What game represents the peak of the classic formula?

1 : Anonymous2021/09/10 18:16 ID: plqiln

Not just which one of the original games you like the most or think is the best, but which is the most developed expression of what makes these games good and unique in the first place.

What really drives home the fixed cameras, tank controls, maze mapping, inventory management to its most balanced degree? What really exemplifies what the classics did right?

So this would include re1, re2, re3, code veronica, re1r, and re0.

The original re1 and re0 would probably be the hardest cases to make, given the rough around the edges nature of the first and the item box absence in the second.

I think the easiest answer would be REmake. But I am going to say that the classic formula peaked in re2. It felt like an improvement on re1 in almost every way. It could have used a higher difficulty option, and it may not have been as scary at the time, but the alternate scenarios were given greater depth, the production value and voice acting quality was much higher, and the gameplay was streamlined to good effect, and in general felt like a well executed product.

3 was an evolution on 2's gameplay, with ammo crafting, a dodge mechanic, and environmental interactions like exploding barrels.

Code Veronica had dynamic cameras and live 3d backgrounds for the first time.

REmake to me doubled down on re1, whereas re2 built upon its groundwork.

2 : Anonymous2021/09/10 20:49 ID: hccwenc

Resident Evil Remake. Easily. Not even a question

ID: hcddtz3

Yep this. Resident evil remake is the perfect resident evil game in every possible way.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/10 21:12 ID: hcczkuv

REmake, no question.

The visuals, the atmosphere, the enemy line up, the pacing, the level design and exploration, the puzzles, the length and replay value, speed running potential, the introduction of defense items, crimson heads, the item resource management, the balance of all of these things is perfect.

It's the peak of that classic style and is the best expression of what classic Resident Evil is.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/10 22:11 ID: hcd7eu8

I'm only going out of the OG 3. The remakes are all awesome, though. But they feel so different.

I think RE 2. I would say RE 3, but.....Nemesis' jump scare is just a souped up version of Mr. X, and with the rocket launcher he's got, plus the Dodge and roll ability Jill gains in 3, it's (very slightly) less of a brooding creeper and starts stepping ever so slightly into the realm of action-horror.

All three are just about tied for me, though. If not for the wonderfully awful dialogue in the original, It'd be a three way tie.

But I will say 2 slightly edges out 3 for the fear factor. Jill is a certified badass and knows what she's about in 3. Claire and Leon are normal people when 2 begins. No experience, no clue. So, you start out feeling that much more psychologically vulnerable. Lickers and Mr. X provide new things to panic about. And Chief Irons and the Birkins make for a very interesting story. Ada, too, of course. Characters, story, atmosphere...2 has just enough more of those to win by a nose, IMO. But all three are neck and neck and neck.

ID: hcd81g8

I see a lot of people prefer RE1remake. I love that one, too....but that added section gives it too much of a Hills Have Eyes vibe, and kinda warps the mood for me. Not bad, though. And the redhead zombies...I dunno. Too much like the RE4-6 zombies.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/10 23:47 ID: hcdjbfe

I would say RE3 is the best, but the dodge mechanic isn’t polished enough, and can sometimes ruin your playthrough if it activates by accident. REmake is great, but the character’s movement feel a bit heavy to me and thanks to that the whole game feels a bit sluggish. In this case RE2 takes the cake. It’s simple, but what more do you need with this classic formula (well, maybe the ability to use herb without picking it up).

6 : Anonymous2021/09/10 20:48 ID: hccw9op

easily RE7. it's the best game with the classic formula, the only difference from the classics is the first person camera, but everything that made RE1 amazing is on RE7 with great new twists

ID: hccwino

That’s not “classic formula” enough for me. The camera view is too essential to that “classic “ label with resident evil

ID: hccyjil

imo the classic formula shouldn't be (and isn't) restricted to a single camera system. RE2 Remake works just like the classic counterpart in backtracking, puzzles, item management, level design, etc, the only difference is being over the shoulder

ID: hcd25hr

I agree. Re7's foundation is technically the base for how the classic games were structured. Limited npc interaction, same weapon types as re1 (magnum, pistol shot gun grenade launcher knife) and the upgrade system from Leon re2, a confined mansion like area with guest houses and an underground area/ lab, puzzles, key system, inventory, healing etc. Re7 literally took the best aspects that made re1-re3 perfect and upgraded them for first person view. In actuality, re7 is the perfect resident evil game from the classic category. If you count any of the remakes as classic then you have to include re7. They technically took everything that inspired the original resident evil and made it a reality ie. Sweethome, splatterhouse, clock tower. It's kind of difficult to make re7 better than it is with all the DLCs, the original resident evil and Remake are amazing games but they could still improve on different aspects. Even the Remake is limited in certain areas. If they remade the original game in first person with added gameplay, areas, in the RE engine as a current gen exclusive, it would definitely be the defined survival horror experience. I doubt anything could match.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/10 22:12 ID: hcd7ivl

As much as I want to give some contrarian answer, REmake is the best of the classic style (and by extention the best game in the series).

ID: hcd87n1

I prefer RE2 remake, for best of the series. Haven't played 7 or 8 yet, though. REmake1 was awesome, though.

ID: hcd8tx3

I like REmake in large part because I prefer the classic style of the series over the over the shoulder games.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/10 21:27 ID: hcd1n7t

REmake by far. Refined the formula to perfection and the additions to RE 1 were great IMO. Added a bit of a stalker character like Mr. X and Nemesis with Lisa and the Crimson Heads added an extra layer of decision making because you had to really plan what Zombies to leave alive and which ones to burn.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/10 23:03 ID: hcddzum

RE1 remake


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