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1 : Anonymous2021/10/07 20:30 ID: q3hxdi

Our reddit resource page for the movie has been updated. If can be found linked in our wiki index and on the navigation bar.

Welcome to Raccoon City resources

The following is the newly revealed content;

residentevil.movie - Official website

@ResidentEvil promo image

Official trailer - @ResidentEvil version - contains stylized captions

Sony Pictures Entertainment - Official trailer

Sony Pictures international Official trailer - different from English version

English version of international trailer

IGN Official trailer interview with director

Poster contest page - closes October 21st

2 : Anonymous2021/10/07 21:37 ID: hfs36vn

The International trailer makes me think that the mansion incident and the Raccoon City outbreak are happening concurrently.

ID: hfs70um

yea im really curious how they are going to do the timelines, because we see Claire getting a ride from the trucker but also riding her motorcycle? and she clearly also has a meeting with Chris before everything goes down. But yea I think you are right STARS being at the mansion is probably going to be happening as shit is falling apart in RC with Claire and Leon getting to the RPD.

ID: hfs850y

My guess is that Claire comes to RC to find Chris (probs initially on a motorcycle that breaks down? hence the trucker), and just as she gets into town, STARS are called out to the mansion. When Claire arrives at the station, shit has hit the fan, and it's there that she meets Leon. I'm assuming that after it all goes downhill at the mansion, Jill and Chris will return to the station and group up with Claire and Leon, and then, as a quartet, take on Birkin.

Indeed, the plot does look different from the games, but not really in a way that kills it. We're not talking about the 2002 RE movie's plot.

ID: hfsqgx0

People don’t think it’s possible, but the games are lengthy because of backtracking, puzzle solving and locked areas.

ID: hfsw9aq

Not with speedruns. The movie is just a back-to-back speedrun of RE1 and RE2 with a runtime of 103 minutes.

ID: hfsvhpz

The director claims in his trailer review that he is making the mansion incident and Claire/Leon’s story happen on the same night in the film.

ID: hfswg7e

That's some funky marketing for a director to review a trailer before the movie's even out.

ID: hgdp1ju

My guess on how it goes down:

Chris goes to Claire to check on her. She shows him Ben's video tape. He goes back to RC and then they get word that they will be raiding the mansion. He leaves for the raid, Claire returns to the City for some reason. Everything is pretty faithful to the games for a good bit. Claire and Leon explore the police station and the orphanage. Chris and Bravo team explore the mansion. The stories converge in the lab sequences. Instead of having separate labs, the mansion connects to the same lab that the sewers underneath the police station do. Climax takes place as both stories converge.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/07 21:15 ID: hfs03hd

Anyone else think it looks anachronistic?

ID: hfs1ejx

The international trailer looks 2010's anachronistic and generic as fuck. The US trailer looks like a rad throwback to late 90's/early 00's schlock that Resident Evil actually is. I can't believe there's so many people hating on it and praising the lame ass international trailer.

ID: hfsa7l2

This movie looks loads better then the dog shit they’ve been slapping the RE name on.

ID: hfs69ap

im just sad there wasnt a hint of game music in either trailer. really hope we get some of the score from the games in the movie itself

ID: hfs5hqn

I'm sorry, I'm not sure which one is which in the context of what you're referring to. Can you link them?

4 : Anonymous2021/10/08 09:07 ID: hfu1i0d

Aight am I the only one who gets a feeling on Wesker not being the bad guy here?

When I first saw the cast, I knew that they wouldn't stick to source material in terms of the characters at least, but also the plot. Now actors aside, I can live with that, the actors behaviour or characteristics is something that bothers me more. I hope that at least that will be similar to the original and not like the past RE movies Leon version (again, not the looks, but the character itself)...

ID: hg0c75p

Wesker will still be the bad guy in the end, they’re just going about it more subtly I think. Hence why he’s not wearing sunglasses at night and appears (at first glance) to have his team’s interests at heart. OG Wesker wasn’t exactly subtle since he just screamed “bad guy” from the very beginning and barely made any attempt to hide it.

ID: hg5f64v

I'm curious if this movie version of Wesker is more interesting. That would be nice for a change.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/10 07:17 ID: hg2tu33

gonna be a no from me, fam.

looks ridiculous and those of you trying to justify how cool it looks are making me sad. we as fans can ask for better, like damn.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/07 22:33 ID: hfsaiwb

While it's nice to actually see some iconic moments from the game I worry that they will try to use that kind of fan service to make people accept a crappy movie.

Either way it's gonna be a mess story wise with all these characters crammed together

ID: hft0a9c

I was telling my friends it’s going to be the next “Mortal Kombat” movie. I mean it’s not a bad thing. I rather prefer this than something like the PWSA movies.

ID: hfsicr3

they will try to use that kind of fan service to make people accept a crappy movie.

They used Itchy Scratchy. Thats literally scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point

ID: hfvnywf




and Poochie.

(Note: Poochie died on the way back to Raccoon City)

ID: hftzf94

Itchy tasty. My balls are itchy scratchy.

ID: hfsj4h2

That's what I thought as well

7 : Anonymous2021/10/08 08:16 ID: hfty6u8

I'm curious to see if they kill Brad off in the mansion incident. The trailer makes it look like he's attacked on the ground and crashes into the mansion.

ID: hfwve88

Im thinking he will since they need someone to die to raise stakes

8 : Anonymous2021/10/09 21:06 ID: hg0ybnl

If they wanted to mash 2 games together, RE1 Remake and RE Zero would've sufficed.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/08 00:46 ID: hfsqq2w

If there isn’t a scene where Rebecca fails to play piano, disappears for 40 minutes, then re-appears with the shield emblem I will not be impressed.

I also don’t understand why it’s so hard to adapt source material for most people. It still seems to me that Christophe Fans’ Silent Hill is the closest we’ll get to a faithful adaptation and that shits the bed in the last act

ID: hftmf92

In fairness, the first few RE games are kind of tough to adapt. There's like twenty minutes of cutscenes in each game and then you wander around a house for six hours.

ID: hfu15cg

There is more than enough content to make a decent movie. Heck the novel was a good example. This was a great opportunity to make some tweaks and upgrades to the RE1 plot. But apparently they wanted to go for an easier way and rely on dancer ice only... I kinda wonder if the people who make adaptions actually know the source material well enough...or at least better than "I played it once when I was a kid"

ID: hftf4rc

Rebecca isn't even in the movie.

ID: hfuepq7

The Rebecca erasure though; that’s a damn shame. Thought I guess it makes sense as it seems in the movie that Enrico, Rebecca etc never actually investigate the Ecliptic Express/Mansion.

I wonder what the reasoning for the STARS being there is in the movie then. Maybe they’re sent on a search and rescue to get Spencer out of the mansion?

10 : Anonymous2021/10/07 22:43 ID: hfsbrmu

Man, can we please just get one good resident evil movie.

ID: hfscwk2

Sell it to the Quiet Place or Conjuring guys, Capcom. I don't think Screen Gems has what it takes at this point... certainly not with a crappy budget like this.

ID: hfsgiqn

I'm pretty sure that they can't. As long as they release a new movie within a set amount of time they probably get to keep the rights. That's how it works with the Spider-Man movies, anyway. Otherwise Disney would have taken them at the first opportunity.

This trailer reinforces my initial opinion that trying to adapt two games into a single movie was a big mistake. Think of the money that was put into sets, cg, etc that would have been better spent making just one of them better. The Birkin G-form looks so bad that I'm actually surprised they included it in the trailer at all. Looks like a PS3-era videogame -- and I wish I was using hyperbole.

ID: hg7ggof

I would 100 percent trust John Krasinski in making a resident evil movie. The guy knows horror and how to create a suspenseful movie.

ID: hfy14dv

The first one was pretty good, just not faithful to the actual story

ID: hfsi9c6

The first one is the only one i'll ever say was good, because it just did its own thing instead. Yes technically its a rework of the first game with the mansion+lab but at least the whole idea technically works on its own had it only not mentioned Raccoon City in it at the very end. If you watch it as a "this event is what kickstarts another zombie plague in small-town-america WHILE the Mansion Incident is taking place elsewhere", its really nearly perfect.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/08 02:42 ID: hft53c0

using 4 non blondes when florence + the machine or briggs is sitting right there was a choice... but i guess they wanted to have a 90s vibes.. still a very weird song choice. I hope the musical score is good at least. say what you want about the anderson films but their score was pretty top notch.

okay that wasn't so bad. but the quality between the two trailers is jarringly very different like what the hell.

I love that Claire seems to be getting a bigger spotlight in this movie, every other movie or cgi movie she's always played second fiddle to other characters. And from this it seems that she's gonna be the driving character that brings the characters and conspiracy together.

side note. I'm kinda worried that Jill barely has any dialogue in the trailer. I really don't want her to become the Trini Kwan of the gang because they had too many characters in one movie. or maybe they're just too scared to show her off due to the hostile reaction of some vocal fans.

Birkin and Irons looks dope! Some of my favorite actors playing them I'm sure they'll have a ball with the characters.


12 : Anonymous2021/10/07 22:58 ID: hfsdpgs

The callbacks are nice, but this looks more like a bad parody than anything else. Maybe it's a bad trailer, but I dunno... this plus us being a month out doesn't give me good vibes, man.

ID: hfsihg7

NGL i never had good vibes about it, now they're down right bad shakes instead...

I have less hope for this film than i thought i had for my future.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/08 06:33 ID: hftqxwz

Iv comes to terms with the characters looking like different people and the story being Sort of different but then Zombies don’t look right..I’m getting fast zombie vibes and I hate that.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/08 00:45 ID: hfsqlqv

The international trailer should have been the main trailer. It’s much better than the main trailer. The film still doesn’t look great though. The zombies don’t look like RE zombies to me.

ID: hg2f08n

they definitely move like 28 Days rage zombies, or TLoU runners, more than the classic ones

15 : Anonymous2021/10/08 00:03 ID: hfslm02

I'm pumped

16 : Anonymous2021/10/07 22:49 ID: hfscgjs

Four Non Blondes? Four....Non...Blondes? Are you fucking kidding me? Of all the songs in this entire UNIVERSE! Thats what they use?!?

ID: hftchjm

I feel like there's a joke to be made using that song title and the cast's hair colors vs. the characters' hair colors xP

ID: hg0cyrl

Well, Leon’s always had dark brown hair (except for in RE4 when he had that blonde-ish look about him) and Jill is/was a natural brunette until RE5 made her blonde for some reason (I prefer brunette Jill anyway).

17 : Anonymous2021/10/08 06:59 ID: hftsyms

Welp Birkin, looks unfathomablely terrible, I'll count myself out

18 : Anonymous2021/10/07 23:32 ID: hfshvbv

Fuck that looks like garbage... I'd rather be rewatching the first Jovovich one instead, at least it felt like they tried instead of this fan-service pandering bullshit.

Seriously, "itchy scratchy" in blood? Thats the best they could come up with as a throwback?

19 : Anonymous2021/10/08 04:35 ID: hfth6u2

I don't know why everyone's complaining about them happening consecutively. With that being the case, I reckon the lab under the mansion and the RPD are connected/the same lab and that can only mean one thing for the finale: Burkin V Tyrant. Who doesn't wanna see two big monsters gut each other?

22 : Anonymous2021/10/07 23:31 ID: hfshopb

I was very pessemistic about this movie but that trailer looks great. Except for leon s lopez that is.

23 : Anonymous2021/10/08 01:00 ID: hfssizi

Leon not being a white dude bothers you that much?

Also Avan Jogia isn't Hispanic.

24 : Anonymous2021/10/08 01:18 ID: hfsuti8

So true and I hate how people keep saying he looks like Carlos. They have completely different body types and Avan Jogia reads just fine as the somewhat naive wise guy that Leon was in RE2.

25 : Anonymous2021/10/08 01:38 ID: hfsxa6z

No not looking like leon bothers me it probably wouldn't bother me at all if he shaved that stupid mustach off.

26 : Anonymous2021/10/09 04:45 ID: hfy1u8e

it looks like fun trash. similar to the tone of the original games

27 : Anonymous2021/10/08 03:16 ID: hft93jf

This looks like ass. I was never a fan of the original movies, but I’d take those in a heartbeat over whatever this is.

28 : Anonymous2021/10/08 02:59 ID: hft761x

Well, I'm pretty excited. I get complaints about some of the effects but I'm not remotely bothered by it. It seems like the directo

really loves the games and wants to give fans a movie experience that actually resembles the games for a change. I like the way they've expanded the lore with grounded versions of our characters, and having the stories running concurrently works for me. Little changes like that to keep the story going and have actual character interaction are great and pretty necessary considering how little the characters interact in the games.

I've seen two people say "Claire looks nothing like her character because she lets her ponytail down" and one with "Wesker without sunglasses is just not Wesker, that's not Wesker." They look fucking great, this is ridiculous levels of... Something. Adaptation requires some change and that level of attachment is ridiculous. I'm really glad this Wesker is more nuanced than the utterly cartoonish one we have in the games/Anderson movies.

Making him a charismatic psycho with some moral reasoning for this is a lot more interesting than RE5 Mr. Smith snarling Bond villain Wesker. By a lot.

29 : Anonymous2021/10/10 03:54 ID: hg2c4yg

If the director truly cared about the franchise, this wouldn't look like an SNL parody with a bigger budget. He would've adapted Resident Evil 1 and made it a survival horror mystery film with the SECRET of the evil (Umbrella) only being revealed in the third act.

That's how you do a proper "origin" story that this dude seems to think this movie is

30 : Anonymous2021/10/10 04:12 ID: hg2e32k

I think it looks fun and I'm not sold on your vision for an origin movie, when all my favorite RE moments span 1-3. Knowing every plot point would make the experience a bore as well, so going into this I'm excited to be surprised, like the REmake's delayed doggo scare after being used to the original on PSX.

31 : Anonymous2021/10/08 03:27 ID: hftad19

I’m glad we got Claire , Jill , and Ada Wong . Lisa looks terrific

32 : Anonymous2021/10/08 11:02 ID: hfu9kef

Where are you seeing Ada in the trailers? I didn't spot her.

33 : Anonymous2021/10/08 18:44 ID: hfvwi03

She and Hunk are on the IMDB page of the movie.

34 : Anonymous2021/10/08 20:20 ID: hfwalwe

No but the actress posted a pic on her social

35 : Anonymous2021/10/10 19:52 ID: hg54a5h

His skin color or race doesn't matter

He doesn't look, resemble or even seem to slightly act like Leon.

The entire cast seems off except maybe Claire.

36 : Anonymous2021/10/12 14:56 ID: hgczy5z

Looks bad, casting is laughable.

I'm 100% sure now that the game can't be made into a movie, nobody ever get's it right!

37 : Anonymous2021/10/12 18:52 ID: hgdyeih

Cast and effects looks great. A little concerned their gonna squish basically the entire ensemble into one movie and adapt two of the games into one story. My concern is we'll have the same problem as The Justice League movie where everyones fighting for screen time and nobody gets a good amount of it to give a good performance or have a strong character. Also write

Johannes Roberts hasn't really directed or written anything...well...good lol. But the film deserves a chance. If it's good, great. If it's bad, hey, it's not canon to the games anyways lol.


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