Xbox is keeping our pet alive by warming her up since heat pads are sold out.

1 : Anonymous2021/09/16 20:06 ID: ppkyr4
Xbox is keeping our pet alive by warming her up since heat pads are sold out.
2 : Anonymous2021/09/16 20:08 ID: hd4dwg3

Make sure you are playing some AAA titles

ID: hd4kci2

Like cod MW that makes any device fly

ID: hd4lkq9

I know, just gave my pc a heart attack running it

ID: hd551ho

I can sear a brisket on my PS4 when playing RDR2

ID: hd5gqdq

they want to keep their pet alive.. not bake it

ID: hd580sf

100% I look forward to the winter months when my series x is going to heat my house.

ID: hd587h1

Made summer ever so much fun being in the same room as a pc and series x

ID: hd4xrbx

You don't want to cook your pet though.

ID: hd5cdbq

May I suggest any game RockStar has to offer.

ID: hd51cyl

I read this as "Make sure you are playing some AAA titties."

ID: hd5c6lw

"Power Your Dreams"

ID: hd5ft8r

Whooah. We’re not trying to cook it, are we?

3 : Anonymous2021/09/16 20:27 ID: hd4go7h

Story behind the photos:
She's a degu named Cookie. We noticed something's wrong last night and she's been deteriorating ever since. Vet gave her some medication and told us to keep her warm until the next visit tomorrow morning. Heat pads are sold out so we kept her in our hands, on a chest, etc... to keep her warm.

After a whole day of intense care, with the the question "how to survive the night?" looming ahead... I got an idea, to pull out the Xbox from under the TV and put in the table. This way we can keep an eye on her, while she's resting on the warm side.

So far we're alternating between casually playing Burnout (to ease our worries) and idling in a menu to keep the temperature OK. Over night we'll crank up the heat by putting in CD of Valhalla if it gets cold, take shifts with my GF, care for Cookie, and maybe hunt down some achievements along the way 🙂

ID: hd4wwke

Hey man, I don't know how things are currently going or what part of the world you are but if you have a grow store close by, check there for seed germination mats. Only $10-15 and will be just her size without getting overly hot.

Hope things get better!

ID: hd5bzsp

Absolutely test it out before putting her on. Not every grow mat is made equal and some cheaper ones with questionable thermal controls can be too hot and cook your seeds.

ID: hd5lnkd

A sock filled with rice warmed in the microwave will stay decently warm!

ID: hd5ql9b

I had to do this, only downside is after about two hours you gotta reheat it, at least for my socks

ID: hd4kkjb

If you have cod that game will make the device fly

ID: hd5bx18

He wants Cookie warm not well done

ID: hd53mle

Or over heat lol

ID: hd57kii

Best wishes for Cookie's swift recovery. And using the Xbox is a very inventive solution, props to you for thinking of it!

I was very excited to see a degu. I wanted one soooo bad in the early aughts but never was able to get one.

ID: hd5176o

OP I highly recommend getting a hot/cold pack. I got one for $4 from a local pharmacy and its a Godsend. You can put it in hot water for a few minutes to heat it up or leave it in the freezer to make it cold depending on your needs.

ID: hd5252r

Oh i know these. We even have one but it somehow broke last winter and we can't get the gel to fully melt and de-crystalize in the hot water. The Xbox is somewhat of a last resort.

ID: hd5hay1

Would getting a livestock warm light work? They are 20 for the plug in fixture and 20 for the bulb. They work. We use them for chickens to help make sure they have the heat they need as chicks

4 : Anonymous2021/09/16 22:32 ID: hd4y01s

Sincerely hope she makes it.

ID: hd54ikn

Thank you

5 : Anonymous2021/09/16 20:08 ID: hd4dwvw

She is adorable. What is she?

ID: hd4h8q1

she's an octodon degu. I wrote another comment for context.

ID: hd4izuu

Cool. I'm happy she's doing well. Thank you for the answer.

ID: hd50yvm

And I thought my chinchilla was exotic. This the first time I am hearing of that animal.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/16 21:57 ID: hd4tfei

Pretty genius. Make sure your settings don't put it in stand-by. My Playstation goes to sleep after 15-20 minutes of idling unless I have a video player open.

ID: hd4wgl9

Good point. We've already ran into that. Idling in game's menu worked well so far. Both temperature-wise as well as staying running. I'll have to check if there's any other inactivity setting.

ID: hd7q21d

Oh, make sure to darken your tv setting. Don’t want to get screen burn.

Did that with my old PS2, could see the pause screen of Tony Hawks American Wasteland and the old Need for Speed Most Wanted from a certain angle.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/16 21:46 ID: hd4rx04

Fill a couple of 2 liter bottles with hot water, wrap them in towels and put her in her towel between them. Just don't forget to check to make sure it's not too hot for her and make sure to refresh the bottles every once in a while. That's what we did with our sick puppy. He's now happily running around the apartment as an adult.

ID: hd4xfni

Yes 🙂 that's a good idea. We did that during her first nap in the noon. We'll likely return to that for the second half of the night so that all of us can get a few hours of sleep. The Xbox is just a way to keep her warm and resting in our sight. Because you can only hold her in hands for so long before you start shaking or twitching.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/16 20:12 ID: hd4egie

Is that a chinchilla?

ID: hd4hb5t

Degu, same family as the chinchilla. I used to have a load of the little guys.

ID: hd4hoyx

Thanks for the info. Has the same colour coat as one of my old guinea pigs. Made me wistful for the old fella.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/16 22:23 ID: hd4wuv8

Put some white rice in a clean sock, tie off the end, you can microwave in short increments until desired temp(not too hot) and will help provide some heat. A super cheap DIY heating pad!

10 : Anonymous2021/09/16 20:27 ID: hd4glbo

Seriously, why does it run so hot. I have mine plugged in, but haven't used it in a few months and it's borderline hot to the touch.

Edit: Thanks for your concern, I unplugged it. I guess I just assumed that it was supposed to be that hot and never looked into it.

ID: hd5g4dp may want to unplug that...and maybe call an electrician...

ID: hd4oubo

I never had this issue with it being too hot to the touch. Mine's just warm.

ID: hd5k9di

get that checked out you might have a fire soon

ID: hd5rlss

yoooooo unplug everything from that outlet

11 : Anonymous2021/09/16 20:11 ID: hd4eamz

Yeah idk why my xboxs get so hot I left a game on it once and it melted

ID: hd4yo9a

Seems you guys never had a ps3

ID: hd4yqms

Holy shit I forgot

12 : Anonymous2021/09/16 21:53 ID: hd4svlh

Time to download warzone and leave it on the main menu… but seriously I hope everything goes well

13 : Anonymous2021/09/16 21:48 ID: hd4s63j

Play the beta for cod vanguard that’ll keep your whole house warm as it slowly burns to the ground

14 : Anonymous2021/09/16 22:16 ID: hd4vvc8

Quickly someone send this man an AMD PC BUILD CIRCA 2011 STAT


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