Still the best Far Cry villain ?

1 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:36 ID: q6rfqi
Still the best Far Cry villain ?
2 : Anonymous2021/10/12 19:29 ID: hge3xuh

He was always the most fun. The definition of insanity stuff just sticks with me

ID: hgf76o9

Like all the best villains, he truly believed he was a hero doing what was best for his people

ID: hggayhm

Handsome Jack is a great and very in your face example of this.

ID: hgf6tpt

Also the definition of practice...

3 : Anonymous2021/10/12 18:35 ID: hgdvyg5

I still find it really cool that in Better Call Saul there's Giancarlo Esposito and Michael Mando playing important roles. For those unfamiliar Anton and Vaas.

And Steven Ogg - Trevor, GTA had a cameo there too.

ID: hgedf27

dude I know I am late to the party but I never knew Nacho was the antagonist in far cry 3. How cool, not sure how I never noticed.

ID: hgeqfpo

I remember I passed by our TV while my family was watching BCS one day and I had to do a double take. I was floored. Good on him for getting a role like that. He's an excellent actor.

ID: hgerhsb

Every time I see Steven Ogg in something it instantly takes a surreal turn. Trevor is just too iconic, I keep waiting for all of Steven's characters to turn into him.

ID: hgeyvw6

He was fucking great though in WestWorld as the bad guy who was hacked to turn his “virtuous” trait to max.

ID: hge15pa

Why do i get the feeling that far cry 6 would be the one game that trevor would play?

ID: hgevuus

Really? I think he'd play GTA

ID: hgemmvf

Steven Ogg had one of my favorite moments in the Walking Dead too.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/12 18:27 ID: hgduqg6

Ironically, he wasn’t even the true villain of 3. Just a whacked out gun for hire. My personal favourite is Pagan Min but Vaas is a very close second

ID: hge78ub

Wait Pagan was a bad guy? He just fed me some fantastic crab rangoon, let me place my mom's ashes and took me to shoot some God damn guns. Seemed like a nice guy.

ID: hge7jxw

One of my favorite endings to a game

ID: hgecwfs

Unfortunately Pagan was the good guy, both endings of the series imply the country was even more fucked without him and Ajay doomed the people of Kyrat because he wouldn't follow simple instructions. Unfortunately a saint can't run Kyrat and the "Good Guys" are even worse than Pagan is.

ID: hge8thl

Vaas was never actually meant to be in the game, as far as I know. Michael Mando auditioned for a completely different character but he proved to be likeable and the developers thought he had such a great vibe that they created a new character, just for him to play.

ID: hgel1jy

IIRC, the character they were looking for was more like the Rock. I think they even named him something stupid like Bull, then rewrote him for Vaas.

Michael Mando's character arc in Orphan Black is fucking hilarious.

ID: hgf6oqs

Not to mention during capture, his performance was so good, they created even more appearances of Vaas. That's why he's so heavily featured in the marketing for the game, and his death was weirdly anti-climactic in the game.

ID: hge9tgf

He might not be the main villain in terms of hierarchy, but you get to know, hate, and fear vaas far more.

Me might not be the main villain, but is probably the main antagonisr

ID: hgeky6c

he's the darth vader - the trope of the main villains right hand man is also called 'the dragon'

ID: hgenp86

I legitimately do not even remember the main antagonist from FC3.

ID: hgf5f1f

Basically, All Far Cry villains since Vaas have been Ubisoft trying to replicate Vaas's popularity. He was a great villain, squandered in his own game.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/12 19:39 ID: hge5esq

The Jackal because no one knew who that fucker was up until now.

ID: hge5o55

Holy shit, I didn't know until you mentioned it, googled it, and wow Jack Carver huh.

ID: hgelzeg

Isn't it just a fan theory, tho? The timeline doesn't match, since FarCry 2 takes place like over 10 years before FarCry 1. Jack Carver would be around 70 years old by the time FarCry 1 takes place.

ID: hgemqj7

It was confirmed by ubisoft that he was supposed to be The Jackal. Looks like that's who they started with and changed mind during development as there are texture files for the Jackal named JackCarver.

The fan theory turned out to be true and I believe far cry 2 takes place 10 years after far cry 1, not before.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:41 ID: hgdo24a

But is he better than malaria?

ID: hgdrhkn

I hated in FC2 that I had constantly do a side mission to supply malaria medicine.

ID: hgdz9g7

Far cry 2 was my first far cry game, as well as first xbox game. And I was so blown away by everything. Looking back now though, IDK how I tolerated that malaria shit.

ID: hgeej40


7 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:42 ID: hgdo4js

The fact that he just resorts to calling him McLovin during that entire web series is just great!

ID: hges4c3

For some reason I vividly remember him calling someone Bambi at one point

8 : Anonymous2021/10/12 19:58 ID: hge86tg

What is that thing in the fish bowl attacking the person

ID: hge8bmx

Spiders, most likely tarantulas

ID: hge9cm0

Aaaaaa gross

9 : Anonymous2021/10/12 21:09 ID: hgeimxv

Without a doubt. The actor nailed it right down to cellular level. I loved despising and opposing Vaas, by comparison Hoyt was a plonk two bit run of the mill smuggler

10 : Anonymous2021/10/12 18:59 ID: hgdzexk

Full video, better quality:

ID: hge772v

I am reminded why Blair Witch Project was so hard to watch.

ID: hgf29r5

Fishbowl of spiders is around 22 minute mark.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/12 22:09 ID: hger4nm

Aw look at him. He looks so happy. Wish him the best in live.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/12 23:27 ID: hgf1lit

I loved Pagan Min personally

13 : Anonymous2021/10/12 19:30 ID: hge42db

Unpopular Opinion but I loved Joseph Seed.

ID: hgebogv

I thought he was a fantastic villain. Partly because he's actually believable.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/12 23:31 ID: hgf281e

Which I dont understand why Vaas is considered to be one of the greatest videogame villans of all time. You barley see him, or interact with him. And the way that you beat him has got to be one of the most unsatisfying ways to kill a evil antagonist. I see Vaas as wasted potential, he should've had more screen time.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/12 18:13 ID: hgdsoci

He's my number 2. I like Joseph Seed more. He's more self aware, and he doesn't get killed off barely halfway through the game. <------- Major FC3 spoiler.

ID: hgdt7be

Yep the fact that final villain was Hoyt was something everybody disliked back then

ID: hgekvk4

TBH, I was furious about Hoyt being the main villain. The game spends about 2/3s hyping up Vaas - who was an outstanding villain, imo. Then you kill him and you're left with Hoyt, who you don't have a relationship with, who you could likely care less about, and that's how you have to finish the game? Yea, I was pissed.

ID: hgeh4zz

Would've been pretty cool to see Hoyt be the one you kill at the halfway point, then after that you're stuck dealing with vaas off his leash

16 : Anonymous2021/10/12 19:58 ID: hge87jy

I like him way too much just becuz he told me the definition of insanity over and over again.


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