Is this a hot take? (MILD SPOILERS)

1 : Anonymous2021/09/14 15:20 ID: po4vil

Mia is a bad person and I don't like her character. She kinda ruined ethans life as well the a great family (the bakers) idk I just genuinely don't like her and that's why I saved Zoe in re7.

2 : Anonymous2021/09/14 16:58 ID: hcua0jc

I'm pretty sure she's a terrorist that had a hand in letting 20+ people die.

She's snippy at Ethan (after the mold)

Hid her entire life from Ethan

Hid Ethan being dead

ID: hcv86e4

Snippy for sure, but we gotta exclude the beginning of RE8 since that was actually Miranda

ID: hcv8jdk

In the flashback when Ethan was unconscious

ID: hcvtvjo

So the only time Mia seems like a nice person to Ethan it isn't even her

ID: hcvjuwb

Well, probably didn't know Ethan was dead. I mean, I understand she loved him, but willingly getting pregnant by a mold... eh...

It'd be different if she was also dead (which she probably was) Edit: I just read the Baker Report, no she wasn't dead (surprisingly). But still probably didn't know he was.

ID: hcvqmgf

She said to Chris "you don't know how special he is" in response to "he's dead"

To me (and other theorists) she knew he was dead.

It's not likely that Mia is dead (which you corrected) because Evelin wouldn't allow her mother to be dead.

ID: hcvl12o

I also wonder like with the whole mold baby thing if there wasn't some incentive from The Connections people to create Rose. I mean, considering Mia was okay helping a mold monster child be used as a bioweapon, I could see her taking any financial incentives for having an experimental mold monster baby with her husband. Especially when they also moved to the same place Miranda is from, who was head of the mold experiments, and Mia must have some familiarity with her considering she was in charge of Eveline. Like, they all just happened to move right next door to Miranda, one of Mia's former employers, and Mia just had sex with a mold monster and gave birth to a mold/human hybrid because love? I don't buy it.

ID: hcvt3ob

The Connections make bio weapons, it's likely (not confirmed) that Miranda was the biological mother to the A, B, C, D and E series of this project (Eveline being the 5th iteration) .

If Mias + Ethans biology was able to create a successful bioweapon regularly the Winter family would be the cash cow that Umbrella and all its offshoots were trying to achieve.

So yes there would be a huge monetary incentive.

Making Tyrants for the nemesis project is probably expensive, cloning, growing, modifying etc then adding a synthetic parasite (NEA), then teaching the buyers to teach the Nemesis how to hunt all would cost money.

The T, G and C viruses kill too fast (60-70% infection) and you would need to drop alot on a area, might as well just use bombs.


If Mia and Ethan can squeeze out Rose, then sell her biological information. That information could be used to make dozens of unsuspecting little girls who can infect hundreds if not thousands in hours.

In the end Resident Evil is a game series about business and science.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/14 16:17 ID: hcu3v86

I only like Mia’s name. Because she went M.I.A.

ID: hcv42ye

Can't believe I have never thought this

4 : Anonymous2021/09/14 16:26 ID: hcu5azo

Not a hot take at all, many have this opinion. I personally don’t, but I can see why others see her this way.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/14 17:14 ID: hcucg4f

Also, maybe I just missed something, but at the end of RE7, it seemed Chris and Blue Umbrella didn't seem to know about Mia's involvement with The Connections. I mean, they just relocated Ethan and Mia to a random ass European town. I mean, why wasn't she taken in to custody?

ID: hcuhx1n

Chris and the BSAA knew.

The Baker Incident Report features a transcript of an interview between Mia and a BSAA Agent right after the events of RE7.

Mia: "Have you— Did you tell [Ethan]? About my...past?"

Agent: "No. As a sign of appreciation for your cooperation, BSAA has not divulged your involvement with The Connections."

They probably let her go because she was a low level grunt for the Connections, and they figured she had suffered enough during the three years of imprisonment under Eveline.

ID: hcul2ry

Yet another example of how our boy Ethan was done dirty. Not only did Mia knowingly shag a mouldy dead guy, but she didn’t tell him she was a mouldy dead guy nor that she was semi-responsible for the events of both games. Keep your head up, king.

ID: hcvrix4

Why would they put a low level grunt in charge of their new bio weapon traveling illegally across the ocean?

6 : Anonymous2021/09/14 16:48 ID: hcu8kcq

Not really, she's meant to be pretty morally dubious and not in the cutesy Catwoman, soft touch way they approach Ada.

She's a far more grounded take on that kind of character, she's practically a terrorist, and she doesn't get the flirty dialogue or jazzy music to spice her up, which I actually kind of like.

She's a shitty person and her level of involvement with The Connections is ambiguous and, it really works with the darker tone of the last few games.

You're totally meant to dislike her.

ID: hcuajuu

I think its safe to call her a terrorist. Mia is evelines caretaker, they're ment to look like refugees and blend in with a population and infect from the inside out.

ID: hcvkg14

Well, she was a caretaker because Eveline needed to be transported. The inside out infection thing was just Eveline by herself (that's why she is made to look like a child). The refugee story is the cover up for "we are transporting a bioweapon".

She gets the mercenary title, but I'd say the terrorist one is debatable.

ID: hcv2ter

Honestly I hope she comes back as an antagonist. Ethan’s death could have driven her off the deep end and gotten her back into trouble.

ID: hcvaatw

I mean, she's a single mother now, with a kid with some kind of special power that I'm presuming all the villains (Brandon Bailey and The Connections, NOT-alia) want to get their hands on and the only group who could help have seemingly become a bunch of assholes themselves between games.

I actually think having to raise her own child will put her on, more or less, the straight and narrow.

I kinda hope for more than just having her go full villain and take some responsibility.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/14 18:15 ID: hculi2d

I don't think she's a great person, but I like her as a character. She did a lot of shitty things and you can tell she wants to make things right.

The biggest gripe I have is that there's a serious audience disconnect with her in RE7 when you have to save either Mia or Zoe. Ethan WOULD save Mia over Zoe; she's the whole reason he's here and he loves her. But the player is probably more attached to Zoe, who's been helping them throughout the game and at no point cut their hand off with a chainsaw.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/14 16:05 ID: hcu24nk

Not a hot take. I hated her at the end of RE7, and even more so after RE8 for what she put Ethan through.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/14 16:11 ID: hcu2yzf

How'd that work out for you, saving Zoe?

ID: hcu3tsk's the principle. Joe punch saves her.

ID: hcu3y4o

Only if you save Mia.

Save Zoe, save no one. Save Mia, save everyone.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/14 16:31 ID: hcu63eb

Nah, pretty cold actually.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/14 19:24 ID: hcuw1iu

nope, I hate her will all my heart. she is also just a very annoying person.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/14 16:31 ID: hcu5yjq

Well, aside from her career choices and stuff, i think Capcom totally ruined her character by making her a damsel in distress waiting to be saved by the "ordinary civi" (reference to re3) husband of her in two games in a row.

If she'd take some responsibility and join the action a bit more, some people would like her a bit more. Because when you see how many people likes Wesker siblings i think ruining other people lives has not a direct impact on being likeable/popular etc in the community

ID: hcuac8q

I mean liking villains has a different criteria from liking heroes. She also does do stuff in the game, just happens to be in the part of the game most people dislike. I think the real reason people dislike Mia is cause she was for all intents and purposes a villain (more so of the henchman variety) who never got some kind of redemption arc. She's then treated like some hapless victim.

ID: hcuqc52

To your first point, there was a whole section in 7 where Ethan became the damsel in distress and Mia had to save his ass. Sacrificing herself to Eveline doing so. Also she wasn't saved by an "ordinary civi" in 8, she was "accidentally" saved by Chris Redfield.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/14 18:40 ID: hcupbmj

I’m not gonna lie Mia is a terrible wife she lied to Ethan and basically ruined his life I was hoping she would die in RE 7 instead of being saved

ID: hcusmnz

No need to lie. You're not mia. I agree with you.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/14 15:50 ID: hctzv03

She has potential but was more a damsel in distress if anything and the boat part in re7 sucked ass and made me dislike her more she had shitty writing I wish she was better but it all started because of Ethan as he was told to stay away but said just fuck it and went to find her it’s Ethans fault as much as Mias

ID: hcuqsbi

Ethan was never told to stay away. The video message that Mia recorded never made it off the ship. Ethan only saw the vague email that basically said "Come get me."

ID: hcurllt


Been awhile since I played re7

My bad

15 : Anonymous2021/09/14 18:42 ID: hcupqze

Oh no she’s a complete bitch and the worst part is she’s never held accountable for her actions. It just seems the story keeps trying to make us forget she smuggled illegal weapons.

ID: hcusbbm

Right. There should be legal repercussions.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/14 19:28 ID: hcuwr7t

Not the hottest for sure, she definitely isn't supposed to be a character you heavily empathize with. Her motives for keeping secrets from Ethan works and is understandable, but she does a ton of damage so that she can have both a normal life and an exciting one.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/14 19:29 ID: hcuwsto

Not the hottest for sure, she definitely isn't supposed to be a character you heavily empathize with. Her motives for keeping secrets from Ethan works and is understandable, but she does a ton of damage so that she can have both a normal life and an exciting one.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/14 19:59 ID: hcv1grj

IMO, no. She was a pretty important member to The Connections (she was literally Eveline's carrier so she'd have to be important), an organization that develops B.O.W.s for terrorists and governments. She knows exactly what she did and was doing so she obviously not innocent/good. I damn sure don't trust her. I really wouldn't be surprised if she's STILL in contact with The Connections and becomes a threat in the future (may even explain why Mia wasn't with her at the graveyard).

19 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:00 ID: hcv1jwc

Tbh I’ve seen this opinion (much to my surprise), so there’s not such an unpopular now. I agree she’s not good at all. She’s a terrorist and her actions were conscious. Mia knew what and with who she was dealing with, and putting your loved ones into such danger is honestly the sh*ttiest thing to do. That’s not exactly what I think when talking about “love”

20 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:16 ID: hcv426j

Mia is definitely the best realized 'complex' character in the franchise. She's done some terrible things, worked for terrible people, but tries to make it right when she can and wants to ultimately put it in the past and focus on rebuilding her life after Ethan gives her a second chance at it.

Did she lie about what she did to Ethan? Yes. Did she keep her full level of involvement a secret in order to cling to her relationship and life after the Baker incident? Yep. But she also fought tooth and nail to save Ethan on the ship, even in the non-canon universe where Ethan chooses not to save her first.

She's basically Ada, if we didn't see Ada almost exclusively through Leon's unconditional love for her. She's ostensibly working for the bio terrorists, but she does the right thing when she can and makes a difference for the better.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:41 ID: hcv7p9l

I consider her a good character, but also a villain and a terrible person. Kinda like Annette. For Ethan to stick with her, I sometimes wonder how much he knows about her involvement in RE7. Maybe Chris and gang hid that fact.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/14 21:31 ID: hcvf1un

hate her, also miranda was very abusive to ethan and he didnt see a difference, bit sketchy

23 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:38 ID: hcvo8v7

Don't forget her giving him shit for being very understandably traumatized by everything that happened three years ago -- which, of course, was all her fault.

Like, sure, the opening scene in 8 is Miranda, not Mia, but Ethan also has that flaskback to actual Mia yelling at him about being traumatized and how he should just get over it.

She is a bona-fide bitch.

24 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:42 ID: hcvop7g

Ok my first re7 playthrough I definitely rescued Zoe. Like why would I rescue mia after all she's done?

25 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:43 ID: hcvotw0

Yeah I don't know why the game just kind of ignored the fact she was a bio-terorrist in 8, hopefully 9 wraps that up.


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