There was nothing like a midnight release at GameStop back in the day

1 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:03 ID: qmx8on
There was nothing like a midnight release at GameStop back in the day
2 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:13 ID: hjci55v

I remember waiting in line for Skyrim till around 1:30am on 11/11/2011. Finally got home and spend 90 min creating my character and passed out before ever even playing. So much nostalgia…

ID: hjctx7z

My mom bought me some 5 hour energies so I was able to pull an all-nighter… I still think fondly on that night regularly

ID: hjdbqn6

Wow. That's amazing my dude. Best I get is staying up late, but I don't pull all nighters. New years is probably my favorite because I sat in a corner, played video games till the countdown, joined them, after that, it was videogames again

ID: hjd5y89

Man I was so excited for skyrim but I've never gotten to experience a Midnight Launch but I was patient enough to go into town to grab it right after school then I proceeded to snob every game for the next 7 years because Skyrim was that fucking amazing. Also those 7 years weren't with mods cause I played Xbox 360 I spent 7 years of gaming having fun on Vanilla Skyrim.

ID: hjdz2k2

It's okay, you know what they say, there's always another Skyrim midnight launch.

ID: hjd9te6

I don't remember the actual purchase but I do remember getting it the day of release and Todd Howard's announcement date "11/11/11".

I was 15 at the time and I spent a good 2 weeks just nerding out in that game thinking it was the best thing ever. And at the time, it was

ID: hjdz107

Even now, not a lot surpasses Skyrim IMO. I'd say Breath of the Wild, RDR2, and a handful of others...but games of that caliber don't come out every year.

ID: hjdj23j

My dad let me skip school the next day so I could play it because of how excited I was, he was even nice enough to buy me it and not make me wait till Christmas to get it because he knew how much little 14 year old me loved the series, that’s a night and following day I will never forget. Edit 11/12/11 was a Saturday I skipped Monday. Source just talked to the old man while going to his house to bring his packages in for him

ID: hje6fzq

Man - I had a Co-worker just turn to me one night and be like "Yo, you getting Skyrim with me right?!"

I had no clue what it was, but I knew it was a game. So I phoned in a Pre-order at Gamestop and like two weeks later he's picking me up at my condo at 11pm so we can go hang with the "nerd bois" in the Gamestop parking lot. We arrive and there is like 400 people and half of them are just going nuts in the parking lot. Some people have grills and were grilling stuff for people.

Lots of us were talking about the hype, builds, theories ect ect. We get our copes after being in line for some time (GameStop kept the flow very fast) and I am just like..."dude lets just call off tomorrow and I will watch you play for a few hours and then you can take me home"

We both stayed at his house until 10am, we both called off and it was a good day.

The energy of that night was unreal and have never had that experience again. Avengers movie opening night was close.

ID: hjdl7qg

That was the funnest launch I ever was at.

My wife got pregnant in February when Bethesda made the whole 11/11/11 announcement and included the announcement about free games for life if you named your kid after Dohvakiin if they were born on 11/11/11. Ironically, that was her due date.

We were both in line for the midnight launch - the baby came late, but it was still a really fun thing even for he to be at, 9mo pregnant.

Didn't end up naming the kid Dovahkiin in the end. Went with a Mass Effect character though.

ID: hjdnoqd

Richard Jenkins?

ID: hjd8vms

That was the last one I went to. Got the big legendary box and then got a flat tire on the way home. Good times

3 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:33 ID: hjcl10d

" Back in the day. " Lol. I am old AF boi.

ID: hjcr898

If it makes you feel any better... back in day for me was the original tomb raider and golden eye 64. Or when I was a child, duck hunt.

ID: hjdjn15

30's gang?

ID: hjdub7e

exactly. mid 30s?

ID: hje0239

40s gang representing here.

ID: hje2kjl

The day my mom drove me home after I got FF7, reading the instruction manual and the sheer anticipation. It was bliss.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:06 ID: hjch7ii

I went to this exact midnight release. Good times were had by all.

ID: hjckzji

So did I. MW2 was easily the most fun I've had gaming, and it likely will be for the rest of my days. I don't see how I could possibly beat it.

ID: hjcxebv

I remember as a kid a few hours before release that I saw a whooooole bunch of tents, chairs and people

ID: hjd3csz

I still remember when we had a 200+ round quickscope/noscope match. Virtually every friend we had cycling in and out the entire night. Good damn times.

ID: hjcnrrd

I remember as a kid a few hours before release that I saw a whooooole bunch of tents, chairs and people lined up outside of Gamestop. I don't see this anymore today.

ID: hjdg0rw

The days before digital gaming was really something…

ID: hjcyr2e

Same! I went to a EB Games shop near my old apartment with a bunch of people to pick up this game. We were all hyped to get a copy.

If I remember correctly, it sold so well that Activision was convinced they’d found their perfect cow to milk every year.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:55 ID: hjcnz2o

My mom took me to the release and then let me skip school the next two days.. Love her so much

ID: hje6qv4

Wholesome. She knew what was up.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:29 ID: hjckdw3

Last one I was at was GTA5. Agreed. Group of people from different backgrounds with a shared purpose that was absolutely meaningless. So much fun.

ID: hjdey8i

Same, though its funny to think that GTA5 was a long time ago also

ID: hjdzrau

It’s hilarious to me that GTA V is old enough to be an example of a relic of the past like midnight releases at GameStop but is also releasing yet again next year on PS5/XBSX.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/05 00:00 ID: hjcop2d

I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.

ID: hjdaxqa

You're in the good ol days of the future right now.

ID: hjdhq8t

I sure hope not. I'm hoping we're in the "boy I'm glad we survived through that" days of the future.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:15 ID: hjcihd5

This was peak CoD. No, you can’t change my mind

ID: hjd3wrw

Those end of round chats back then….

ID: hjde3xe

It’s hilarious to hear people shit talking someone else during the loading screen and having them figure out who it was.

ID: hjdbjry

Lobbies will never be the same 🙁

ID: hjcx2q8

Let's be honest, any CoD you play with your buddies during your teens will be peak CoD

ID: hjd5dcp

Valid point, but the ‘when everything’s OP, nothing is’ MW2 had was awesome

ID: hjdw4ha

Maybe I am mistaken also but it also felt like the community was just more open to being in voice chat. The reason we are reminiscent about CoD lobbies is because most everyone talked and we stuck around in lobbies longer talking shit to go into the next game.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/05 00:05 ID: hjcpekp

Gears of War 2

10 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:09 ID: hjchjm5

Remember waiting in line with my parents and skipping school the next day just to stay up all night.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:09 ID: hjchmvw

Man, the tournaments they would have…cases of Red Bull and Pizza, loved Midnight Releases!!!

12 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:36 ID: hjclg2k

I was a young lad then, it was the same day I got my driver's permit, I remember it like it was yesteryear. I went to the midnight release with one of my friends and his buddies who were in college at the time. We went to his dorm room before hand, I was a shy high school boy playing Cod 4 on his Xbox while he was dancing with 2 college smoke shows to Paper Planes by MIA. We went to the GME store and waited in line for hours, some heroes had a beer pong table set up and we played a few rounds to pass the time. Midnight rang, the doors opened, and I finally got my hands on the damn night vision goggles edition of the game. Homeboy drove 95 mph on the way home that night down some backroads and his college buddy ending up blowing chunks in the passenger seat, the kid couldn't hang. It was one of the greatest days of my life. Man, time is a funny thing.

ID: hjdrkqb

Cheers GaMEr, i wish you many more good years

13 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:14 ID: hjci92b

One of my fondest teenage memories was a Super Smash Brothers Melee midnight release plus tournament in-store.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/05 02:08 ID: hjd60e3

Halo reach midnight release hit different

ID: hjdsd32

Halo 3 for me, it was when Game Fuel was first being introduced so my shop had Mountain Dew girls come in with a dolly stacked maybe 4 or 5 boxes high. I got the legendary edition so I wanted to wait until the end so I wasn't carrying a big box through the small, crowded store. By the time it was my turn there were only 3 of us left and like 3 whole cases of the soda. I got the okay to take as many as I could carry so I flipped the bottom of my shirt out and managed like 20 cans while my sister that drove me carried my game. lol

15 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:35 ID: hjcl6yc

Wow I forgot how much I missed doing this

16 : Anonymous2021/11/04 23:56 ID: hjco5h7

Looking at this, I can just smell the stale, gray carpet as I’m waiting in line to pay for a new release


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