Which character do you like to play as more in 2make?

1 : Anonymous2021/10/06 21:59 ID: q2ujyt
Which character do you like to play as more in 2make?
2 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:04 ID: hfnw4kw

Leon because I hate that hiding section with Sherry in Claire’s scenario.

ID: hfny0za

Yup. Sherry’s little section was the worst part of the original game as well. Thankfully it only lasted 10 minutes in the 1998 version.

ID: hfnydqa

Same omg

3 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:01 ID: hfnvr79

Leon has a more tense playthrough and more satisfying final boss.

Claire is better to speed-run through A with since she has an easier time with lickers.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:08 ID: hfnwmr4

Claire was always my answer until recently. I find once I get to the Sherry segment I almost always want to turn it off, and usually I do.

Yeah it’s only like 5 minutes long but it feels agonizing.

ID: hfo0445

Sherry's section was great the first time but it definitely drags down replays a lot.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/06 22:31 ID: hfnryu4

Claire, of course.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/06 22:12 ID: hfnpi7p

Leon, because you get to meet the much-more-tragically-written Robert Kendo in only Leon’s story, plus Ada

7 : Anonymous2021/10/06 22:10 ID: hfnp71g

Ada <3

8 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:01 ID: hfnvruf

Leon better weapons and final boss but Clair is fun as well!

ID: hfnxaiw

Clair is easier and had better weapons ngl lol

ID: hfnze7r

Really? The smg was meh compared to that strong gun with Leon and the that electric weapon was horrible compared to the flame thrower

9 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:27 ID: hfnyvf1

Claire for story, and Leon for gameplay.

I like Claire's story more than Leon's, which isn't to say his is bad. I just find Claire's mission to save Sherry more endearing.

In terms of gameplay, Leon wins hands down simply because the shotgun is better than the grenade launcher imo. Plus Claire's overall offensive kit is pretty lacking.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:36 ID: hfo00we

Prefer Claire. Like her story better and her part is imo easier to run through.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:12 ID: hfnx3k5

Leon. His weapons are better to me. I like that he can dispatch zombies very easily with the shotgun (which I recommend using against zombies).

12 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:39 ID: hfo0acq

am i the only person who prefers playing sherrys section over Adas? lmao

13 : Anonymous2021/10/06 22:16 ID: hfnq1ml

Leon. His scenario is written better IMO. Also, I love his character model in this game.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:15 ID: hfnxdtv

Leon, Claire’s story kinda feels unrealistic in terms of motivation but that’s just my opinion

15 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:08 ID: hfnwkq7

I like both stories.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:13 ID: hfnx7g0

Claire Bc SHES bae

17 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:19 ID: hfnxy4r

Claire, I like her weapons, her story better, and her herself, pretty much every element they sets them apart, I like her better

18 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:21 ID: hfny43r

Leon. Everyone else is already explaining why although I still have love for Claire

19 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:22 ID: hfnycp1

Leon but Claire has the best mods.

20 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:31 ID: hfnzdju

claire because i honestly never liked leon tbh idk why i just never did

21 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:34 ID: hfnzowp

I like them both equally, but Leon has the shotgun. I know objectively the grenade launcher is better, but I never feel safe without a shotgun in horror games. I could be holding the minigun with inf ammo and still poop myself when I see Mr x, but a 4 bullet shotgun feels like a comforting night light teddy bear.

22 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:35 ID: hfnzvlh

Claire in RE2 Remake, Leon in RE2 98

23 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:36 ID: hfo00zq

Claire because I hate the zombie hallway horde in Leon's run.

24 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:39 ID: hfo0am2

Leon, he looks so submissive and breedable i cant help it

25 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:42 ID: hfo0qqm

Leon definitely

26 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:43 ID: hfo0td8

Leon definitely. The shotgun is so satisfying to use and I feel like his plot has more going on and is more interesting.

27 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:44 ID: hfo0zeb

Leon because I like his gun better

28 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:46 ID: hfo15lg

Leon because he has better guns.

29 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:49 ID: hfo1kqe

Leon, I personally liked his story with Ada a lot more than Claire’s story with Sherry. Both are fun though and Claire’s gameplay is fun as hell!

30 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:50 ID: hfo1nqs

Claire, I’ll always prefer Claire over anyone (with the exception of HUNK). I’ve played through her story about 5 or 6 times now, I think

31 : Anonymous2021/10/06 23:51 ID: hfo1qm0

Both are fantastic fun but I adore my boy Leon


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