I’m looking at you MW2 nukes…

1 : Anonymous2021/09/06 05:39 ID: pit918
I'm looking at you MW2 nukes...
2 : Anonymous2021/09/06 05:46 ID: hbs0pu7

Every player in league of legends

ID: hbsxtb5

I legitimately do not know a single league player that is happy with their lifestyle

ID: hbt1a3j

new or very casual players

ID: hbv4ybv

The worst thing for me is I got out in 2016 but fell back in. And while I like to use the friends excuse, I know full well I'm deceiving others and myself because I was on the verge of downloading it and playing alone shortly before a friend asked if I wanted to join his usual group.

ID: hbta3pf

It's notable that every person I know who plays LoL, WoW, and various competitive games mostly play for their friends. There's usually, like, two guys who actually enjoy the game, a few who enjoy winning, and then all the guys they hang out with.

It's like being friends with someone who's good at pool, enjoying beer, and so spending the weekends with said friend at the local pool hall, and he kinda makes you play but he's a good enough mate and fuck it he buys the occasional round...

At least that's how I've come to see a lot of these people in my circles.

I've also discovered that many of them drop large portions of the habit and friend circle when they have other social activities that fit their schedule (because flexibility of gaming is certainly one of its forefronts). Not all, certainly, but enough to count.

It always made sense to me that people who ditch their raiding schedule to play D&D would be a thing. I didn't expect it with CoD and SCraft, but here we are.

ID: hbt12sp

I have likely around 10 thousand hours in League since late 2012 when I started playing. I hate the game. Stopped playing a week ago, but will probably return when the new champion releases. I'm addicted, and it doesn't help that it's the perfect game for me to turn off my brain and do other shit while playing, which I always do during gaming.

ID: hbt3nt7

What do you mean do other shit while playing? You multi task while playing league?

ID: hbtcq5y

I quit every few years. The game is great and it's fun. The other players ruin it.

ID: hbu7tjp

'I shouldve quit this game 10 years ago!' cries while queueing up

3 : Anonymous2021/09/06 06:07 ID: hbs2lrs

I have a paladin in WoW with 14000 hours. I hate WoW. I played it for so long because of friends, and I filled the role that was always needed, healing. At one point I because the best healer on a server, raised with the best guild because that is where my friends went. Struggled to clear content as fast as possible, farmed materials needed for raising, crafting, maxed out fishing and cooking….all in the name of friendship. Of course, years past and not one of us has talked to each other in two years now. But I hate WoW. I miss my friends. I’ve since then tried to meet new players and play new games but can’t seem to find a group anymore 🙁

ID: hbs7pgp

WoW has always been a community driven game. The best feeling is when you finally progress in a raid with your buddies. Your guildmates almost becomes your second family from how much time you spend with them.

ID: hbsar1i

Similar here. Maxed back then every class because our raid always lacked at least one class or had a class too much. I was at every raid, got the role as raid leader, planned every raid at some point even as we did 3 raids per week. And I was every single time with them. Then came mists of pandaria and many people left without saying anything. Nobody said goodbye and just a few still chatted with each other via Skype or TeamSpeak.

I also tried to find friends, a new guild, but found nothing. Nowadays I avoid MMORPGs in general because they always lack the special feeling WoW gave me back then.

ID: hbtsus7

What games you into? Wanna vibe and play some games?

ID: hbu25hj

Right about now I play LoL…mostly just ARAM. Factorio, marvels avengers, some single player games. I would get back into team games or coop games with friend though.

ID: hbsu8k3

I’ve since then tried to meet new players and play new games but can’t seem to find a group anymore 🙁

Most communities just aren't the same anymore. Early WoW was kind of the end of it imo. That was around the time far more 8-12 year olds started getting their parents to play regularly.

I played a shit out of SW:G, FFXI and WoW (though mostly FFXI out of the 3) and made friends that I still text intermittently 15+ years later. Tried FFIV and some others since and it just isn't even close to the same. There's nice people of course. It's not like the whole world of online gaming is The Barrens chat (well, maybe the major FPS's are), but it still just isn't the same. A lot less comradery in the current communities.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/06 05:48 ID: hbs0xxc

15d? Those are rookie numbers! I think I had 30d in MW2, 24d in MW1, and 15d in MW3 (University got harder).

My worst is RS though... 269d on my 14.5yr old account

ID: hbsj9ds

I didnt know they could track playtime in MechWarrior 1 and 2. Or even Rogue Spear.

ID: hbt1xse

Exactly what I think of when I see MW2 as well.

Clan Wolf 4 lyfe fite me in my mech

ID: hbsli2q

**boots steam, looks at Path of Exile**

7329.2 hours, and only going up!

ID: hbsjzoa

I ran up 70 days in cod4 .. what a game. I could run those maps backwards. Only sniped and only s&d.

Went back to check out the remastered but play and tactics had changed so much was unplayable for me.

ID: hbshnp7

Same. Those MW2 numbers are ridiculous for my account and the buddies I played with. I pretty much spent two years straight in school just playing that game with the boys every chance I got. Last time I checked a couple years back, I wanna say it was around 36 days.

ID: hbtkigh

Shit, I had 60-70 days on both MW1 and MW2 separately. So much wasted time into those games lol.

ID: hbsl6hb

Thank you for sharing your RS numbers. I was feeling like shit that I had 149 days played on my shaman in WoW...

5 : Anonymous2021/09/06 05:40 ID: hbs07b6

Destiny 2 who?

ID: hbs1n9t

1200+ hours and still "I'll never play this game again. NEVER!"

ID: hbs0bsh

Me! Together with Advanced Warfare. Also D1

6 : Anonymous2021/09/06 06:21 ID: hbs3r9o

looks at RuneScape player base

ID: hbsi32r


7 : Anonymous2021/09/06 07:41 ID: hbs9xpu

Rookie hours

8 : Anonymous2021/09/06 06:28 ID: hbs4cb1

Hearthstone. 2k+ Mage and 1.5k+ Shaman wins. Little <1k with most other classes.

“I hate this game!” Closes game.

2 mins later starts it back up and plays for 2-3 more hours.

ID: hbsi45w

That's how addiction works. I had to delete it off my computer to quit playing it.

ID: hbsztlj

I say I hate it but overall I enjoy it more. I only play on the weekends for longer than an hour at a time. During the week is usually quest upkeep every 2 days. I don’t consistently play anything else. Anymore at least.

I get what you’re saying. These things can become a problem. Everything in moderation.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/06 05:45 ID: hbs0nfr

That’s me. I fucking hate Gears 5, but I have over 750+ hours clocked in on that game. I don’t know what it is.

ID: hbs9nup

You might be into hate fucking.

ID: hbsa0g1


10 : Anonymous2021/09/06 12:38 ID: hbsvr0o

That's nothing, I've been married to my wife for 10 years.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/06 08:58 ID: hbsf6d8


speak to a 400days Rust player about their hate for the game

ID: hbtd1zj

And even with those 9k hours there will be people saying that you're noob, because they have 12k

12 : Anonymous2021/09/06 10:20 ID: hbskn02

I'm surprised nobody's said Ark

13 : Anonymous2021/09/06 12:03 ID: hbssh2i

15 days... *laughs in csgo*

14 : Anonymous2021/09/06 06:04 ID: hbs29lb

I love these reviews!

Or the other side

1500 hrs played "It's ok I guess"

15 : Anonymous2021/09/06 11:59 ID: hbss5xn

I have over 86 days in Raimbow Six Siege

16 : Anonymous2021/09/06 12:01 ID: hbssa0j

mw2 wasnt even bad, i just never understood why people get mad when you kill them with mp5. if its in the game i can use it. atleast i wasn't cheating

17 : Anonymous2021/09/06 09:35 ID: hbshm2j

Warframe you say?

18 : Anonymous2021/09/06 09:14 ID: hbsg8i4

More like 72 days

19 : Anonymous2021/09/06 10:23 ID: hbsku9r

Every ACNH fan.

20 : Anonymous2021/09/06 12:12 ID: hbst9ni

You gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/06 16:07 ID: hbtlybl

I've been playing this game called "real life" for over 11,000 days

would not recommend, the last few balanced patches ruined the game

22 : Anonymous2021/09/06 05:47 ID: hbs0u9l

Sunk cost fallacy


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