RE4 VR review from IGN

1 : Anonymous2021/10/20 12:07 ID: qbzbq3
RE4 VR review from IGN
2 : Anonymous2021/10/20 12:16 ID: hhcpesg

I'm not the reviewer, but I did upload quite a few gameplay videos over on IGN and let me tell you, this game is mad fun.

It might just be my favourite way to play RE4.

ID: hhcqy13

Video of dude absolutely destroying Ganados

ID: hhd6p7k

Fuck, this looks good. I really don't want to go through Facebook to play it, though. Also, the no Mercs mode is a little bit of a turnoff since it's my favorite thing about RE4.

ID: hheh29r

Damn this looks fun. Wish it wasn’t restricted to a single fucking headset.

ID: hhcqzbn

This might be an incredibly stupid question. Can u use the vr headset, with a regular controller?

ID: hhcr32l

Not stupid at all! And sadly, no. This is a fully VR experience, controller and all.

Honestly though, if you can, it's very much worth playing the intended VR experience as it's quite fun.

ID: hhd517c

You can use gamepad, but not for this game. There are games that are played with gamepad

ID: hhcvyf2

May I ask if the bonus games like Separate Ways and Assignment Ada are included? :0

ID: hhcwvqd

Sadly they are not, same for Mercs as well.

ID: hhcw6kw

I just watched a review video and it doesn’t look like they’re included!

ID: hhdlui3

I’m waiting till Friday night to play it. Stoked. I haven’t watched any videos since the announcement a while ago. Same with re7 and I’m sure I’m gonna feel the same way when I start it up.

ID: hhegawv

This you? I appreciate the John Wick-ness.

ID: hhek7wm

Yep, glad you enjoyed it!

3 : Anonymous2021/10/20 16:43 ID: hhdph3k

The only thing I don’t like is the the kick takes you out of the view and it’s kind of jarring but other than that looks good

4 : Anonymous2021/10/20 15:09 ID: hhdbe49

I cannot wait. I seriously cannot wait.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/20 13:00 ID: hhcu7st

If only this was only on Facebook shit… I’d love to play this. Oh well.

ID: hhcyi7l

Agreed, I never have or will have a Facebook, so I guess I won't be playing.

ID: hhd8w4g

Just make a fake account.

ID: hhdpkzk

I just used my wife’s account to log in lol it’s a one time login and you never need it again

6 : Anonymous2021/10/20 16:20 ID: hhdm14r

In case anyone is interested, I found the neat cover of the article in high quality.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/20 13:33 ID: hhcy8pw

I’m new to VR. If you do hook up the VR headset to a PC, are the graphics better or game smoother. Also, do you have to have a PC to play this game or is all you need the headset?

ID: hhczgaa

All you need is the quest 2, and no plugging it in changes nothing graphically cause its just on the quest 2

ID: hhd0cbk

This game is a oculus quest 2 exclusive so you won’t find it on any other headsets. The quest is a standalone headset. You can play games from the oculus store like resident evil 4 with just the headset. They won’t be the best graphically but it’s still really impressive how good they are.

If you want to play pcvr games like half life alyx or h3vr you can use the quest by connecting it to a vr capable pc and using steam

8 : Anonymous2021/10/20 14:26 ID: hhd5a21

"Boss fights are a bit of a letdown but the great variety of enemies throughout keeps things tense, especially on Hardcore mode"

9 : Anonymous2021/10/20 14:26 ID: hhd5an2

When this was first announced I poo poo’ed it but I’m pretty excited to check it out

10 : Anonymous2021/10/20 18:22 ID: hhe4ih7

Game is apparently censored so this would be a hard pass from me.

ID: hhe5wph

Not exactly censored, they just removed a few phrases here and there, and a useless cutscene.

That being said, while I'm 100% wanting to play this, and I do own a Quest 2, I'll not give money to support this. It's really nothing much, but it's a very stupid thing to do.

Who was offended by Leon hitting on the girls sometimes? Or Ashley hitting on Leon? Even the scene with Luiz talking about Ashley's tits is removed and I think it actually brings some character development, since Ashley doesn't let it slide at all.

Still, nothing that affects the game, really. I've seen all those cutscenes hundreds of times. I just can't bring myself to pay (and support) something like this.

ID: hheau4z


ID: hhe9fiu

Oh come on? It being Facebook shit was almost stopping me from getting it, now this? Damn.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/20 13:35 ID: hhcyjcx

Never trust IGN

ID: hhd5ejs

What did they lie about in this review?

ID: hhd5zhb

Nah just in general

ID: hhdfsa1

did they poorly review a game you like or something? despite reviews being subjective and not impacting your enjoyment at all

ID: hhdhrx9

Nah I just don’t like there reviews but that doesn’t all of them are bad so yeah the word “never” is a little much I guess

ID: hhdpvs2

Nah there’s lots of controversy around them because they will half ass play a game or not learn all the right controls and then review a game based on how “they” didn’t like it and not how it actually performs. Most of their highest viewed videos have major dislikes because of the way they review.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/20 13:38 ID: hhcyzmi

Better than i expected

13 : Anonymous2021/10/20 15:44 ID: hhdglcb

Cannot wait to get this. Gotta start charging up the Oculus

14 : Anonymous2021/10/20 16:00 ID: hhdj0zv

How does the stun melee combat work?

ID: hhed2c0

Temporarily switches to third person while Leon does the attack and then resumes. Seems pretty seamless from the streams I'm watching.

ID: hhed5sd

Was hoping I could just do a Chris redfield style punch instead lol

15 : Anonymous2021/10/20 19:13 ID: hhec6kx

I said I wasn't going to buy this game again but damnit this video. Just made it that much harder

16 : Anonymous2021/10/20 19:44 ID: hheguiy
17 : Anonymous2021/10/20 18:04 ID: hhe1s44



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