Who Would Be Your Dream Director For A Resident Evil Movie?

1 : Anonymous2021/10/13 15:05 ID: q7d52x

I’m aware there is a new RE movie coming out and all, but let’s play a hypothetical and pretend a movie wasn’t happening right now and a studio came to you and asked you to handpick a director for a movie reboot who would be your fave director to handle a movie adaption of Resident Evil? Mine is Sam Raimi(Evil Dead, Spider-Man). How about yours?

2 : Anonymous2021/10/13 15:43 ID: hghu43q

Sam Raimi. He understands how to make things scary but he's also very endearing and able to make things very fun and goofy. That constant shift between real stress and laughing at corny shit is the perfect balance for Resident Evil.

ID: hghuibc

Yeah tbh I think Raimi would be perfection for RE. He can make a film that is super scary and sinister whilst also being darkly funny and a bit goofy. He’d hit it out of the park.

ID: hgih4yh

Came in here to say Raimi. An Evil Dead-esque RE movie would be incredible.

ID: hgivz5f

He'd be the only one capable of preserving the campy cheese factor of the original games.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/13 16:49 ID: hgi3xi1

James Wan. He is good at scary movies and dealing with low budget films. To be honest, no movie company will invest a ton of money for a game movie. Wan can give us the best with the low budget.

ID: hgjioov

Some of the movies had $65 million budgets, which is pretty big.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/13 16:23 ID: hgi011i

George A. Romero

ID: hgix4ie

Assuming you know this, but he was originally hired to pen a draft of the original RE movie before Paul Anderson got ahold of it. Capcom didn't like his script and passed on it.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/13 15:31 ID: hghsgpf

Whoever made the first REC.

I still stand by that resident evil would make a fantastic found footage movie.

Would make non-fans interested and it would be more convincing, realism wise.

ID: hgj2ozv

Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza !!

6 : Anonymous2021/10/13 16:27 ID: hgi0jhc

Mike Flanagan

ID: hgihmpo

I can see him more on RE7 and RE8. Maybe not for the other games.

ID: hgjb2l0

This was my answer too. A Resident Evil series or movie set in the tone of The Haunting of Hill House would be a dream come true.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/13 16:34 ID: hgi1p9r

Shinji Mikami, the original creator of resident evil franchise

ID: hgj6sl9


8 : Anonymous2021/10/13 16:15 ID: hghyr0u

Guillermo del Toro or Peter Jackson wanting to relive his early days.

ID: hgi18uz

Peter Jackson right off of Braindead/Dead Alive would be an insane thing to see!

9 : Anonymous2021/10/13 16:36 ID: hgi1z03

Depending on what tone we're going for, John Carpenter or Sam Raimi. Don't think Carpenter would touch it, though.

ID: hgivsck

John Carpenter's actually a pretty prolific gamer, though. He's a pretty big Dead Space fan, so I don't think RE would be too much of a stretch for him.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/13 18:39 ID: hgikkcp

Eli Roth or James Wan

ID: hgjiwen

I would imagine this would be an unpopular opinion, but I think Eli Roth could potentially do a good job with the camp while also having it be gritty and violent.

ID: hgjmdox

I would prefer a James Wan and Eli Roth hybrid. To counter each others flaws. Like certain slow creepy scenes would be done better by James Wan for example.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/13 19:16 ID: hgiq2r5

Maybe James Wan. I like a lot of his camera work and I think he’s really good at balancing horror and action. With his newer movies anyway.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/13 16:39 ID: hgi2bzr

Uwe Boll.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/13 16:29 ID: hgi0vsp

For me, I think I would have to go with Clive Barker. The original Hellraiser and Lord of Illusions are some of my favorite horror movies.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/13 16:29 ID: hgi0vvu

I would've said Fede Alvarez just after his streak of the Evil Dead remake and Don't Breathe. Evil Dead was gnarly and honestly one of the strongest remakes/reimaginings of the early 2010s, showcasing an understanding and love for the original and being different enough to stand on its own.

Don't Breathe was then one of the best horror thrillers to come out in recent memory which perfectly showcased his dedication to creating tension. And let's face it, Resident Evil takes place in a mansion with only a handful of people, Don't Breathe was a handful of people in a house; I feel that's how to make a perfect Original RE adaptation.

But then he fell off, The Girl in the Spider's Web was dire and I feel was the product of studio interference (So he probably wouldn't have got his vision for RE completely without Capcom stepping in). And his recent writing for Don't Breathe 2 was lacklustre.

Honestly, with his track record and after Malignant recently, I'd say James Wan definitely has the ability to be throwback, cheesy and yet also really solid in the tension department. So James Wan.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/13 18:09 ID: hgig2wl

I would love to see how David Fincher and his DP Jeff Cronenweth would shoot an adaptation of the first or second.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/13 18:22 ID: hgii2nf

Takashi miike should do code veronica

17 : Anonymous2021/10/13 19:28 ID: hgirxa7

Frank Darabont

The first episode of The Walking Dead is zombie apocalypse masterpiece. The imagery, the characters, the backdrop… all a marvel. Even into the first half of the second season that he helmed has tons of unnerving imagery and disturbing moments.

18 : Anonymous2021/10/13 19:47 ID: hgiuq8p

Wes Anderson

19 : Anonymous2021/10/13 17:31 ID: hgiab9q

Quentin Tarantino.

ID: hgixu19

I don't think western music would be a good fit

20 : Anonymous2021/10/13 16:41 ID: hgi2map

I'd say Zack Snyder because I personally think that he's capable of doing a good adaptation of the REVerse

ID: hgi2zpp

He failed badly making DC movies which are easily adaptable movies compared to the RE games. Why would you want him anywhere near our franchise?

ID: hgi38v2

Commercially, yes. Not a lot of people liked it. But, I believe his style and tone will suit a gritty universe like REVerse. Just an opinion...

21 : Anonymous2021/10/13 17:10 ID: hgi729l

Raimi or del Toro.

22 : Anonymous2021/10/13 17:51 ID: hgidekh

Guillermo Del Toro for sure, he'd have all the crazy awesome creatures and make the movie more focused on them as opposed to the humans.

23 : Anonymous2021/10/13 18:56 ID: hgin657

Sam Raimi, Guillermo Del Toro.

I would also love to see Mike Flanagan run a show for it.

24 : Anonymous2021/10/13 20:07 ID: hgixmvx

Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez or George Romero

25 : Anonymous2021/10/13 20:31 ID: hgj18kg

John Carpenter. This man is the best horror director ever. Or maybe Mike Flanagan. He still hasn't disappointed me.

26 : Anonymous2021/10/13 20:39 ID: hgj2bll

Christophe Gans

27 : Anonymous2021/10/13 21:00 ID: hgj5eyn

John carpenter is the first one I think of. Raimi would be great too though

28 : Anonymous2021/10/13 21:05 ID: hgj64e2

John Carpenter.

29 : Anonymous2021/10/13 21:18 ID: hgj80q7

Wan is great, but I understand that he was initially interested in the project, but abandoned it. Maybe he didn't care for the way the project was tending. Pity; I like his work.

30 : Anonymous2021/10/13 21:23 ID: hgj8qjy

Frank Darabont

31 : Anonymous2021/10/13 21:28 ID: hgj9bbf

David Cronenberg. Imaging what the monsters could look like

32 : Anonymous2021/10/13 21:32 ID: hgj9xtb

Guillermo del Toro would do good.

33 : Anonymous2021/10/13 22:18 ID: hgjg7ll

Ridley Scott for some r-rated bloody horror. Perfect setting would be something like RE Revelations almost like Alien

34 : Anonymous2021/10/13 22:22 ID: hgjgudx

David Lynch


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