It’s really not that hard to understand.

1 : Anonymous2021/11/17 11:11 ID: qvx01y
It's really not that hard to understand.
2 : Anonymous2021/11/17 11:15 ID: hkz48g2

For king and country.

ID: hl0cd36


ID: hl1ixka

Engineering! Affirmative...

ID: hkz9w4f


ID: hl0329n

Chew on this.

ID: hl0b7td

No kirovs in the first two C&C games.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/17 14:51 ID: hkzrd7y

I’d like to add Spyro the Reignited Trilogy

ID: hl0jl6d

In your opinion, would the Spyro remastered be a bad buy for a kid interested in their first playthrough? It would be the Switch version.

ID: hl0kd52

100% good. It's like the crash one. Amazing graphical update with smoother controls but still 100% faithful to original

4 : Anonymous2021/11/17 14:15 ID: hkzmkst

and use correctly the title of "Definitive Edition" like Mafia DE.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/17 14:07 ID: hkzljv2

I feel like you can’t put 3D All Stars in that discussion. It was a lazy port but at least it runs well unlike GTA.

ID: hl03v41

it was also just that, a port. it wasn't advertised as a remaster

ID: hl0d5z4

I was going to ask what's wrong with it. It was a port and that's what I want.

Maybe graphical updates. But I dont really want there to be changes from the original.

ID: hl0cw5g

I would be okay with replacing 3D Allstars with NSO+ expansion pak for this discussion. Those don’t run that well.

ID: hkzwkyq

The issue with that was the artificial scarcity. I guess I can understand a limited physical run, but limiting a digital release makes absolutely zero sense.

ID: hkzzi2z

I know people like to say in hindsight that the decision to remove them from production was a very Nintendo move, but to me it actually shocked me.

This release could be pumping out numbers for the rest of the Switch lifetime. I just don't get it.

To me this was Nintendo really testing their power over the consumers. I bought it because.. it's exactly what I wanted anyways. A collection that runs well on my Switch.

But to pull them is still strange. Too much of a good thing in one package for nintendo?

ID: hkzy5lr

fomo buying is great for business

ID: hl087ve

The weird part is that it is still available in stores.

ID: hl0eexi

Shoulda been cheaper and not on a timer, otherwise I loved it

6 : Anonymous2021/11/17 13:37 ID: hkzhwvs

Age of empieres 2 definitive edition its pretty good too

ID: hkzyyj4

pretty good too

that's underestimating it. AoE 2 DE is a MILESTONE regarding *how* games should be treated. Not talking about getting content, content, content. But of how they treated balancing, bugs, that they upgraded the graphics but managed to keep the original look.

AoE 2 DE LOOKS exactly like Age of Empires 2 and that's just amazing. Same goes for C&C btw.

ID: hl0vfyf

Mate it's absolutely outstanding

7 : Anonymous2021/11/17 13:00 ID: hkzdtjc

I would add Mass Effect LE in the right column. I think that's been the best remastered game so far, since all three games blend in together to create a cohesive story.

ID: hkzx570

When did EA, E-freakin-A, become the poster child for getting things right? Wacky, wacky world we're in.

ID: hl00gth

Since Bioware was put on very shaky ground between Andromeda and Anthem. Would not surprise me if the MELE release was them trying to restore some of the good faith.

ID: hl03tcd

They just the easy scapegoat at this point. Litterly every other major publisher is just as bad, and has always been equally as bad/good as EA.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/17 14:46 ID: hkzqp15

What was wrong with Mario 3D All-Stars? Besides the price point maybe.

ID: hkzsmqs

Putting a time limit on beloved classics, especially when the collection is DIGITAL

ID: hkzvfow

Pretty sure Nintendo just actually thinks the internet works that way

ID: hkztm6j

Oh yeah right, I forgot about that.

ID: hkztcgp

You can still buy it in stores if it's in stock

9 : Anonymous2021/11/17 12:12 ID: hkz93h5

Waiting patiently for Command and conquer generals 2

ID: hl05qhp

Praying for Tiberian Sun remake

ID: hl08evc

Amen to that.

ID: hkzolnp

Canceled like 8 years ago

ID: hkzt4vo

Yeah right... and so was Half Life 3... Pfft...

ID: hkzmm5h

me Red Alert 2

ID: hl00scw

The RTS genre has been rather lacking. AoE4 did just release and I am enjoying that, but I would way prefer tanks over horses

10 : Anonymous2021/11/17 13:05 ID: hkzeepg

Halo 2 anniversary as well

ID: hl02avn

Halo 2 anniversary was shipped with the Master Chief Collection, which was an enormous dumpster fire on launch. It took over 6 months to even have multiplayer.

Props to 343 for eventually fixing it, but this game is the reason I don't preorder anymore. It was the worst launch in my personal memory.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/17 14:42 ID: hkzq2yi

I woud prefer...

Less re-mastering and sequels, more original content.

ID: hl0h86m

I would say both, but even then the remasters managed to get mucked by idiotic decisions because “fuck you gimme me money”

12 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:23 ID: hkzvvwe

I was pretty happy about finally being able to play Mario Sunshine

13 : Anonymous2021/11/17 19:23 ID: hl0wala

Other good remasters are Mass Effect Legendary, Diablo 2 Resurrected, Saints Row 3 Remastered, and Spyro Trilogy.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:57 ID: hl00wlj

The C&C remaster is spectacular, exactly how it should be done.

ID: hl18r4t

It's only flaw is they did every game before red alert 2, kinda wish they did that one too.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:32 ID: hkzx439

It's funny when you look at it. The left part has 3 developers held in high regard by the community, but puts out low effort "remasters".

The right part is made by 2 of the absolutely hated publishers in the industry, but knew that a simple upscale wasn't enough, so contracted to get actual work out into their remasters.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/17 14:45 ID: hkzqixd

The Spyro Trilogy remake was perfect too

17 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:12 ID: hkzu7mo

I mean, NightDive Studios and BluePoint also constantly do stellar job they are given.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:19 ID: hkzv7j2

Warcraft III Reforged still hurts, man. I'm personally waiting for a remaste

of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.


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