“Ori” is still a masterpiece. (in my opinion)

1 : Anonymous2021/09/14 08:56 ID: pnz1lw
"Ori" is still a masterpiece. (in my opinion)
2 : Anonymous2021/09/14 09:21 ID: hcstfjv

What would have changed to make it not a masterpiece anymore?

ID: hctep25

I'm at a loss here, it's like they're treating Ori as though it's this veteran classic. Nothing about it had aged and honestly at this level, I can't see it ever "aging"

ID: hctwo54

The need for karma.

ID: hcv4ups

Xbox marketing team trying to get all stealthy....

ID: hctx5d4

Will of the Wisps dropped and is better in like every way

ID: hcudf3s

WotW is definitely more polished but BF has a certain charm that I love

ID: hctyr6e

I definitely disagree there. WotW feels much more bloated than BF to me.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/14 09:25 ID: hcstpgz

The visuals are great, but soundtrack puts it on an entirely other plane of existence. Absolutely beautiful game

ID: hcswe6l

Yup. First time i heard the luma pools i had to just stop and listen. Surreal.

ID: hct7iai

Same guy is working on the Halo Infinite soundtrack

ID: hcvgh1b

If the sound track and audio design in general wasn't so good in both of these games they would be far less popular. It is like 35% of the enjoyment for me.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/14 10:14 ID: hcswy37

Truly an "every frame a painting" game

5 : Anonymous2021/09/14 09:06 ID: hcssgky

Best game visually for high end TVs

6 : Anonymous2021/09/14 13:55 ID: hctjcdm

I shed a tear at the end of the first one. I litterally cried at the end of the second one. The devs have some serious talent in storytelling.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/14 09:07 ID: hcsskdr

You're absolutely right and the story is fantastic. Have you played the second?

ID: hcssvv8

already played both. but this time I'm gonna try "hard mode" which I died more than 10 time within 1 hour 🙂

ID: hcssxdb

Good luck!

8 : Anonymous2021/09/14 10:48 ID: hcszjbo

Good game!

Difficult to find a similar game in terms of colourful and playful 2d games.

Games like Blasphemous, Hollow Knight and Ender Lillies are lots of fun but they are so dark.

Can anyone recommend me a 2d side-scroller metrovania like Ori on the PC that isn't dark?

ID: hctryvc

Hollow knight has plenty colour, wdym

ID: hctzfne

It is a very pretty game, but it isn’t as vibrant as ori.

ID: hctu6wd

Even the colorful areas tend to be much more muted

ID: hcti9b6

Check out Dead Cells. The game is quite good imo

ID: hctwv0n

Dead cells is pretty cool, got a great rhythm to it.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/14 11:29 ID: hct2z92

Is the gameplay itself any good? I love platformers and beautiful game graphics but the two rarely occur in the same game and I was considering this ages ago but was put off when I heard some people say it wasn't that good (then again maybe they just don't like platformers) for what it's worth I loved Cuphead... if this plays anything like that.

ID: hctlojl

I think "fluid", as another comment said, is a very good way to describe it.

Once you unlock enough abilities you can pretty much chain them to barely touch the ground and just zip through levels.

I will also say that the Bash ability (which you get somewhat early in the first game) is extremely satisfying to use in my opinion. It really elevates the quality of the platforming.

The second game does throw a lot more tools at you, which might be a bit confusing, but I still find it excellent and worth playing.

ID: hct9kcl

I like platformers and I liked Ori. Never played Cuphead specifically, though, so I don't know how it compares to that. Closest game I can think of is Celeste.

The first one has beautiful and fluid platforming, but the combat is very lacking. They reworked the combat in the second one and it's much better, but IMO the platforming is slightly worse (I find it a bit over-engineered, with too many similar abilities that just add complexity without making the game any more fun, but it's still good and I'd recommend it)

ID: hct8dv2

I would say that the game style is more like a "hollow knight". it's has a beautiful scene and a great song. I suggest you should go look for some gameplay video if you interested in it.

ID: hct8ufr

I guess videos are the simplest but best answer still.

ID: hctuax8

The gameplay is amazing. That’s why I love it, personally. I’m mainly speaking of Ori 2, Will of the Wisps, which I played first. The platforming is the most satisfying and engaging I’ve ever experienced. You end up with a friggin arsenal of movement tools, and chaining them all together is amazing, though, credit where its due, a lot of how satisfying it is is owed to excellent animation work.

Ori 2 also greatly expanded the combat, which was very minimal in the first game. There’s a ton of options—a sword, a giant club that’ll yeet enemies, a bow that can be modified in various ways, various power moves and AOE attacks, etc.

Having said all that, I haven’t played many 2D platformers. But I’ve played a bit of Hollow Knight, all of Shovel Knight, some other stuff.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/14 13:31 ID: hctg4ma

When was it not a masterpiece?

11 : Anonymous2021/09/14 13:37 ID: hctgw8e

Yet a pretty difficult game

ID: hctj5ii

Yeah too difficult for me, I gave up. That was on the Switch and my thumbs were aching. I know have a PC and it’s on Gamepass so I may try again at some point

ID: hctl43j

I never played on Switch, but it was hard for me on PC. You can have a USB gamepad or keyboard-mouse, but I think that either way is not easier. The game was designed that way. Platformers and usually metroidvanias are hard

ID: hctufss

There is an easy mode so that might help

ID: hctumk9

I found it a bit uncomfortable on Switch, but not at all when I played with an Xbox controller.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/14 11:52 ID: hct53zm

I'm not crying, you're crying!

13 : Anonymous2021/09/14 14:04 ID: hctkhpb

It is really good, but was not as good as Hollow Knight for me.

ID: hcueojj

Yep, Hollow Knight is the current standard for metroidvanias. It surpassed both Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night (finally, 20+ years these games remained on top). Ori is really good, I liked Guacamelee a lot, the AM2R fanmade game gets really close to Hollow Knight (imo it's at the same level of Super Metroid), etc.. but Hollow Knight reigns alone

14 : Anonymous2021/09/14 14:25 ID: hctnfii

Because of the nature of the art and design this game will be timelessly beautiful. People twenty years from now will be digging it up for articles on how games age.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/14 09:12 ID: hcssuqj

It's a beautiful game.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/14 14:13 ID: hctlsl4

I wish the gameplay was as good as the presentation.....

ID: hcueqx4

The platforming is as good as the presentation. The combat tho....

17 : Anonymous2021/09/14 09:06 ID: hcssh6l

Looks awesome story is kinda weak

ID: hcudukv

Both Ori's have some of the best storytelling of any platformers ever made. These stories moved me as much as if not more than any story driven AAA game I've played.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/14 10:05 ID: hcswdgz

Game looks and plays great but unfortunately I started playing it in very bad time (for me) and now I can't bring myself to go back to it. 🙁 Which is a shame, because I liked gameplay a lot from what little I played.

ID: hctckis

the story itself if worth revisiting as I also started it at a bad time, but I loved the art work and then the story just brought me to tears. both games easily took my favorite game title passing Portal and Borderlands(series).

I would recommend trying again friendo

ID: hctmywy

Yeah I finished Hollow Knight few weeks before and wanted something similar. Then, unfortunately, I lost somebody very dear to me. To take my mind away from the whole situation I decided to play game similar to Hollow Knight - so I picked Ori.

And as you know... beginning of the game didn't really do me any good.

Still, from what I played it's a great game. Unfortunately I'm little disabled now (problem with arms) so this kind of game may be out of my reach (heh).

19 : Anonymous2021/09/14 14:14 ID: hctlxxk

Just beat it yesterday, beautiful game but I wish there was a color blind mode or something, had an extremely difficult time differentiating between hazards and terrain/environment decoration. Lots of blue on blue and green on green, but that doesn't affect everyone

20 : Anonymous2021/09/14 14:32 ID: hctogvr

Love the ori games. And the ending still gets me. Cannot wait to see what the studio does next.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/14 14:42 ID: hctpx64

Never heard of it. Looks cool.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/14 15:33 ID: hctxcqe


24 : Anonymous2021/09/14 16:14 ID: hcu3jb0

Thank you, once a good opinion on this sub

25 : Anonymous2021/09/14 16:21 ID: hcu4ir5


26 : Anonymous2021/09/14 16:48 ID: hcu8ja1

I just got past the ginso tree and I already love the game

27 : Anonymous2021/09/14 17:25 ID: hcue7bu

It has some minor flaws. The combat in the original game is pretty weak, it got significantly better in the sequel tho. But the sequel is just that, more of the same, improvements in some areas, but complete repetition in others. The "plot" (if you even call call it that way) is virtually identical to the first game, everything, even the areas were rehashed and expanded. Difficult spikes in the chasing sequences (especially in the first game), etc.. Still, a high 9 is a perfectly valid score. But to consider it perfect... naah, not really. It's similar to Symphony of the Night in a way, many fans consider it "perfect", but there is some pretty obvious flaws as well

28 : Anonymous2021/09/14 17:52 ID: hcui7v9

Hallowed are the Ori

29 : Anonymous2021/09/14 18:34 ID: hcuogn2

Really such a beautiful game

30 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:07 ID: hcv2n5y

Ori 2 is one. 1 has some annoying flaws, though. The main one being the annoying "boss" battles where if you die you get sent all the way back. Ori 2 just blows the first game out of the water.

31 : Anonymous2021/09/14 21:58 ID: hcviv49

It's probably my hottest gaming take that I found Ori to be nothing special compared to any of the other major metroidvanias from the last 5 years.

32 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:51 ID: hcvpym6

Tried getting into 1.

2, OMG, the smoothest game I have ever played. The controls and movement are just so fluid. So satisfying.

33 : Anonymous2021/09/14 23:23 ID: hcvu323

Damn how much the game cost?

34 : Anonymous2021/09/14 11:46 ID: hct4hm0

Ori is amazing in all departments, Ori 2 was even more amazing but lacked in story IMO.

Except for that, both are amazing experiences and should be played by anyone that likes games in general.


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