Worst video game purchase you made and did you see the reviews before buying ? Spent $60 back in 2008 on this….

1 : Anonymous2021/09/14 01:09 ID: pnso1a
Worst video game purchase you made and did you see the reviews before buying ? Spent $60 back in 2008 on this….
2 : Anonymous2021/09/14 01:51 ID: hcrnzuy

Always knew that as a ps avatar, completely forgot it was from a game.

ID: hcsbwxk

Hahaha everyone had it

3 : Anonymous2021/09/14 05:32 ID: hcsd87o

The story behind the making of HAZE is insane, the game went through drastic changes really late. There’s videos about it on YouTube if anyone’s interested. Shame because the premise and way you change sides midway through the game is really cool.

ID: hct4s8n

Haze is one of those games that doesn't quite get credit where it's due.

It has asymmetrical warfare, with one side being vastly different than the other.

It was a FPS that introduced "abilities" - extremely rare at the time as the standard was just picking up guns off the floor.

It was developed by Free Radical, makers of Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Timesplitters. So it had pedigree.

It was a shame the narrative was garbage, and the multiplayer broken, because otherwise it was an innovative title.

ID: hctcgc1

I actually quite enjoyed it, me and my friend played the whole thing co op.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/14 06:46 ID: hcsj5ra

Sonic the hedgehog 2006. Got it for 20 with my PS3 and was just astounded at how bad it was.

ID: hct6wwh

"Hi Sonic!! I need your help!"
"Collect some rings for me."
Introduction of janky gameplay mechanics.
Immediately launched into the ocean.
Die to janky mechanics.
Die to janky mechanics.
Die to janky mechanics.
Title screen.
Select new game...

ID: hcspeuo

My dad gave me that as a Christmas present. It was such a nice gesture of him as we played the 90s games together when I was young and I felt terrible cos it was trash and he would ask me if I was enjoying it and he would say he never saw me playing it and I just couldn't bring myself to tell him it was awful. I still think about that.

ID: hctcclu

My grandmother got a ps3 and got sonic 06 for some of the grandkids to play. She gave it to me when she moved, and I still have it in my collection now, but only because it reminds me of her. It’s still trash haha

ID: hcsr6yy

I don’t remember the exact name of it but I used to have a sonic game on my game cube way back in the day. Loved that game

5 : Anonymous2021/09/14 08:19 ID: hcsphc7

Spent around 100 bucks (Including) on duke nukem forever limited edition only for it to drop to 20 or so in my home country after a few months

6 : Anonymous2021/09/14 03:33 ID: hcs0y26

I spent 70 dollars on Superman 64 when I was 13. I saved up for like 6 months. I honestly thought I just bought a bad copy of the game and there was no way a game like that could be released.

ID: hcsrz1f

Lets just fly trough the FUCKING RINGS

Oh this looks like a nice level.. MORE FUCKING RINGS

ID: hcs1ciu

I don’t think I could ever recover from that……

ID: hcs2kn1

I’m still a little salty about it and it’s been 22 years or something haha.

ID: hcsc259

Its these personal stories like this that make me understand why the gaming industry almost died with E.T.

ID: hcsuomb

Funny story: the company that made Superman 64 was successful enough that they bought a controlling stake in Interplay and shutdown Black Isle Studio, creators of Fallout, cancelling the original, nearly complete Fallout 3 because they felt "PC gaming is dead."

I mean if anyone has their finger on the pulse of gaming its the guys who released Superman 64.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/14 06:40 ID: hcsipeb

Medal of Honor:Warfighter

I loved it. No one bought it, so it was impossible to find matches.

Also has one of my favourite car chase sections to date.

ID: hcsze49

I actually really liked both the modern MoH games. I never even tried the MP, just thoroughly enjoyed both campaigns

ID: hct65u3

What a shame Medal of Honor is. They were way better than the call of duty games back in the PS2 era. You could populate a multiplayer map with bots which made it so much more enjoyable. But CoD 4 came out and MoH couldn't keep up with online and with the modern war

8 : Anonymous2021/09/14 07:48 ID: hcsnh3y

I spent 30 dollars on Star Wars Squadrons on ps4 and then week later it was free on ps plus.

ID: hctj89q

To be fair, that game in VR is a one of a kind experience. Even better with HOTAS. As a game it’s not amazing, but as an experience it’s one of the best I’ve played in years tbh

9 : Anonymous2021/09/14 01:12 ID: hcriwci

Brink! Had potential, but unfortunately fell flat.

ID: hcrk383

Bought brink too! I wanted it to be good so bad. It was just kind of eh.
Bought twisted metal on ps3 full price and then the psn hack happened and I never even played it not once.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/14 08:02 ID: hcsoe9k

A younger, naive self traded in my Nintendo Wii with all the accessories (Wii remote+, fit board, several wheels attachments and more) with about 30 games, to buy Kinect for the Xbox 360 and maybe 2 games? Did this thinking it was the future, no controller needed.

Biggest regret of my life.

ID: hctbvkd

Weirdly I was going to say the opposite sort of thing in terms of wrong console, I massively regret getting COD5 (the first nazi zombie one) for wii rather than PlayStation, massive massive mistake. I basically did it for the rifle attachment thing for the remote, that was also expensive and impossible to use, the aiming with the motion sensor was terrible, and the game didn’t even include nazi zombies on Wii. Utter disaster.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/14 01:58 ID: hcrp0y7

Alright. Let me tell you about this fuck up.

I loved the Men in Black movies as a kid (1&2 I didn't even mind the 3rd when it came out). I had bought Men in Black: Alien Escape from blockbuster for about $20 and loved that game as well.

So... when Men in Black: Alien Crisis was announced, I thought this was going to be basically a sequel to Alien Escape and it would potentially become one of my all time favorite games so I pre-ordered it (I was honestly probably the only one in the world who did).

Holy Hell was I wrong... the pathetic on rails shooter with cringy acting and shit story already in the first cut sceen. I remember thinking that this on-rails part must be just part of the intro and it would eventually get better. I came to my senses and paused the game maybe 20 minutes into it looked it up. It didn't get any better. Turned it off, went to a different EB Games to trade it back for store credit. I couldn't bare to show my face in the one I originally purchased it at and face that humiliation.

ID: hcs45td

Hahaha Awwwh man...you JUST reminded me of a PS1 Men In Black game, I completely forgot that shit existed


12 : Anonymous2021/09/14 02:55 ID: hcrwabo

A little game called ANTHEM. Game was an absolute dumpster fire.

ID: hcsjqrz

Oh yeaa my buddy was so hyped up for that & I told him yea it looks cool, but it's EA so I'm gonna wait and see how it goes before pre-ordering and whatnot. So the day comes and he had it downloaded and ready to play right at midnight, and we're talking in a party. He goes to play it and not even 2 minutes later it crashes

ID: hcsjsny

The potential... There was so much potential.....

ID: hcsqts4

"It's Bioware, it can't be that bad, day 1 purchase."

Well, I used to preorder or buy day 1 games I "knew" would be good, since then never again. Anthem was in such a shitty state it wasn't even a beta or alpha, just slightly polished game concept.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/14 01:25 ID: hcrkpct

Bought Aliens: Colonial Marines on release.

ID: hcs1dvs

I bought the Collectors Edition.

ID: hcss7h8

Same here. I still have the awesome figurine that came with it, and I still think it looks badass. That game was jaw droppingly bad

ID: hcs3t8r

If you play it on PC

This mod is well worth a looky, it fixes a fuck ton of the game up from the AI to certain graphical effects and bugs

14 : Anonymous2021/09/14 01:18 ID: hcrjsl4

Not expensive but one that always stuck with me. I remember loving Need for Speed Carbon and spending so many hours on it. One day I went to GameStop and decided to buy Pro Street and got talked into spending the few extra dollars on the new copy instead of used.

I hated it but couldn't return it because you can't return new games once they're opened.

ID: hcrlxy1

Never played Pro Street, but Carbon is by far the most underrated NFS! Loved that game as a kid.

ID: hcsniut

I loved the drifting in that game. There was one track where I managed to get 1M points in 2 laps.
Edit : canyon duels were cool too. Tense as hell

15 : Anonymous2021/09/14 02:52 ID: hcrvykc


ID: hcsg29p

Agreed! I remember the trailer for it completely sold me on it.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/14 01:13 ID: hcrj1ue

Naughty Bear. It was funny for about ten minutes, then boring as fuck.

ID: hcrkk26

Yo, same. At first I was all hyped cause it's a game about a grumpy teddy bear stabbing the stuffing out of other bears. But then it just got tedious after like the 3rd mission.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/14 01:49 ID: hcrnts5

Interstellar Marines - kickstarted game that went right down the shitter. Empty promises abound

18 : Anonymous2021/09/14 06:02 ID: hcsfqt8

A Nice little game Called Jurassic Park: Trespasser. It has to be good Jurrasic Park is good, what could go wrong.

Thankfully i bought it from a yard sale I believe. No idea what I payed for it, but anything more then nothing is to much.

ID: hcsqkw0

It was a mess, but one of the games from my childhood i remember the most. That whole hand movement thing really was innovative, and had actual physics you could use to your advantage, stacking boxes to climb stuff etc.

And trying to aim at a dino coming at you, was nervewrecking.

Think i just played the shareware version tho back then. Tried the game a few years ago in full, but.. yeah..

19 : Anonymous2021/09/14 05:16 ID: hcsbst0

Hellgate: London. Trailer and concept sounded so cool

20 : Anonymous2021/09/14 12:02 ID: hct62fw

My dad hated gaming consoles, so I never had one as a young kid. When I was 11, I got a paper route, and started saving every penny for an NES. My friends all had them and I was seriously in love with Mario Bros./Duck Hunt.

Anyway, by the time I'd saved enough money, the package available was the one with Super Spike V-ball and whatever else.

Again, I began saving for a copy of a Mario game, but before I got there, I was enticed by Street Fighter 2010. It was $20 cheaper than any Mario title, and Stret Fighter is awesome, right?

Reviews weren't easily available, but it's not like Capcom would slap their best title on a piece of shit, right?

Wrong. The game is an unplayable mess of a side scrolling platformer that has zero to do with the SF franchise. Seriously, I spent days without being able to get past the first area.

It made me seriously consider selling my NES, since I'd invested months of labor into it, and didn't have a single fun game.

Fortunately, friend loaned me his copy of Mario/Duck Hunt, and that got me through until Solar Jetman.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/14 02:19 ID: hcrrn0n

And they named it a Halo killer


22 : Anonymous2021/09/14 04:04 ID: hcs4qmj

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

I'm not exaggerating when I say that was the worst $15 I ever spent.


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