1 : Anonymous2021/11/01 16:48 ID: qki4zm
2 : Anonymous2021/11/01 16:59 ID: hiwiw75

GTA 5, those marathons and button mashing? Insanse

ID: hiwjfd1

Yea, I was doing a marathon and stopped it midway so that my controller lives another day.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/01 17:30 ID: hiwncrr

You know you can toggle run so you don't have to mash it.

ID: hixkq03

Came here to say this, but I think you still need to on horses

ID: hixpgeo

The horse actually burns less stamina if you tap in time with its gallop, so no need to mash there anyways.

ID: hixoral

Yup. I’m one of those people that change my running to be a toggle but I couldn’t find anyway to change the horse running without the button mashing.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/01 17:05 ID: hiwjsc9

Controller abuse mechanics need to disappear. I enjoyed The Last of Us 2 just asking to hold instead of mashing.

ID: hiwxzj9

Lots of games offer accessibility options for button-mash events. Usually either requiring far fewer presses, or just letting you hold the button. It should really be universally available though.

ID: hix2j2t

Similar to this, Resident Evil 6 makes it easier to play if you get killed by QTEs. After a few deaths, the game will just accept any button input regardless of what button you press, so long as the timing is right.

ID: hixg6xb

I bought God Of War 1 for PS2 a long time ago, and had to miss out on everything past the first level because I couldn't button mash fast enough.

I also never did the awful musical level in Kingdom Hearts 2 because again I couldn't mash the X button.

And somebody gave me a game version of Fantastic Four, which also didn't get played, because the first QTE was mash X to force a door.

As somebody with multiple disabilities, button mashing can stop me from playing a game outright because of physical limitations, even if like God of War I am desperate to play it.

ID: hixhhcw

Metal Gear Solid torture table on extreme is impossible for me

5 : Anonymous2021/11/01 18:08 ID: hiwswca

*laughs in shift key*

6 : Anonymous2021/11/01 17:39 ID: hiwoq2r

What’s sad is that I’ve had this game for awhile but haven’t played it. I’m almost done with Far Cry 6. I should really play this one next.

ID: hixepdq

You need to re-evaluate your life. You’ve brought great shame to yourself and your family.

ID: hixlxau

I can’t get through it. The story is awesome but I feel like 90% of the game is just slowly riding a horse to your next destination.

ID: hixgzbi

I’m not a big fan of games that you do the same quest over and over until you beat it.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/01 21:17 ID: hixkouo

Holding x to run is such a stupid archaic system. I wish they got rid of it

8 : Anonymous2021/11/01 17:55 ID: hiwr2p8

The X button on my Xbox controller was find after RDR2. 😐

9 : Anonymous2021/11/01 18:58 ID: hix06k1

THIS! I was a late adopter to the PS4 (bought it for RDR2, actually), as I'm normally a PC man. I couldn't believe how clunky this game felt. It's like... we have a joystick. Other games let you push the joystick a bit to walk, a little more to run... or click once to sprint. Like... for years that's been a great way of doing things. why Rocktar?!

10 : Anonymous2021/11/01 16:50 ID: hiwhitc

It’s actually R2 for me

11 : Anonymous2021/11/01 21:29 ID: hixmjdr

My Xbox controller after playing some games from Game Pass

12 : Anonymous2021/11/01 22:17 ID: hixt9q0

You can change it in the controller settings

13 : Anonymous2021/11/01 22:17 ID: hixtbxp

Kingdom Hearts

14 : Anonymous2021/11/01 22:19 ID: hixtm56

For me, that's been the case with every Rockstar game since GTA III. Or, at least every Rockstar game I've owned :).

15 : Anonymous2021/11/01 22:59 ID: hixz3up

Back on the day we had turbo buttons.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/01 23:49 ID: hiy5uuo

R* control scheme is 10 years in the past

17 : Anonymous2021/11/01 18:02 ID: hiws3fo

Squid game


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