Naughty Dog hiring for standalone multiplayer game

1 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:34 ID: pcud8i
Naughty Dog hiring for standalone multiplayer game
2 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:38 ID: halgmxh

I gotta feeling this game is going to be much bigger than we initially thought it was going to be.

ID: halsxul

They could be turning it to TLOU Online with so much stuff in it, akin to Red Dead Online let's say

ID: han6um6

I absolutely think this is what’s happening. It’s factions from the first game but you actually live in a community this time and have to physically leave the base with your character, collect supplies, kill and help others and return home alive.

And the home base camp will act as a HUB world, hell they could even use Jackson and everyone hangs out there similar to CoD: WW2’s multiplayer HUB before venturing out into the world.

ID: hamnw3a

mixed feelings

maybe ND can do it right, or maybe it sucks balls

ID: hamttqn

Or maybe there'll be a mode where it's an open world and you can roam around, and people can decide whether or not to accept you into their group. And each faction can invade bases, plan raids, have leaders, and war with each other. I think a 50-100 person server would be perfect for that. All of this while avoiding or fighting infected, or leading swarms of infected to enemy camps so they get killed or waste supplies before you invade.

I have no clue how they'd manage all of that, but it sounds like fun.

ID: hamnpri

Oh god idk how I feel about that after the mtx crap with The Last of Us multiplayer.

ID: halpbca

We knew factions 2 would be different since it's a stand alone game.

I still hope it's actually about factions.

I want to be able to build a town with my friends and I and basically make a faction

Or join 1 of a group of factions and it actually effect the game. I want a massive world none of this 5v5 fighting in a 100square meter area. I want it to be about getting resources for your team and your team using those resources.

Tbh what I want from the game is something we haven't seen before.

ID: hamdlxy

AAA Tarkov with TLoU 2's combat and more accessibility sounds like a dream come true imo

ID: ham971d

Your idea sounds soul destroying.

ID: hamo4x4

Please don’t cyberpunk this. If it’s simply an iteration upon Factions 1 it’ll still be fuckin awesome, but not if you start thinking you can build towns and have jobs n shit

ID: hamqcnt

I mean, it would be cool for an entirely new concept, I agree, but the original factions in and of itself is incredibly unique, strategic, and fun. I would be perfectly happy with that again, with TLOU2 maps and graphics.

ID: halqe0r

I keep telling myself that it's going to be like Red Dead Online.

ID: halrogz


3 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:52 ID: halra2k

I really loved TLOU factions multiplayer bound with facebook account , using your fb friends for dispatch was hilarious. My grandmother scavenged a lot of supplies and got eaten lol

ID: halypkg

My condolences

ID: hamppd6

lol she was a hero, kept our factions afloat

ID: hamqf0b

lmao i didn't know you could do that

ID: hanx8pw

My grandmother scavenged a lot of supplies and got eaten lol

ID: haoaghk

Who knows what the future hold?

ID: han724s

One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on my screen happened because of that feature. There was a fat kid in our school and one day it told me “The fat kid ate the cat.” I nearly cried.

ID: haoaedp


4 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:38 ID: halgo7j

I hope we get news about Factions 2 and Remake on outbreak day next month. Can't wait

ID: ham0bu7

historically they haven't announced any new games or revealed anything on outbreak day

ID: hamqkju

Which is a wasted marketing opportunity tbh. ;(

ID: haltcjv

They rarely announce big stuff on outbreak day

ID: hamqhua

We said the same thing last year. I can't believe its already been a year. I won't get my hopes up.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:11 ID: hallf41

Important to remember that hiring doesn’t say anything about the progress of development. Live service games need developers in perpetuity to ensure stability and to expand the game as time goes on, and eventually very few of the “pre-launch” architects will be involved.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:36 ID: halp27y

the wait for this game is forever...

7 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:15 ID: halm268

This is going to be much much bigger then the original.

ID: hao3eeu

I hope so. The original was FREE and came with the game at release... This time they waited until just before release to tell everyone Factions wouldn't be included at launch, then no real news afterwards.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/27 21:28 ID: halw8kh

I want this out soooooooo bad!!!! C’mon!

9 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:42 ID: halpxgh

Standalone? So I guess you can also play the multiplayer without purchasing TLOU2 SP.

ID: halr1yt

Yeah it was announced almost two years ago now that it was being spun off into its own game.

ID: ham2dkp

It still surprises me how few people ever came across that news.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:36 ID: halgf1b

Loved TLoU factions, so all they gotta do is build off that and I will be happy. I would love to see much larger maps, more players, maybe squad play like 4 teams of 4 or something. A Tarkov-like experience would be incredible (get in, get supplies and better weapons/gear and extract), maybe their own twist on a Battle Royale with PvPvE elements by putting clickers and other NPCs in there to fight against. Limitless possibilities.

ID: halocf4

Honestly any of these options listed by you would be an amazing thing for me.

PUBG with all its flaws has one of the best gameplay loops I've ever seen. In most contemporary games (Dota, Lol, Overwatch etc.) if you get a bad team you can lose a game in the first minutes and spend the next 20 just boiling over the fact. In battle royales if you're dead, you are already playing another game and have 1 minute downtime... Add to that raising stakes, excitement, emotions as you get deeper into the round and there has never been anything like it. Every game is different, every time you get a new story and if you get friends as teammates... it makes it even more fun.

Tarkov is another game with a brilliant loop with small downtime, even bigger risk and stakes, lots of skill and patience involved. You're very much IN the game and focused.

If Factions 2 can be as brilliant as those two ideas or even just a copy of either one, I'll be playing it so hard... Even if the gameplay aspect of TLoU 1 didn't exactly swept me off my feet.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/27 21:41 ID: haly2oh

My friends and I frequented the original factions daily, even carrying over to PS4. It’s been hands down the most in depth and unique MP experiences we’ve played, and we’re drooling over the prospect of this one. Sincerely praying for some kind of reveal at the next State of Play, or maybe Outbreak Day.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:45 ID: halhreo

I think it'll come mid-late next year and the TLOU remake will be a ultimate edition bonus like Spider-Man remastered. The HBO show will probably come around the same time.

ID: hamb0je

They aren’t going to include a ground up remake (which is what the rumor was saying TLOU1 remake will be) as an ultimate edition bonus. I agree the two have to come together but it might be some sort of package, despite the “standalone” moniker

ID: hanpcpj

TLOU remake will be a ultimate edition bonus like Spider-Man remastered

why are you getting upvoted for something so stupid. A remake behind an edition? Call me out if you're right but thats just so stupid. Remastered and remake isnt a 1:1 and stupid to think so, especially dedicating a chunk of a team to create something that just ends up as an ultimate edition bonus

TLOU remake being $80 is more believable than it being an ultimate edition bonus

13 : Anonymous2021/08/28 01:20 ID: hampiu9

This is naughty dogs first stand alone multiplayer game isn't it?

I have a feeling they were developing it to release with TLoU 2 but realized they could go even bigger and more grand after the info of Sucker Punch doing Legends for GoT(the Sony studios are very vocal with each other and help out alot, it's also encouraged)

So I am betting this will be a much bigger game than originally planned/expected with multiple updates and content added. I wonder if they might even do a BR mode?

How awesome would a last of us battle royale with players vs each other AND the infected be? Pretty great

14 : Anonymous2021/08/27 22:38 ID: ham5hr1

Well this is obviously factions 2

15 : Anonymous2021/08/28 07:11 ID: hanngah

Can't help feeling like Naughty Dog is becoming Sony's Rockstar. Their ambition is running wild and their projects are getting ridiculously massive. I wouldn't be surprised if we only get one big Naughty Dog PS5 exclusive besides this standalone multiplayer game (which might be cross gen) and the rumored TLOU remake. Crossing my fingers for a TLOU3 on PS5 but I'm up for whatever they're making

16 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:21 ID: halmu5r

I’m not a huge fan of shooters, especially 3rd person shooters, and I’m fucking trash at TLoU shooting. But for some reason I’m super excited to see what the hell they are doing with this. Crazy to think that it was originally supposed to launch with the game, and that now over a year after the games release we’ve not seen a single moment of gameplay, let alone stills.

They really must have increased the scope of this like crazy. I have a feeling this is going to be Sony’s biggest push into multiplayer yet, I wouldn’t even be surprised if it launches on PC. And before people say it’s impossible, at Sony’s last earning call they did talk about launching live service games on other platforms in one of their slides. And honestly, it would be smart since they could get the major streamers to play it and promote it. While potentially get a competitive scene going.

I do wonder when we will start seeing it. I think it was Jeff Grub or Jason Schrier that said the game was entering in the polishing phase, and that was a few months ago. No doubt COVID has screwed that up, plus probably creating a PS5 native version pushed it back. But I sort of expected the marketing campaign to have stated somewhat by now. Hopefully we see something on The Last of Us Day (Sept 26).

ID: halurk7

do you have a source for the game entering polishing phase? I haven't seen that

17 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:46 ID: halhu6h

I feel like hiring has been going on for a while. Must be a much bigger project than we first thought, I wonder if it’ll cost $70 on release.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/28 04:27 ID: hana0wu

I feel like we've gotten this story once a year for the past several years.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:14 ID: hallupu

I will literally riot if they're not gonna reveal this on TLOU day.

It's either in some kind of development hell (tho I wouldn't expect that from ND) or it's really, really ambitious.

ID: halt8iv

I think it's the later, it's really ambitious could be a TLOU ONLINE akin to Red Dead Online

20 : Anonymous2021/08/27 23:19 ID: hamat2t

can’t wait! factions 1 was so good. easily my most played multiplayer game for ps4.


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