Who would like a remake of the Outbreak series on level of the recent RE2/3 remakes? What updated features would you like to see?

1 : Anonymous2021/09/21 20:06 ID: psqti3
Who would like a remake of the Outbreak series on level of the recent RE2/3 remakes? What updated features would you like to see?
2 : Anonymous2021/09/21 21:47 ID: hdrr2gs

My only concern would really be dealing with griefers and trolls since god knows how many trolls would join the long levels only to peace out 5 minutes later or purposefully get someone else killed

ID: hdrthrc

Ugh. Seriously. Trolls are way more of an issue now days than they were back then.

ID: hds43ch

Solution for if they yeet out 5 mins in a campaign. The game could Automatically replace them with a cpu

3 : Anonymous2021/09/21 22:10 ID: hdru2vg

I would love if the outbreak series would be a little "save point" for extra story telling/lore in the game series. Like the main games of the series continue but if there are like site plots/stories I would live if they'd put it in an outbreak styled game. Like classic old school camera perspectives and movement but Remastered. You can make a ton of scenarios with various people and it would be like a RE cliché game

4 : Anonymous2021/09/21 22:26 ID: hdrw91a

Must include splitscreen and couch co-op unlike the original, couldn't imagine how fun it would be.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/21 20:45 ID: hdriepd

I have only played through Outbreak File 2, I think it is a very fun game with a ton of personality and I would honestly just prefer a simple remaster instead of completely remaking it in a new engine. It is already good and has its own distinct style that would be lost in a remake, just give it a second chance at life. I think the game has aged decently overall and it is easy to pick up and play because it already has modern controls and it's fully 3D. Just improve the loading times/transitions, maybe touch up the textures too, make sure the online play is good and then release it on PC and modern consoles.

ID: hdrq5qa

The biggest issues was PS2 era internet didn't work great for online multiplayer. Drop the game on Steam/PSN/XboxLive and it will do great imo.

ID: hdrvhf8

PS2 internet and the horrendous load times without the PS2 HDD were big barriers for me getting into outbreak. HD textures, QOL improvements, and modern internet gaming would make them fun games to drop into.

ID: hdrkgie

I would gladly accept this as well. Just an HD remaster. Kind of like how Diablo 2 is getting in a couple days.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/21 20:29 ID: hdrg294

Basically anything improves coop features, smooth and easier in game line communication, coop puzzles etc.

Along with that some rpg skills related to their core skills that we can use to build our units like the resistance, weekly events that gives cosmetic rewards

Even thinking about it is sooo good lol hope one day it'll be real

ID: hdrjs43

Never thought of an rpg like system. That would be kind of cool. The cosmetics given today's environment is almost a must. However I loved that they have different costumes in the original but you have to search to find the "parts" before the whole outfit unlocked.

ID: hdrx9o0

Cosmetics almost a must but personally i don't like the weapon skins and sprays etc things they've used in the Resistance, outfit pieces and maybe even character skins would be so nice.

And i've liked the search for parts idea too. People could've ask and help each other for these parts alongside the event requirements etc.

Just when Capcom will realize most of the community doesn't want a pvp game and give us Outbreak or any kind of successor of coop team based Resident Evil game..

7 : Anonymous2021/09/21 22:16 ID: hdruul8

IF I had a pitch meeting AND it wasn't about just a straight up port AND they're just looking for Idea Guy stuff, I'd suggest something along the following:

A Raccoon City map that is one large map ala Fortnite. The game is that you have a few dozen players who spawn at different areas of the map with the idea that the outbreak is just starting. The player's goal is to reach evacuation points while collecting meta quest stuff along the way, files, personal items like the original Outbreak, etc, and fighting monsters. The player will want to balance collecting stuff and killing monsters with actually escaping the city, and receive points based on how well they do. These points can then be spent in a shop for cosmetics and minor perks and whatnot ala Dead by Daylight.

The idea is that the city is broken up in to 2 rings and a center, the center being the final escape zone, with an inner around that with 4 "scenario" area, and an outer ring with 8 more "scenarios". The idea is that the 8 scenarios in the outer ring are your starter scenarios like J's Bar or the Apple Inn or the Raccoon Zoo, places that people just happened to be at when they realized they needed to evacuate. These scenarios start with 8 players each, and at the end of these "scenarios", you have a chopper which will allow 4 people to escape. After that, the remaining players are fed in to the inner ring of 4 scenarios which include the stuff like Below Freezing, End of the Road, and Decisions Decisions where the outbreak gets a brief explanation and you see what Umbrella was doing in the city. At the end of these scenarios you have 4 more choppers that can evacuate 4 more people each.

Assuming you started with a full 64 players in the outer ring, you end up with 32+ that can tackle the inner circle scenarios, and 16+ that make it to the center, where you fight either the Tyrant-R or Nyx or Malformed G or a few Mr. Xs or whatever. 8 players can rush some escape chopper without having to kill the boss, but the remaining players have to finish that boss (or bosses) to make their final escape.

The larger genre is basically a PvE battle royale, except less killing other players and more trying to escape asap, and the game is set up to follow the Fortnite development model where the engine is the important bit and every year or so a new map gets released like Sheena Island or the scenarios get expanded on so maybe Raccoon City looks a little different every time you play, or there is a heist bit added like Army of the Dead where players also want to raid some vault before they escape. Whatever the case, the scenarios stay fresh and players keep playing to unlock the latest seasons stuff.

ID: hds2a47

This is really great imo!

8 : Anonymous2021/09/21 20:47 ID: hdrip70

This would be amazing. I don’t know why they seem to think that it would be a financial risk, and instead give us crap like RE:Verse and Resistance. co-op PvE games like World War Z and Aliens Fireteam Elite make decent money, and I think an Outbreak remake would sell incredibly well in today’s market. I loved it back when it came out and I didn’t even have the ability to play online with friends at the time.

In terms of updated features, I’d like to see the RE2 / RE3 remake gameplay and graphic style of course. Basically, just remake the Outbreak games with the new engine and you don’t have to change the formula too much. I wouldn’t want to see hideous HUD elements or cartoon-style effects like we’ve seen in their recent attempts at multiplayer. I just want an experience like RE2 and RE3 remakes where you can play with friends in an immersive and scary environment. Limited ammo pick ups, work as a team and desperately try to survive. That’s it. Take my money

ID: hdrlaqy

The recent multiplayer attempts were such a joke. I hated them. Too short on time per match and like you said, those cartoon style effects. I just want a classic resident evil game that's multiplayer. And that's exactly what they original Outbreaks were.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/21 20:38 ID: hdrhgnh

I don't want more remakes because remakes only work if they enhance something to the point it's a largely new experience. That's what 2 did, and 3 to an extent. The REmake too.

ID: hdrk8k3

I would even just take a file 3 then. All new maps, maybe even some new characters. Old maps could be released later as different expansions. I just want to revisit that world again.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/21 21:21 ID: hdrnh5k

Hell fucking yes we do. Answering for every RE fan because idk a single one who doesn’t want this remade, especially with today’s online play.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/21 21:38 ID: hdrprgv

I've never played them, so it would be awesome

12 : Anonymous2021/09/21 21:55 ID: hdrs29k

I’d be completely hyped for it, same as I would if they just remastered it for modern systems. Ideally, I’d want a remastered version of file 1 and 2 but with maybe more scenarios? Not sure exactly on the details but I remember reading years ago that they had even more scenarios planned for a potential outbreak 3. Pretty sure “A Day in Raccoon” was one of them

I just wanna see more Raccoon City in any capacity, give us the stadium lol

13 : Anonymous2021/09/21 21:59 ID: hdrsn22

The multiplayer

14 : Anonymous2021/09/21 22:01 ID: hdrsxkm

Anyone who wants to play today: OBSRV.org

15 : Anonymous2021/09/21 22:57 ID: hds05m5

I’d love a remake (or even just a port) of Outbreak! I’m prob the only person out here that wants comms to be limited like they were in the originals, tho

16 : Anonymous2021/09/21 23:12 ID: hds24gi

Me cuz I adored the idea of the outbreak from the perspective of normal people and having to work together but the online was terrible and the characters IAs made it impossible to play single

17 : Anonymous2021/09/21 23:15 ID: hds2i1c

I'd love that!

I think that i would like to see: open areas/open world

Good A.I. for when you wanna play alone.

Some scenarios like Flashback or Underbelly should be a bit longer

18 : Anonymous2021/09/21 23:21 ID: hds39v2

People will probably hate this but re3remake dodge system

19 : Anonymous2021/09/21 23:40 ID: hds5mwb

I'd be fine with a remaster with updated visuals.

But for a remake

Voice chat. Or proximaty voice chat to keep the feel of the original game.

Be one complete game. Combine both games and there modes and maps. Future dlc maps and comsitics for survivors.

The game would most likely have to have over the shoulder camera for modern gaming folks but a classic tank controls would be nice.

Just something else since resident evil has been all over the world practically maybe maps based on other area. Of course paid dlc for new stuff like scenarios from 4,5,6,7,8, revelations 1 and 2. Lots of potential

20 : Anonymous2021/09/21 23:41 ID: hds5sar

OH how great these would be part 1 and two would be amazing remakes.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/21 23:46 ID: hds6dty

I’m literally begging for this. I could genuinely cry talking about this game and how much I love it and NEED it.

Crazy part is, I’ve never played it. But it’s a fucking masterpiece and the definition of “before it’s time”. The things they can do with it? I’d take a remaster with optimized things like loading etc, but a remake would be a literal dream come true.

4-6P coop? True long ass campaigns? Unlockable/purchasable skins, unlockable joke characters?

Them keeping this game updated with new scenarios and maybe even new characters?

The dialogue and special dialogue and cutscenes/ scenario routes?

Capcom going into depth with each characters strengths, perks, unique traits?

I would give them so much money but they just don’t want it.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/21 20:37 ID: hdrhat1

I don't want to see Capcom remaking other RE games after RE3. I want to see another campaign focused on co-op, for me the perfect formula for MP RE is RE5

ID: hdrlsyt

I would gladly just take a new every into the series. A file 3. Just as long as it's set in Raccoon City during the outbreak and play similar to the classics RE games, that is a survival horror and not an action game.

ID: hdrwfjg

They are definitely remaking 4

ID: hds17y3

Sadly. 4 still holds up, remaking it is such a waste of time, there's more important games to remake

23 : Anonymous2021/09/21 21:40 ID: hdrq5b2

it must be tuesday

24 : Anonymous2021/09/21 22:27 ID: hdrwa2p

Just an upscale for me. The PS2-era graphics still work fine for what it is!


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