This is probably dumb and it’s late but is the chair swinging because of eveline? The chair seems to be moving to much for it just to be wind

1 : Anonymous2021/09/17 03:11 ID: pps54v
This is probably dumb and it’s late but is the chair swinging because of eveline? The chair seems to be moving to much for it just to be wind
2 : Anonymous2021/09/17 04:24 ID: hd64un4

in the demo version of the game there was a ghost that looked like Mia that would occasionally appear by them right before you guys kick down the door to get in so i think it just does that to play in the paranormal vibes the demo gave and they didn't take it out of the final game!

ID: hd74qq4

Huh so maybe that was an eveline placeholder or something like that

ID: hd7nbks

stop looking so deep into it. he literally explains it and it was indeed probably just for a paranormal look. why does this have to turn into oH mAn It’s aN EvElIne PlaCehOldEr

3 : Anonymous2021/09/17 06:53 ID: hd6hoip

An Easter egg & references video I saw said it was an evil dead reference, along with some other things in-game (like jack saying "groovy" when grabbing his chainsaws)

4 : Anonymous2021/09/17 06:39 ID: hd6glwc

Sometimes in certain versions you can see Mia or Eveline out of the corner of your eye.

ID: hd745oc

Versions of the game?

ID: hd78ppb

Not OP but probably versions of the Demo, if I had to guess.

As of RE7 Capcom has taken to updating playable demos after release to drop easter eggs, hints, and spooky changes to get people online talking. Iirc, one of the changes to RE7's demo was the ghost itself (or at least making it more common to spot; it's been a while so I'm not clear on the details anymore) to generate an online buzz and produce more SEO juice.

Like when they added Nemesis' "STARS" shout into the RE2 demo after announcing the RE3make, for example. It's a small addition that's easy for them to add that leads to a whole cavalcade of headlines and clicks to signal boost their game.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/17 11:09 ID: hd6z4yr

Honestly love these three guys and their 5 minutes

Probably more than 5 for the poor guy taking the film

ID: hd74msb

Yeah they were great characters I liked how Clancy got to talk in banned footage too

6 : Anonymous2021/09/17 13:09 ID: hd7blhz

The wind. They aren’t infected so she can’t make them see things.

ID: hd7bq5r

I thought she could still effect(?) things like i thought she wasn’t visible but could do things

ID: hd7j2pl

She can control the goo and infected people but you have to be infected for her to give you hallucinations

7 : Anonymous2021/09/17 14:01 ID: hd7iabu

Yeah I was startled by that noise it makes while trying to film the moths around the porch light and swung around to see that swing moving

ID: hd7t7xs

That’s what caused me to think about this and my tired brain

8 : Anonymous2021/09/17 15:25 ID: hd7tzvh


ID: hd8l3pu

I see what you’re getting at that’s pretty clever I think that could help some people but probably not me because I already use it enough but definitely other people!

9 : Anonymous2021/09/17 10:11 ID: hd6up5o

Even though 7 isn't mainstream anymore, we still love this game.


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