Just one more loot box…

1 : Anonymous2021/09/17 02:51 ID: pprugb
Just one more loot box...
2 : Anonymous2021/09/17 05:49 ID: hd6co6c

i suddenly have the urge to construct additional pylons

ID: hd6swgh

Artosis apple.

ID: hd6up88

hey guy in the chat

ID: hd78u5m

That joke was........ Tasteless.

ID: hd6yohp

For Aiur!

ID: hd79gie


ID: hd77aon

I- I- I- I mean Ner'zhul!

ID: hd7lvox

En taro Tassadar

ID: hd71vl6

It's like a cross between Pylons and the Apple of Eden from Assassin's Creed

ID: hd6vwdu

We need more vespene gas!

ID: hd75mcv

we require more vespene gas, quick, get 'im! He is a spy!

3 : Anonymous2021/09/17 06:08 ID: hd6e6z6

You forgot the golden one you get when you reach level 100

ID: hd6xb8r

Usually horrifically coated in shiny gold all over rather than a more tactful pallette

ID: hd6xhop

*angry Doomguy noises*

ID: hd6xyjz

It wouldn't be a golden toilet if it was tasteful.

ID: hd6z527

Did modern ward fare start this trend? The original modern warfare?

ID: hd6zws5

Yes. But it was okay because you had to actually do a ton of headshots to unlock those skins rather than pay for them.

ID: hd7b5vo

Or after you beat the game and it's practically useless anyways

4 : Anonymous2021/09/17 04:29 ID: hd65em8

Glad I grew up spending my parents' money on cigarettes instead of virtual game cosmetics

ID: hd6nvb8

that's what we call a pro gamer move

ID: hd7ick0

he's going for the speedrun

5 : Anonymous2021/09/17 03:49 ID: hd61717

I've paid very little money for smite the best investment I ever made was getting the ultimate god pack on sale for 6 dollars. Skins I have a few and love the way they look.

Edit in response to the guy saying imagine thinking cosmetic skins are an investment. That is not what I said. I said the 6 dollars I spent on the ultimate god pack was well worth the few dollars invested. If people want to buy skins let them I personally don't buy skins for money.

ID: hd6a43r

I spent a few grand in smite and had every skin. So glad I quit

ID: hd6jldk

Jesus, I can't imagine.

That is probably what I have spent on my entire game library.

ID: hd6soqt

Maybe I’m old fashioned but $60 ought to be enough to get you a complete game, even if it’s a free to play game.

ID: hd6zfqa

Smite would be cool if it had a y axis. I just can’t stand 3D models on a flat plane

6 : Anonymous2021/09/17 02:54 ID: hd5up2m

really glad I grew up before gambling addiction was encouraged in children. That would have been a tough one for me. Good luck, future generations. Seems like you're gonna have a real tough time.

ID: hd70bg3

Wouldn’t have affected me cause I was broke as a joke as a child and no way in hell would my dad pop his credit card on a video game so I could buy stuff in game.

Seems like parents maybe need to stop giving into their kids cries for skins.

ID: hd74exm

Seems like parents maybe need to stop giving into their kids cries for skins

Its just that simple but its not gonna happen lol

ID: hd5wo3q

really glad I grew up before gambling addiction was encouraged in children.

Wow you must be really old to have grown up before Baseball cards existed.

ID: hd5z6st

You mean Pokémon and yugioh cards.

ID: hd7cehn

You can't really compare them, baseball cards didn't have pshychologists actively researching how to make them more addictive.

ID: hd7cvf0

I know a kid in his early 20s who works a pretty dead end job, but has no concept of games without microtransactions. To him, that's just the cost of gaming, and so he ends up spending exorbitantly more than I did on games (in games?) at that age.

Then again I also know someone in their late 30s who should know better but still spent over $7000 on Fortnite, so the only real takeaway here is gaming has become extremely predatory on those weak of will.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/17 08:49 ID: hd6pcoj

$20 dollars.. haha, that's so retro. What is really costs is one loot box, provided it's the winning loot box.

ID: hd7747n

Value estimated at $2.99 - $999.99+

8 : Anonymous2021/09/17 03:11 ID: hd5wn05

The only time Smite gets money out of me is Christmas skins.

But given the amount of hours I've played it, I've still paid very little for the fun that game has given me.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/17 10:30 ID: hd6w1qa

That's the reason i dont like microtransactions even when theyre purely cosmetic.

Sure i dont need the nice looking apple. But i would get more enjoyment out of the game, if i had a cool skin and if i can unlock cool outfits. It was one of my favourite things in the new Spiderman Game to unlock the new outfits.

To put them behind a paywall instead of letting me earn them is just frustrating me because it makes the game less fun. And of course the coolest looking ones are always only buyable (see AC:Valhalla f.e.)

But yeah its fine because its just cosmetic amirite gamers

ID: hd71pvn

Worse because you probably already have them in the game files on your local copy because if you didn't then other players with them unlocked wouldn't display them for you. You just aren't allowed to apply them to your character.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/17 07:11 ID: hd6iytr

if LoL taught me anything, its that I will 100% give them $15 for a sick fucking skin.

ID: hd6qvvi

LoL taught me to stop after 4 or 5 years when everything I purchased had been changed so much it no longer resembles the product I wanted.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/17 04:21 ID: hd64lz9

Add a few more zeros and now you got the actual price.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/17 07:06 ID: hd6ik9l

Literally started playing Rocket League with my friends earlier this years and I've been having a ton of fun and the game tosses a ton of great cosmetics at you. But looking at the store, Who the fuck buys a car body and some decals for $5-20. Like WTF, Batman Arkham Knight is on Discount for $4. I could buy a full AAA game for the price of a few cosmetics in a F2P game. Thats Insane.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/17 08:11 ID: hd6mxtr

Destiny has me by the throat with these cosmetics. At least they're direct purchase and not a gambling system like it used to be... Can't even blame anyone except myself because all the ones I want are super fucking cool lmao

14 : Anonymous2021/09/17 10:09 ID: hd6uifa

Why the fuck would you not want that Hawkeye skin

15 : Anonymous2021/09/17 03:56 ID: hd61vvc

I don’t understand the desire for cosmetics in games. Maybe it’s because I grew up with ‘80s games where if you could tell what the pixel art was supposed to be at all, it was good. I usually can’t be bothered to change a character’s outfit in a game for free though; I would certainly never pay money for that.

ID: hd66uzm

I mean, a lot of the desire comes from people playing online games, especially those who enjoy socializing in them. Wasn't really so much of a thing in the 80s, lol.

Doing costumes is probably the laziest and worst way to do customization, but, if it's all a game gives you it's kind of the only choice you have.

ID: hd66aa8

Same reason people like fashion in real life, or paint / decorate their house, or do landscaping / gardening. They think it looks nice

ID: hd6dme6

Come to warframe. We have spending the majority of your play time figuring out how to make yourself look cool/stupid depending on your mood

16 : Anonymous2021/09/17 04:53 ID: hd67p0g

So… overwatch? Lol

ID: hd6hcso

The default skin

A different coloured one (yellow, purple, etc.)

The one that actually looks nice, but will cost you $50


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