Dying light 2. Become human. Postponed to 2022

1 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:24 ID: poaurg
Dying light 2. Become human. Postponed to 2022
2 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:28 ID: hcv5teq

Disappointing, but I'd rather have a great release than cyberpunk 2.0

ID: hcv6tot

Didn't that game get pushed back like 4 times and still rolled out like a flat tire?

ID: hcv87vy

That’s what makes it even more hilarious. Those dudes really thought they had a working game early-mid 2020 before the first delay happened. Like I would kill to see that colossal train wreck of a build!

ID: hcvl94s

The other thing is that the Developers hyped the game to hell and back. They did NONSTOP interviews about the game, talked their heads off about all the "cool" things in it. They did all of this before they even had anything to show the public. Then when they could show the public.. A lot of the stuff was later cut from the game.

Cyberpunk's failure wasn't the bugs. It was the empty promises and over hype. They basically became ITTech for a game company.

ID: hcvimir

Yes it did. But people still somehow use that game as an example of why something should be delayed. Quite funny.

ID: hcvpm11

That’s the problem, you delay till it’s done. They delayed Till they got thin skinned from backlash. Needed realistically another 2 years.

ID: hcvfym3

Search your feelings, 2077 was delayed several times and still came out a shit show and nothing about this production feels good. Cyberpunk 2: Dying Light boogaloo is coming 2/4/22.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:27 ID: hcv5qch

at this point it’s pretty much postponing: the game

4 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:36 ID: hcv6zme

This is starting to look familiar. Almost like this should have a yellow background

5 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:50 ID: hcv93aa

I'm sure this game will be great but these delays are starting to fill me with doubt that it's going to go down the route of delaying too many times and releasing a product that isn't 100% or close to it.

ID: hcvg3up

Yeah while I agree that if a product needs more time in the oven they should keep at it there's a point after multiple delays where people need to stop and start asking why they keep missing the deadline. People love to defend the development team against any criticism. Is it a management issue? Direction issue? Probably won't know until someone leaks it like a year after the game releases.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:36 ID: hcv6zqx

Good! If they need more time they should take it, no one should feel rushed to put out a game, I’d much rather they make it perfectly how they want it first, however long that takes.

ID: hcv8875

Exactly. Especially when you think about how good the first one was! IMO one of the best multiplayer experiences of all time. I've played through maybe 5 or 6 times with my best bud, that's both main game and the following. I won't be happy waiting, but I'll be much happier when it does release in the (hopefully) best shape possible.

ID: hcvmewp

Same here! Me and my gaming buddy just beat it and are super excited for the next one

7 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:45 ID: hcv8fgj

I never get upset at a delay. Sure it sucks but I’m sick to death of it being acceptable In the video game industry to release unfinished projects.

ID: hcviw1r

Yeah. Cyberpunk was delayed like 5 times and was in development for the better half of a decade mate. Still didn't help it.

ID: hcv8rql

Indeed. Rather have it delayed and as perfect as can be (bugs are inevitable with such big world's and what not), than 235 patches within the first month.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:36 ID: hcv73em

Very disappointing, but it's probably for the better. We don't want another cyberpunk type mistake.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:43 ID: hcvouxg

Remember... no pre-orders!

10 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:59 ID: hcvqyz3

Okay but are another 3 months of development actually going to help this game or is it smarter to just delay it to another year???? Like how much are they actually fixing in that extra time compared to what actually needs to be fixed?

11 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:27 ID: hcv5r14

This is why we should never preorder games

ID: hcv64u1

Because of delays? The pre order is still valid. It doesn't cancel it because the game is delayed. You'll just get a better version of the game you pre ordered than if it hadn't been delayed.

ID: hcvju8n

My pc blew up when the delay happened and my steam account was deleted damn you techland!!!

ID: hcv8gxw

A pre-order 2 days before release is still a pre-order, that's why I'll wait till I know it can't be postponed anymore.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/14 21:56 ID: hcvilxm

... Just stop giving dates..

ID: hcvo7zq

I’m good with estimates and maybe give an exact date two weeks to a month from release

13 : Anonymous2021/09/14 21:24 ID: hcve3nz

Can't judge until it's out. And until a game is it I don't get excited for then anymore

14 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:17 ID: hcvldvy

Jesus people wake tf up they just gave us a release date not that long ago that they fucking knew they were gonna delay. It's all fine to give people time to work but people need to stop being ok with companies clearly lying to them with bs dates that they know for a fact they won't make

15 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:25 ID: hcvmjfq

I'll take a delay for as long as it takes to make a good game. There will be other games to play in the meantime.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:29 ID: hcvn281

Detroit 2: Become Dying Light

17 : Anonymous2021/09/14 23:38 ID: hcvvztg

CDPR is that you?

18 : Anonymous2021/09/14 23:42 ID: hcvwkhh

Will this game ever come out

19 : Anonymous2021/09/14 23:02 ID: hcvrbat

Gay least they’re honest I guess.


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