I got a delivery from Focus Attack and well… Behold: The Hit Box I’m going to use to win Evo. Don’t let your memes be dreams.

1 : Anonymous2021/09/21 13:08 ID: psidl4
I got a delivery from Focus Attack and well... Behold: The Hit Box I'm going to use to win Evo. Don't let your memes be dreams.
2 : Anonymous2021/09/21 14:13 ID: hdpxg01

Meme aside, what is this?

ID: hdqqnio

It’s for OP to look like he’s furiously masturbating but in reality he’s playing fighting games without a joystick

ID: hdpxy0h

A joystickless fightstick. Cleaner directional inputs and less wrist strain.

I'm used to playing on pad and even there I drop inputs and fighting with imperfect d-pads. With this it's almost like playing an instrument or something. Very fast and very precise.

ID: hdqx0if

Can you explain the button mapping? Doesn’t seem like enough red buttons to me (assuming the white are the attack buttons).

ID: hdpxy65

A hitbox is an arcade stick for fighting games that replaces the stick for buttons.

It is somehow divisive since allows impossible stuff with a stick or controller like holding both left and right at once.

ID: hdr5qta

It is somehow divisive since allows impossible stuff with a stick or controller like holding both left and right at once.

hasnt been an issue for a decade, with input cleaners that will remove the ability to do that.

in standard games it isnt that divisive, but its more divisive in melee, where boxx style controllers allow precise joystick inputs that wouldnt otherwise be possible, but they come with a slew of downsides that even it out.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/21 13:12 ID: hdppo3j

this looks so horrible and at the same time is the best thing I've ever seen

4 : Anonymous2021/09/21 13:39 ID: hdpt0ff

Love the artwork. Always wanted to try using a Hit Box as I am not very good with your traditional arcade stick. Also, I can't believe Hit Box had been around for so long. I don't follow the FGC too much anymore, but has it gained more popularity?

ID: hdpukyv

It's gained quite a bit of popularity. I'm still getting used to it but I can tell I'm really going to excel with it.

I plan to build a hitbox completely from scratch that fixes some of the ergonomic issues I have with this. I like the Shiokenstar layout that uses 30mm action buttons and I'd put a larger gap between the directional and attack inputs.

A big part of why I wanted custom "art" in the first place is because I wanted to remove and cover the L+M+H buttons. I prefer a 6 button layout. Also, this "stick" is a bit of a taunt in and of itself. It's just goofy af.

ID: hdqmd83

Once you get used to it, it feels shitty going back.

ID: hdqv1wz

Is there a second hand market for them?

5 : Anonymous2021/09/21 13:42 ID: hdptdm7

Ah Sanic. Love me some Sanic

6 : Anonymous2021/09/21 17:24 ID: hdqp6ez

I think Hit Boxes are "illegal" (I mean banned from Evo and other major tournaments).

It's nice artwork and great for showing off, but even if you bring it to Evo I don't think they're gonna let you use it.

ID: hdr5ago

i've seen some pro players use it. i think it's tournament legality may end up being game specific. for example Guile can now charge back, while moving forward, since you can simultaneously push both movement keys. this fundamentally breaks the character as his charge was meant to balance his sonic booms faster animations compared to Ryu's hadouken. removing that charge delay is significant and changes his whole dynamic.

ID: hdrte3b

I'm not an expert, but I've read some internets, and from what I've seen, as long as your box has the correct limiters on it (can't input 2 opposite directions at once), it is legal in most tourneys. Done correctly, they are essentially giant directional pads.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/21 13:34 ID: hdpsdy2

This just looks awful. Even if it is for the meme, I would be embarrassed to use this.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/21 13:28 ID: hdprmhx

What is this abomination supposed to accomplish? It seems to be missing some things, like a joystick and a reason to exist.

ID: hdpvspw

It’s designed to be useable for people with wrist injuries, plus reducing the input time on directionals.

ID: hdprtb0

The four buttons on the left are the directional inputs.

ID: hdpt1fn

what a take

ID: hdqq51g

Sounds like you never played a Fighting game in your life and don't understand how this works. Educate yourself:

9 : Anonymous2021/09/21 14:25 ID: hdpz3wj

Why are the buttons essentially overlapping each other?

ID: hdrh1px

Because why would a post actually explain what the hell this thing is.

ID: hdqvlf7

I'd imagine so you can keep your hand in a relaxed position with little movement required for input.

ID: hdra9gw

Is this not a two handed controler? Are you thinking you reach from the left directional red buttons to the white ability buttons?

I assumed it was meant for left and right handed use

10 : Anonymous2021/09/21 14:30 ID: hdpzsr9

Dream it you fuckin’ dreamer

11 : Anonymous2021/09/21 17:07 ID: hdqmqcb

You will have all the speed and strong with this! 10/10 art<3

12 : Anonymous2021/09/21 21:26 ID: hdro5kz

Brave to choose a white background. Hope your hands are clean lol

13 : Anonymous2021/09/21 21:50 ID: hdrrepf

Sanic and Knackles

14 : Anonymous2021/09/21 17:00 ID: hdqlrq5

If you're going to negate the point of a joystick, why not just go all out with double-actuating/multi-stage keys instead of buttons?

If you're going to cheat, might as well cheat effectively.


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