Naughty By Nature – Naughty Dog Leadership Reflects On The Studio’s History

1 : Anonymous2021/08/28 16:02 ID: pdch9e
Naughty By Nature – Naughty Dog Leadership Reflects On The Studio's History
2 : Anonymous2021/08/28 17:50 ID: hapgy69

Lot of Naughty Dog post recently, hopefully this leads up to The Last of Us Day and the reveal of their multiplayer game.

ID: har0tmh

Idk if Sony will allow that to be a platform for huge announcements. Last year they hyped it up to no avail, but one can hope

ID: has7ap1

We won't see factions as ND don't like pleasing their hard-core fanbase

ID: hatyt64

This isn’t nintendo. They knocked it out of the park with their last game.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/28 16:20 ID: hap4b9p

This one got me excited for Uncharted in the future 😀

''You basically put a bow on the Uncharted series, but you still have that The Last of Us multiplayer project in the works. Do you want to continue to work on the IP you’ve established or do you have a desire to create new properties at this point?''

Evan Wells: ''I think the easy answer is: both. I think there’s excitement to develop new IP, but there is still a ton of love for Uncharted and The Last of Us, and I think you’ll see both kinds of projects from us in the future.''

ID: hap8xb8

there is still a ton of love for Uncharted and The Last of Us, and I think you’ll see both kinds of projects from us in the future.''

Hip hop Hooraaaay!!!!

ID: hau6w87

The "both" being referred to was new IPs and old elements though, not specifically Uncharted and TLOU stuff. At least that's how I interpreted it.

ID: hat0dq5

Can't wait for their inevitable new ip

ID: haqipan

People are misreading this. He means fans will see both new IPs and already established franchises. Doesn’t necessarily mean Uncharted specifically.

ID: haqjadl

He specifically mentioned Uncharted..

ID: hap5aih

This basically confirms the next gen uncharted spinoff by Naughty Dog rumour that was going around last year.

ID: hapqn1d

It doesn't confirm anything, all he said is in the future they will revisit existing IP and work on creating new IPs.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/28 18:21 ID: hapldcf

Need that Jak remake for 20th anniversary. Bluepoint or ND, I wouldn't care.

ID: happme8

I hope that Jak & Daxter fans from ND (Old video but you can see that there is love for Jak)

would make smaller team/mentor other studio how to make new J&D game.

ID: haqsjww

That was a great video, thanks for linking.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/28 17:01 ID: hap9ua5

I love uncharted series and last of us. Hope they make more. Playing through the uncharted collection free on the play at home, was amazing and showed the evolution of the studio. Can't wait to see more and I hope they can challenge themselves to makes some incredible again.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/29 13:48 ID: haswdso

“We also mo-capped dogs, and then there’s a sheep sequence in The Last of Us Part II, and that’s actually dogs acting like sheep.”

Dogs are stealing acting jobs from sheep!

ID: hatiggu

They should Ewenionise

ID: hatz0e0

Dey took our jerbs!!

7 : Anonymous2021/08/28 17:32 ID: hapecnr

Not going to happen. But I really wish their new IP released before another Uncharted. Geez

ID: hapod7e

I'm down with new I.P... yeah you know me .

ID: hapt6ox

I see what you did there!

ID: hapgr4n

Rumor has it they are now reworking TLOU1 for PS5 to make it compatible with the sequel (and they lost a lot of devs who don't want to do it).

ID: hapon2y

First part is correct; second isn't.

They are working on the TLOU remake. But they didn't lose devs. In fact, Naughty Dog has increased their headcount by 15% in the last 6 months. They now have almost 550 employees.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/29 00:42 ID: haqy4ln

Well they can also reflect on the crunch problem they has.

ID: harct3r

Their answer to the question about a union was very cringe. Like typical bosses they bring up edge cases and dishonestly assert that crunch culture is completely voluntary. Bunch of weasels.

ID: harf1yb

Crunch can be voluntary but the situation in ND definitely aren’t healthy.

ID: hati0qc

I think they do bring up a different case of crunch, though. I don't know if you've ever worked in a creative industry with creative workaholics, but I have. And in some cases it's not so much the boss saying "work more hours!" or "work harder!" but rather a bunch of people with a lot of crazy ideas who just never go home from work because they are too excited and have too many cool ideas and they can't stop themselves, and I think that may be the problem Naughty Dog has.

ID: hatzgx4

tHEir aNsWeR To tHe qUeStIoN AbOuT A UnioN WaS VerY cRiNge. lIkE tyPiCaL BoSsEs THeY brInG Up EDGE cASeS


And DiShOnEsTLY AsSert thaT CrUnCh cUlTuRe iS CoMpLeteLy vOlUnTARY.

lifts up glasses

BUNCh Of wEaSeLs.

ID: has4yqc

They do:

Naughty Dog has such a proven track record, but that hasn’t come without cost. Over the years, you’ve come under fire for studio crunch. Could you speak to your personal experience with crunch and how that’s affected the studio?

Evan Wells: I have definitely personally worked very hard over the years. I think some of that has helped me get to where I am in my career. As a studio, we’ve all worked hard together, and we are working very hard on every project to find the right balance, just like we do in all of our technical aspects of creating a game. We have post mortems and we look at how the animation went and we look at how the design went and we dig really deep into all the things that could have been better and the things we got right. We do the same thing with production. We look at how the whole game was created, and where we can make improvements and how we can strike the right balance between giving people the opportunity to – as I mentioned earlier – leave their mark on the industry and advance their craft in ways that have never been achieved, but also find space along that spectrum.

Neil Druckmann: We have so many talented people that are good at solving problems, whether they’re creative or technical. Let me go back to The Last of Us Part II; some pillars that were important to us were diversity, diversity in the people we hire and the characters that we have in our game as well as accessibility and how do we make our games more accessible. Likewise, we’re looking at quality of life for preventing burnout, to employ the brain power we have in our studio, and we started coming up with working groups to talk about the areas in the studio where we can improve. We worked a particular way when we’re 40 people, now we have to evolve as we keep growing.

Evan Wells: Something else that we’re really focused on is increasing the level of management at the studio. We have more directors and more leads, all with the end goal of giving the entire team more opportunities to provide feedback and check in on their well-being.

Neil Druckmann: Everybody has a different definition of what crunch means. And I guess for us, we think of it as, how do we look out for the well-being of our colleagues and everyone that works at Naughty Dog, which is some combination of how many hours you work and how much stress you’re feeling, whether that’s something that’s going on in the office or at home. We find that there is no one solution that fits everybody. Everybody has a unique situation we might need to address.

One of the things that the industry has talked about as a possible solution is unionization. Do you have thoughts on unionization?

Evan Wells: I haven’t put a lot of thought into that. I don’t know if that would be a solution for crunch. To Neil’s point about making sure that everybody is able to work as hard or as little as they want, we’ve got to create an environment that allows that. If we had some sort of restriction where when the clock strikes 40 hours the servers shut down and you can’t work anymore, that would frustrate people to no end. There are people who really want to put in that extra polish on their own volition, and they would feel handcuffed.

Neil Druckmann: We’ve tried stuff, like Evan is describing, in the past where we’ve said, “Okay, no working past this hour,” or, “It’s mandatory that no one can work on Sunday,” and they’re always a lot of corner cases of someone saying, “Well, I couldn’t work on Friday because I had to be with my kids. It’s actually more convenient for me to come in on Sunday.” When you try to have a silver bullet, like one solution, you’re always leaving someone behind. That’s why we feel like we need multiple solutions. We have to approach this from multiple angles.

ID: hat75xd

I see. Thanks for the quote. Appreciate it.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/28 22:03 ID: haqewjj


ID: hargbek

crunch these milky nuts you filthy farmhand

10 : Anonymous2021/08/28 23:42 ID: haqqyyk

I read Naughty by nature and eas completely disappointed.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/29 11:54 ID: haskggj

Rings of Power remake or GTFO.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/29 20:12 ID: hauegl0

Didn’t think this article gave that much of new insight into the company. I would instead recommend the interview in the AIAS podcast with Evan Wells!

13 : Anonymous2021/08/28 17:17 ID: hapc4ag

Couldn't care less about ND anymore since Schatz and Druckmann took creative control and forced out Amy Hennig and lots of others who didn't want to go along with their stupidity. It's not the same people anymore. And Sony didn't intervene! All my hope now lies with Bend Studio.

ID: hape1b7

I don't think they did force anyone out. There was a story from ign saying the editor was forced to say. They forced Amy out to get more clickes.

ID: hapf49z

They couldn't take it anymore. The leak happened out of protest. I have never seen anything like it from the games industry before.

ID: hapt2tm

I know exactly why you're bringing up Emilia Schatz in this, and it says a lot about you and exactly where you're coming from. Why are you bringing her up rather than Bruce Straley, who was far higher up on the hierarchy than she was at the time? I know, but will you actually admit it? Even now she's a lead game designer, which means that she's working on gameplay elements of various games. She's not writing or directing games.

And Mitch Dwyer, who wrote the story claiming that Amy was pushed out, has since come out and spoken about how IGN's leadership forced them to put that in the story for clicks. There was no proof of it ever happening. What's more is that Mitch didn't want his name to be part of the story because it'd been turned into gossip, but that leadership wouldn't allow him to remove his name from it

Not that this is going to matter to you since based on this and your other posts, you've bought into all the angry gamer Youtuber rants about Naughty Dog. So you care very little about the truth in the situation.

ID: hapxy74

angry gamer Youtuber rants about Naughty Dog.

Didn't watch a single one. I despise them and i have written extensively years ago why these channels exist and how damaging they are to the industry and community. In this case though, they didn't rile up the community. People had enough. Videogames are not art. They are entertainment. They should be made for the audience.

ID: hapcxrd

Druckmann has been with Naughty Dog since 2003. He was the gameplay programmer for Jak 3 & Jak X. Game designer and co-lead writer for Uncharted 1 & 2. Creative director and writer of The Last of Us and Uncharted 4.

But sure, not the same people.

ID: hapfkiy

The talented with integrity are gone.

ID: hapfd9i

Anybody got that gif of the Jaguars fan? I need that right now.

ID: hapsqpd

Yeah, barely anyone will agree with you here man. Accept naughty dog is good or get out. Even though that Amy Henning stuff to this day is still suspect. And all those things that leaked, there was no way it wasn't someone on the inside. Then the crunch time even thought they promised they wouldn't do it.


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