Why I’m Glad I Gave Days Gone a Second Chance | FictionTalk

1 : Anonymous2021/09/01 23:43 ID: pg601l
Why I’m Glad I Gave Days Gone a Second Chance | FictionTalk
2 : Anonymous2021/09/02 02:11 ID: hb9ktvr

Using gyro aiming to fine tune your shots is soooo underated, should be in every third person shooter, loved it.

ID: hbalopv

Should be in every shooter.

ID: hbacbj3

I didn't know it had gyro aim !!

ID: hbc6w3k

This is the worst implementation of Gyro aim I've ever used, though. You have to let go of the control stick for the gyro to register. It's much better when you can use both at once.

ID: hbbsizc

You have to turn it on first. It's in the settings where you can find trigger sensitive one's

ID: hbawg76

Does it have gyro aim? LOL 😀

I will play around with my settings!

ID: hbayr7e

Yes, a few games have this feature disable by default and it definitely changes the long range game

ID: hbb2kbu

Didn't know it had gyro, but 100% agree with you. Splatoon, botw, Uncharted Golden Abyss - it feels so great in all of them!

ID: hbaru0j

What is gyro aim

ID: hbat6ks

You physically move the controller to aim.

ID: hbbmx09

ID: hbb3343

That really works? I hardly can believe that moving your controller to aim gives you more precision.

ID: hbb3hv8

I'm waiting for the day when every FPS has gyro aiming. Then I'll start buying FPS games for console.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/02 00:14 ID: hb95lc4

The ps5 update boosted the games score imo. It feels great and looks gorgeous. Went from a 7 to an 8.5

ID: hb976lx

First game i played on the ps5. The 2k 60fps blew me away.

ID: hbb7rh3

So I should download it? I’ve been on the fence.

ID: hb9pj4t

Its checkerboard 2160p, not 2k

Lol downvoted for stating a fact. Gj reddit

4 : Anonymous2021/09/01 23:48 ID: hb92gjy

Awesome game. Love the hordes and the challenges outside of main game are very challenging and entertaining

5 : Anonymous2021/09/02 01:12 ID: hb9ddrp

In a world where Cyberpunk got 8’s and 9’s, Days Gone was fucking robbed. Game reviewers and pundits are fucking clowns.

ID: hb9ktdq

I will never understand the love Cyberpunk gets.

Technical issues aside, the story, the gameplay... Not very good or enjoyable... Just average (below average)

Those '9' reviews are mind-boggling.

ID: hb9njmn

You take away the tech issues and all you get is a glorified Ubisoft game with tons of icons on the map.

The “branching storylines” is literally just in the prologue.

ID: hba7whf

What love? Did you completely miss everything that has happened?

ID: hba3wb0

How can you even set the technical issues aside? They affect your gameplay constantly.

ID: hbbvezm

Cyberpunk has a ton of missed opportunities, feels like a hollow world, and the review scores were certainly unearned (and possibly inflated due to reviewers' having justified fear that a low score would result in threats and doxxing from psychos). But I disagree that the gameplay or story aren't enjoyable.

I loved the tech-build gameplay. It allowed me to be methodical but swift, and I really dug the synthwave music during combat. I found these pretty immersive and fun (and then the shitty AI would break the immersion, but otherwise, pretty enjoyable for me).

And I found the story (which questions things like consciousness and choice -- i.e., how much of my V's decisions were really mine vs. indoctrinated by Johnny) really engaging; its problem is that it doesn't jive with the open-world concept. The plot is incredibly urgent, but the open-world discourages focusing on the story. It just doesn't make sense for V, whose death is super imminent, to be concerned about purchasing a bunch of beater cars or solving a bunch of low-impact crimes. And yet, despite this, I enjoyed the bulk of the characters (V, Judy, Panam, Johnny, and the rest of them), and because of that, the very first ending I got was harrowing. I legitimately sat on the couch for a good ten minutes after the credits finished rolling just feeling utterly gutted, in a way that the best books or movies can make me feel.

ID: hbalary

External pressure from an incredibly hostile gaming community.

The only realistic and reasonable review was from someone at Gamespot. She got death threats etc. and tons of abuse.

Journalists are probably scared to leave negative reviews because of the amount of hate they receive.

ID: hbapan9

It's probably because enjoyment is subjective and not everyone just cowardly adopts whatever opinion the internet consensus has.

ID: hbatmur

Ehh, I dunno. I think giving Cyberpunk 8's and 9's wasn't right either, but Days Gone is still very much a 6-7/10. Days Gone is definitely better than Cyberpunk, I'd give Cyberpunk barely a 4-5/10.

The story takes forever to go somewhere (and then stops abruptly), most of the characters are assholes or forgettable (and I'm still not sure if Deacon is a psychopath), many of the quests are far too long and repetetive. It also had some pretty major performance issues and bugs during launch (which were later fixed and now it runs really solid on PS5).

The world building on the other hand is extremely solid, the graphics and the setting are downright gorgeous and the enemy encounters with the hordes are very impresssive. The bike riding is pretty neat, but it takes far too many hours to get it into a workable state where it's not this slow piece of shit that needs gas every ten minutes. They should absolutely have removed the first five hours of bike grinding nonsense and just let you have a decent bike that got even better over time.

I'm looking forward to seeing what new game Bend Studio is making, but I'm honestly not sad or surprised that Days Gone 2 isn't happening.

ID: hbbvh50

Agree with you 100%. I didn't finish it on PS5 but gave it enough time to let me know it just wasn't anything special imho. I hope their next game is great though and they learned from the experience on this one. If it was a 3rd party game maybe I'd be a little easier on it, but it's from Sony. When I see what other 1st party studios but out last generation this is easily one of the weakest entries. I guess it could be worse though, could have been The Order bad.

ID: hba8dwn

It was an absolute mess at launch (not as bad as CP by any means but still a mess). That along with a story that is excessively long with a few storylines just not hitting an emotional mark I can understand it’s initial scores.

I played it at release for a few hours and marked it at a 5 but played again on the PS5 all the way through and it’s definitely a solid 7.5. Not a game I want a sequel for but one I definitely enjoyed playing!

How CP got those scores is just tragic and so undeserved.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/02 03:19 ID: hb9swl4

I bought Days Gone on day 1, but due to bad press and the general consensus on the game, I skipped. I revisited in on PS5 and honestly, Days Gone sits atop my favorite games from PS4, and I’ve played basically all the first party titles. I adored it.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/02 03:17 ID: hb9sne6

I played it on PS5 after getting it through my PS+ subscription. My opinion could best be summed up as: I don’t regret playing it, but I also have no desire to ever play it again.

ID: hbamd6d

I could not get past the first couple of hours. I was completely not invested in any part of the story as it was presented, and basically all the characters I met so far seemed like huge assholes. The two main characters felt like cardboard cutouts to me.

ID: hbaynzc

Same here. The gameplay seemed fine, though unremarkable. But I just hated the characters and the world. The biker culture aesthetic is really not for me.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/01 23:46 ID: hb927tf

why im glad this sub lets opinion articles stay here but anyone who gives their opinion that isnt an article gets removed instantly

ID: hb9m3qj

Because there was 20+ post per day about how underrated days gone is.

ID: hb92gq3

The moderation on this subreddit is downright awful.

ID: hb9n12l

I actually think the mods are making a good job. Don't you remember when everyday we have 10+ post about how underrated Days Gone is, 10+ post praising Astro's Playroom and 30+ pictures of people getting their console or showing their set-up? The mods improved the sub A LOT by removing that spammy posts.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/02 04:32 ID: hba0tg2

This was the most "game" I played in a couple years. I wasn't concentrating on finishing it ASAP, I was deep in enjoying the world and the mechanics and the lore, I finished everything here, every side quest...it was damn fun, I'm sad there won't be a sequel

10 : Anonymous2021/09/02 01:56 ID: hb9ixys

I love this game mostly for its setting and atmosphere: The misty Pacific Northwest with its firewatch towers, small towns, underground bunkers, and of course, the massive hordes of zombies.

The setting keeps me interested. My big gripe is the pacing of the story. It has too much preamble.

People might not think the characters or the story are memorable, but anyone who throws out the word "lazy" to describe what's going on in this game has never worked on a big-budget game or written for a large audience.

Edit: It makes sense to critique storytelling as "unsuccessful," but the pejorative "lazy" maliciously implies a lack of effort instead of a failed effort. Every big budget shitty game I've ever worked on had teams busting their asses and still failing.

ID: hbb2i52

Seriously. I'm at least 30 hours into this game. About 5 missions into a new camp and don't know where the main storyline is to try to drive through it... Instead I'm doing meaningless bounty missions and hoping the story goes somewhere. The setting, mechanics, and zombie action is all great but the characters are meh, the dialog sucks and the game itself is such a drrrraaaaggggggggggg

11 : Anonymous2021/09/02 01:21 ID: hb9ehij

Loved this game

12 : Anonymous2021/09/02 02:34 ID: hb9npan

I am sorry. I was pretty excited to give the game a second chance after all the patches and 60fps....but it was still so janky. The cut scene insta-black every time was so jarring. And the story/characters/writing was just terrible. Gameplay was okay...but that's not enough

13 : Anonymous2021/09/02 03:45 ID: hb9vtui

It’s a great game, I thought I was going to regret diving into it but I loved it. It definitely deserves a second look.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/02 08:05 ID: hbai6nd

This game has great mechanics and I loved the gameplay aspect of it. I just found the main character to be so...jarring. He would have to comment on everything in this very exaggerated bad-ass-esque tone. It really put me off.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/02 03:16 ID: hb9si5h

I completed the game , now what is left are the hordes, post ending quest and the secret ending.

Its not a good game for Sony standard, too average.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/02 05:49 ID: hba7xqq

I thought this game was brilliant. It REALLY picks up towards the end.

ID: hbb4t5g

I gave it a good try but ultimately got bogged down within the first third. I wanted to like it soooo bad

17 : Anonymous2021/09/02 00:32 ID: hb981cj

This game is incredibly medicore. Nearly every good thing I read about this game rang false. I even played through the whole damn story to see the "amazing ending" and it turns out I had to 100 percent the game to get it. So I watched it on YouTube because fuck that, and it wasn't an amazing ending. Imagine that.

Boring gameplay lifted straight from other games, horrible characters that I wanted to die, and a completely fragmented, detached, and boring story. Skip this one if you're on the fence. I really don't get how this game has a devoted following.

ID: hba4v4e

Same here.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/02 05:20 ID: hba5gfd

Did anyone have issue with the touch pad? That's why I stopped playing the game.


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