Wolverines height is 5’3 in the comics.

1 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:31 ID: pnmk5x
Wolverines height is 5’3 in the comics.
2 : Anonymous2021/09/13 20:25 ID: hcqggm0

I just want them to play the TORNADO CLAW sound bite from the old Capcom games

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ID: hcreazv

my dumb kid ass thought it was something like "chris-christopher robin!!" like wtf, lmao.

ID: hcropki

I always heard, “PEPPER PEPPER RAJJJJ”. TIL it’s berserker barrage. I am an old mind blown man rn.

ID: hcrc6nh

I'm pretty sure that moves called BARARARARARAAA!!!

ID: hcqprgq

MvC days

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3 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:59 ID: hcqtxho

I still lament that we never got to see Iron Man and Wolverine interacting. Would have driven Pepper nuts.

ID: hcs566r

Yeah but him and MCU Scott Lang are going to be hilarious.

ID: hcsioim

They've already shot some test footage of them.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:48 ID: hcqavvk

so tom cruise should have played wolverine and Hugh Jackman should have played Jack Reacher?

ID: hcqorut

I'm kinda glad we got the other way around. Say what you like about height, Hugh fucking nailed everything else about Wolverine.

ID: hcqsco8

kinda glad ????? Of course man……imagine tom cruise as wolverine???? Fml

5 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:16 ID: hcqnvxf

That’s why Sabretooth always called him “runt”.

ID: hcr26lb

To be fair that mf 6’6”

ID: hcri7lh

Basically the guy who Konami-coded himself more than a foot extra over Wolverine before birth.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:11 ID: hcqn883

I suppose I didn't know until today how many people actually preferred his comic-accurate height.

ID: hcs7b44

I don't think its all about comic accuracy, its that wolverine's short stature is a cornerstone of his character. In a world of young, Olympian-like Gods, there's this hairy, little, old rowdy Canadian who can fuck them all up.

ID: hcre2gb

They won't admit it, but short guys want positive short guy representation in media. No shame in that.

ID: hcrkv35

Short stocky guy here. I’d really like to have representation besides Gimli, though I’m grateful for Gimli.

ID: hcrgliw

I'll fully admit to this. Being 5'5.2 inches (.2 matters damnit) barefoot, it is unfortunate and I wish I was taller. Not just for dating, in every aspect of life, taller men automatically are presumed to have more confidence and authority.

I don't blame anyone for that, just human nature, artefacts from our biological evolution.

ID: hcrfyhf

That was the whole dynamic between Wolvie and Sabertooth. Small man vs big man.

Also between Wolvie and Cyclops. Smelly little runt vs tall, handsome, typical Varsity Captain type.

Wolvie has that angry chihuahua energy, so it’s weird to see a tall, svelte, charismatic Broadway singer occupy the role. Still, Jackman did a phenomenal job, so I’m not too upset about it.

ID: hcsma56

“Angry chihuahua” oh man if only there was some other kind of small angry animal to describe him with…

ID: hcsmrla

Wolverine has Wolverine energy. Chihuahuas are very yippy typically because they are scared and they want you to come deal with it. Source raised multiple Chihuahuas, Wolverines have been known to have killed brown bears and are only about 3 to 4x larger than a chihuahua. Probably the only more little bad ass animal he coulda been named after is the honey badger, which with his colors and nigh invulnerability fits better but isn't local to canada.

ID: hcra558

Obviously not Jean-grey...

ID: hcr76up

Who doesn’t love seeing a short king tear shit up?

ID: hcrnej1

Who doesn’t want to see a superhero small enough and violent enough to be recruited by a little person mafia don?

Punisher #17

7 : Anonymous2021/09/13 20:58 ID: hcqlcj3

I was and am short. Wolverine was my favorite when I was a kid reading the comics because I related to that (and the teasing! Haha). But I think Jackman was a stellar choice regardless! I just hope the game is fun, not getting too hung up on anything else.

ID: hcr0fjg

Honestly, when I first saw him as wolverine I didn't like him, I thought he was a great actor and all, but he wasn't comic book accurate he wasn't what I envisioned.

Then when I saw Logan I remembered all the good scenes he did and all the amazing ferocity he showed in all of his films. So I took everything back, because he was the best wolverine we could have asked for, and I regret being so salty about it. Also, Logan almost made me cry.

ID: hcr3065

I get Logan was hard to watch cause of Wolverine but the real reason for crying is seeing Patrick Stewart in that condition and thinking, "oof, I'm gonna miss him."

ID: hcr1foa

Logan DID make me cry.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/13 22:24 ID: hcqx8zv

A little off topic but my grandpa and his brother got chased by a wolverine while fishing when they were young boys up here in Canada.

The sun was in the wolverines eyes and it would stop every now and again to put its paw over it’s brow to block the sun. Told me it’s the most scared he’s ever been in his life.

ID: hcr0als

My grandpa got his foot bit by a king salmon once while fishing.

Probably a lot less intimidating than a wolverine.

ID: hcr9ymk

I told you! I spent it with my uncle in Alaska hunting wolverines! Gosh!

9 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:52 ID: hcqbgzk

Makes sense. Wolverines are not big animals, but extremely ferocious

ID: hcqur34

Hugh Jackman didn’t know that a Wolverine was an animal, and thought it was a code name based on wolves. So he modelled his portrayal on wolves.

ID: hcr03mt

The animal’s name in English also failed to take from the Latin name’s description of the creature being an “insatiable glutton” and rather refers to it as, yes, a “little wolf”

ID: hcr78ta

Is that true? How did nobody tell him? Feels like that couldn’t be the case but I guess you never know for sure with actors.

ID: hcqgw91

Played Far Cry 5, can confirm.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/13 23:23 ID: hcr4vf2

Joe Logan

ID: hcsdtuk

Professor X, pull up that telepathic image of the chimpanzee on ketamine.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/13 20:32 ID: hcqhh2e

That's actually the scariest part about Wolverine. His punches always go to the nuts first..

ID: hcqttji

Claws to the nutsack

12 : Anonymous2021/09/13 20:46 ID: hcqjjlw

His body had metal through out he doesn’t weight 195. It’s more like 350lbs

13 : Anonymous2021/09/13 20:36 ID: hcqi0zf

I’d love a 5’3 version in the films, but it’d be incredibly difficult to cast. Cheaper and easier to cast a 5’7 or 5’8 actor and get them to bulk up. Still not Jackman tall, but small enough.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/13 23:55 ID: hcr8tuy

Kind of off topic but my favorite wolverine moment ever was from the animated series from the 90s.

Sabertooth takes jubilee hostage and wolverine intervened. Calls him an “egg suckin piece of gutter trash” then says “You always liked pushin around people smaller than you, well I’m smaller, try pushin me! Rawwrrrgrrrrggrrr”

ID: hcrwu1a

Upvoted for accurate spelling of Wolverine's rage-growl.

ID: hcrwccq

My favorite is in the morph episode of the same show. Early on, Beast makes some idle chatter about a hole in the ozone layer and its possible effects. A few minutes later, wolverine is sniffing out lasers and beast asks him if he can see them. He says he can smell them. Beast says something like, "that's remarkable" and wolverine just points to his nose and goes, "ozone".

15 : Anonymous2021/09/14 04:24 ID: hcs6vui

Jackman can’t do anything about his height, he’s just a tall dude. But he fucking murdered that role for all the years he played it. No one should want it any other way lol

Edit: didn’t see your caption lol. Yeah I think maybe the game should be more akin to the comics.


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