Thanks Rockstar Games

1 : Anonymous2021/11/13 14:05 ID: qt1xsm
Thanks Rockstar Games
2 : Anonymous2021/11/13 18:02 ID: hkhcoqa

And they deleted the OG editions from stores before the release of the definitive edition...

ID: hkhigr5

yo ho yo ho, magnet links for thee.

ID: hkhjcun

...good point well made sir

ID: hkhq5ys


ID: hkhz0ak

They legit got rid of the original Dark Souls on Steam just to make way for their new remastered version. I can't run the new version on my laptop, and it isn't even technically the same game anyway, so I just pirated it with no shame whatsoever.

ID: hkil5yc

if you previously owned it you should still be able to download it even if it was delisted.

i have a ton of games that are delisted, but i can still install and play them. looking at you Mafia 2.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/13 16:32 ID: hkgzw8l

Nintendo be like

ID: hkhzcye


4 : Anonymous2021/11/13 14:43 ID: hkgltut

I always wondered about those anti piracy warnings on moves and video games claiming something about how it hurts the economy it makes little sense. yes it cuts into some huge corperaton's profits a bit but it is not like the majority money is being spread around among the thousands of employees that company employs most of it probably just ending up in some CEO or actors pocket to fund there next super car or manor. And most of those companies have other revenue streams. ie toy sales merch theme parks and such. Tldr: piracy= robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

ID: hkh64f4

Some people dont want to be rich. They want to have more than others. They would still be rich as fuck with half of what they have.

ID: hkhly5k

I don't judge those who pirate, and piracy is indeed helpful for preserving video game history, among other things.

With that being said, I dislike encouraging it. Games aren't made for free, and even your argument of CEOs hoarding the money isn't good enough. If the lead developers, CEOs, shareholders, etc. see little profit in a project, they'll be discouraged to support similar projects in the future.

My point is, if you appreciate a product enough, it's good to buy it and be supportive.

ID: hkhria0

I pirate a few game cause I'm poor as shit but but usually have a metric depending on the type of game where I buy it, I usually play colony sims and if it hits 10 hours and I'm not bored out of my mind I buy it. A fair bit of high time games in my library were bought following this and they were cheaper titles but I'd try some that were like 60$+ games and I drop it in an a few hours so past the refund window.

For alot of genres I can just use normal refund policies cause they usual will show their colors under an hour or two but my go tops don't have that luxury.

ID: hkihahv

Also called the indi games I love supporting those. Conversly would be perfectly happy driving all the big game companies and there rerelesing if old titles and pay to win games. out of the market and letting the indi developers thrive.

ID: hkh9x2b

you can't really say that it cuts into huge corporation's profits. they were never guaranteed that sale in the first place

ID: hkhcz1i

Hey, that guy making 40,000 a year building sets just wants to work. You pirating a movie means movies will no longer ever be made so that guy can't work.

ID: hki2mzg

You wouldn't shoot a policeman and then steal his helmet

ID: hki9vx7

I mean, plenty of people would these days. Just not for the helmet.

ID: hkhkl2j

It's not giving to the poor though its Robin Hood just stealing

ID: hkgrak5

The tale of Robin Hood is about dispersion of food and usable goods from the hoarding ruling classes to those that are starving, without shelter and are overworked and you're comparing stealing a video game to that kind of altruism? I hope you're young enough that it makes sense to not fully grasp how insane your post is.

ID: hki9sky

But if we could download food and share the link with everyone, we definitely would.

ID: hkhahxs

Gaming is not a basic human right and nessicity to survive.

Piracy is stealing, hence I was supportive of those online DRM, if it helps combat piracy, so be it.

ID: hkhhznf

I wasn’t planning on pirating today, but your comment realized I didn’t want to be a loser. So now I’m illegally downloading the entire Bethesda library. And yeah, the new Skyrim too.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/13 20:44 ID: hkhzc2b

One thing to understand about how these execs think. Every hour you put into an old game is an hour you're not playing their new games.

ID: hkipdva

Every hour we put into their old game gave them a highly profitable job/investment.


6 : Anonymous2021/11/13 22:16 ID: hkic9w8

I like how steam was invented to literally combat the piracy wave by offering the same level of accessibility for the same price of the game.

ID: hkif3g1

Well not exactly, when it comes to older games can be bought from steam yes its nice but there is also this thing called regional pricing or regional stores something like that (where certain games can only be available on certain regions).

If regional pricing doesn't work on certain games then piracy will be a second option most of the time. Like life is strange true colors and the remastered, both of these games doesn't have regional pricing which is stupid if you're a person who struggled financially.

ID: hkio5hd

And everyone who hasn't browsed GOG should. They do the same plus the games are DRM free and they put in the work to patch games for modern systems.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/13 20:35 ID: hkhy6rt

pretty sure with what they pulled there the pirating of their onld games will increase rapidly haha

8 : Anonymous2021/11/13 21:44 ID: hki7pbp

Fuck Rockstar Games

9 : Anonymous2021/11/13 18:59 ID: hkhki92

Just because a game is shitty doesn't make it morally ok to steal it. Do it if you want, but don't act like that's not what you're doing.

ID: hkhyphg

I think the preservation part of this post refers to older games.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/13 23:19 ID: hkil6ua

Because it's only older, discontinued games that get pirated, right?

11 : Anonymous2021/11/13 23:40 ID: hkio3jf

If you think that 40 dolars js worth more than the fuckery that pirating a game has you can only lover the prices to get more people buying.

Best thing to do is make the game worth the full price, so that people who can easily spend that money be guilty, not so those who only have up to 50 dollars a year to spend on games now have to choose from a bigger list of games that cant be cracked. And thatd if you dont count keys and accounts, which are almost always prefered due to the smaller price.

I'm a pirate, but when I have to spend 80% of what I get on my pc to play these games im sure as fuck not buying something which I can play for free, as then I can't play a shooter or some other uncrackcable game.

And when i do get money, i will know what game franchises i like. Piracy is more of an advanced long time advertisement to those who want to pay but cant right now.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/13 14:11 ID: hkgi5mi

Ya’ll just making shit up now. But I get it Karma is a hell of a drug.

ID: hkgqq8e

Blizzard Nuked OG WC3 when they dropped Reforged, and Rockstar is removing the old versions of these games now.

ID: hkhzdte

To bolster your point.

I own two retail copies in pristine condition from battlechests.

After Reforged came out, I tried to install the original game and it literally forced me to open Battlenet and then download a 30 GB installer to install the "updated version" OR "I could buy reforged."

30 GB is 50 times the size of WC3's actual install size, by the way.

I'm honestly amazed they didn't pull this same tomfuckery when they released D2 Resurrected but to be honest, I downloaded and installed Diablo 2 from Battlenet before the remaster even came out so they may have.

ID: hkgoowd

He's not dum dum. Look at PS2 and xbox 360 exclusive games, these consoles and their games can't be brought anymore which means emulation with a pirated copy is the only option. Even though they don't lose sales they still shit on piracy because replaying old games means we might not buy their latest titles or remasters

ID: hkh1wnx

Xbox 360 is significantly less of an issue considering xbox has the biggest backwards compatibility program of any of the big console manufacturers. Sony and nintendo on the other hand....

ID: hkgwkyg

As a Dreamcast collector, "cant be bothered to buy the physical" is not "can't be bought any more". If you want to pirate, pirate, but fuck off with that bullshit.

ID: hkgreb9

You're going to be down voted to hell but thats just because people hate to be told the truth.

ID: hkhdtvu

This guy has a Trump 2024 shirt

ID: hki1d4j

He's been proven wrong at least twice by me specifically. But sure kid. It's clear at least one of you is a non native English speaker i.e the other one, who doesn't know the difference between brought and bought, so, do they not have internet in your country? Does Amazon not ship things there?

No pawn shops either? Craigslist? Community centers? Video game stores?

We live in a capitalist civilization obsessed with shitty disposable consumer electronics. There are easily 100 million consoles sitting around that someone will gladly sell you.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/13 20:08 ID: hkhuart

If someone opened a museum of game preservation and pirated everything then sure.

Pirating a game because little billy or chad Reddit mod don’t wanna spend money on it or can’t is not “preservation” it’s just stealing lol

Edit: Lol people downvoting this 'cause they don't wanna hear that what they do is not a noble sacrifice but just a selfish act. Stay woke Reddit.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/13 21:01 ID: hki1qb6

They took down GTA4 DLC. It was on there a few months ago. I know I check personally.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/13 21:11 ID: hki34on

Blah, garbage. Sounds like them.


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