1 : Anonymous2021/11/05 05:24 ID: qn43o4
2 : Anonymous2021/11/05 06:54 ID: hjdy82d

gets shot once

pulls a rebar rod out of chest cavity

ID: hjf0pvf

Satisfactory will teach you that rebar rods are legit ammo

ID: hjf67eh

They've been using ground up herbs for healing in those games for decades.

ID: hjethpz

I have to do exactly that when I stub my toe

ID: hjf1ixn

Fairly certain the games have always had bullet healing animations and “environment” healing animations separate (what is being shown in the clip). Not sure how the new game handles healing from bullets, though.

Edit: users below said you use pliers to remove a bullet, cauterize a wound with a cigar, etc.

ID: hjfo3tz

It glitches half the time for example if you get shot in the water on far cry 3 u can rip out shark teeth

ID: hjfi9vz

While this does happen sometimes, it tends to be contextual. Eg removing shrapnel after taking explosive damage, relocating joints after fall damage, pulling a bullet out after being shot.

ID: hjflsl2

The usual shit

ID: hjel0ne


ID: hjemqmo

When did Far Cry 8 come out?

3 : Anonymous2021/11/05 05:29 ID: hjdrruy

Beware of deadly Africanized water in FarCry 2

ID: hjeqnx0

Something tells me pulling most of those objects out in that fashion would be lethal.

ID: hjeut4p

Definitely way worse but at the least, its memorable. Still, I'd ultimately rather have "pick up HP, get HP" and I don't care about realism if it means pacing is slow aside from certain exceptions.

ID: hjfjmwp

Yeah, pretty much. You should use pliers to remove bullets and debris and disinfect it immediately, then apply a bandage. Just pulling it out will probably make it worse especially if it isn't covered

ID: hje7owp

Man survives water by mutilating self.

Why did I watch that whole thing?

ID: hjemqhl

I don't remember all this different healing animations

ID: hjf00ls

Those are all explosive/environmental healing animations. You usually see bullet healing animations

ID: hjfv980

Yeah as

said, those are very specific healing animations.

All FarCrys after 2 have them I think where the last source of damage determines what the “healing animation looks like”

Like FarCry 6: take some small height damage before healing? You get a dislocation/relocation animation.

What’s going on here is I think the drowning source of damage doesn’t really have a “type of damage” and he’s exploiting by being both at a point where he’s standing but also “swimming” allowing him to do the self-heal. Because of this, the game probably has zero clue how to handle the animation to dish out so it begins playing them at random.

ID: hjewz22

That river is an SCP

4 : Anonymous2021/11/05 06:58 ID: hjdygoj

You're burning: remove the nail.

ID: hjf85tq

You’re burning: cauterize it with a cigar!

5 : Anonymous2021/11/05 05:41 ID: hjdsrgo

Wait till you see Resident Evil 7/8s’ healing miracles

ID: hjdxxgr

I was going to say this LMAO, totally agree. That hand heal, amazing.

ID: hjer58y

Right before he got on the elevator to the courtyard I was jokingly saying "just put some first aid juice on that and it'll be fine"

I did not expect that they would actually do that nor that it would HEAL HIS COAT. Pretty sure that first aid juice is just super glue.

ID: hjecpy7

Well, he was uh…. Yknow what never mind.

ID: hjec3lz

Ah yeah just put some goop juice on that

ID: hje3kji

the holy water of cure!

6 : Anonymous2021/11/05 05:29 ID: hjdrs7j

Can’t you also take out bullet with pliers?

ID: hjduyph

Yeah I was playing farcry 6 the other day and I was healing and my character just grabbed a pair of pliers a ripped a bullet out of his arm

ID: hje5idm

I think this animation was in FC2 as well. or FC3. In any way, every Far Cry has a different set of animations.

ID: hjedgif

Wait, are the gorey healing animations back? 😮

ID: hjemz1e

My favorite is when you pull out a cigar, take a quick puff, and then use it to cauterize a wound.

ID: hjdwvsj


*gets mauled by tiger

*heals by pulling bullet out of forearm

ID: hjeh2qs

The game is usually pretty good at matching the heal to the cause of damage but it's always funny when it gets it wrong.

ID: hjejkl8

Made me think of metal gear solid 3 where you could pry out bullets with your knife and the other ways you could heal yourself.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/05 08:59 ID: hje6j0g

When you pull out the bullet after getting bit by a cougar

8 : Anonymous2021/11/05 11:32 ID: hjei2ug

I feel like Far Cry's healing system is a passive-aggressive jab at people who complain about healing mechanics in games being "unrealistic".

Could they not have just stored an array of "wounds" and use that to determine animations needed to heal them? In most game systems it's unnecessary since magic healing is an accepted break from reality, but if they're going to go through all that trouble to show you pulling metal out of your flesh the least they could do is check whether or not you actually HAVE metal in your flesh.

ID: hjeptld

Fable would have you accrue scars based off of actually getting hit which I thought was cool

ID: hjg6m89

You only got scars when you died iirc

ID: hjg5ef3

That’s exactly what the Far Cry games do. If the most of your recent damage is from bullets, you’ll rip out a bullet. Fall damage usually results in the dislocations and broken bones. Fire damage leads to the player using bandages.

ID: hjf31wa

I'm pretty sure it does to some extent. If you get shot you're more likely to get the bullet dig animation, explosive damage you get the shrapnel pull, fire you get the bandage, and there are some general ones like the dislocated fingers. At least that's what I remember from 3.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/05 09:19 ID: hje7u12

How about Escape from Tarkov?

ID: hjezbq7

Holy shit it’s so detailed about which healing pack does what, that’s amazing

ID: hjf6dic

I wish Tarkov wasn’t so stressful to play. It’s one of my favorite games, but it’s much easier to enjoy watching someone play it on twitch rather than actually have fun playing it myself.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/05 10:03 ID: hjeavne

That is missing a montage of someone eating 40cheese wheels

ID: hjedwz0

Or causally stabbing yourself with needles every minute or so, or others. I just assume the needle wound heals after use so it doesn't matter.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/05 11:52 ID: hjejybn

To be fair, realistic Healing Mechanisms would be quite lame in games.

Oh, you got a splinter in your finger? Better keep it calm for a few days to not risk infection

12 : Anonymous2021/11/05 07:03 ID: hjdyuva

The best memory of Far Cry 3 is seeing Vaas turning out to be an incompetent shmuck and Hoyt chewing him out for failing to kill a captured man 3 times in a row.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/05 08:25 ID: hje4c5s

Blood Dragon had some great ones!

14 : Anonymous2021/11/05 10:41 ID: hjedqja

You need to eat that bandaid to regain hp you dummy


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