engine. Only wish the adaptive triggers were a bit better but this is only alpha so wait and see. Much better then how I found the Black Ops Cold War free trial.

22 : Anonymous2021/08/29 03:49 ID: harj05a

I love that channel, all they do is get to the point and do a fantastic comparison.

23 : Anonymous2021/08/29 12:34 ID: haso3lw

lol this game is ugly

24 : Anonymous2021/08/29 17:24 ID: hatqq73

I still have all those 3 consoles hooked up in different parts of the house. Tell me which version lets me funking see the enemies? I played the Alpha and I just shoot at the red name tag because I can even see the enemy player's avatar 90% of the time.

BTW, I only played 5 games. I won the 1st twice and was also in the finals. 120Hz advantage maybe?


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