CURSED imagery of Silent Hill’s James Sunderland at the RPD {Dead By Daylights RE and SH DLC’s made this reality}

1 : Anonymous2021/11/20 16:21 ID: qy8y19
CURSED imagery of Silent Hill's James Sunderland at the RPD {Dead By Daylights RE and SH DLC's made this reality}
2 : Anonymous2021/11/20 17:31 ID: hlensli

While being hunted by Demogorgon and getting healed by Bill Williams and Laurie Strode

ID: hlfkue6

Bill Overbeck getting hooked

3 : Anonymous2021/11/20 18:35 ID: hlewz96

"Excuse me officers, have you seen my wife Mary"

ID: hlf2j3k

Have you looked in the trunk of your car, sir?

ID: hlgd4ij

"We don't do that here..." -James

4 : Anonymous2021/11/20 21:00 ID: hlfgs99

So it turned out Nemesis was the personification of his sexual frustration all along

ID: hlg9fow


ID: hlgx36v

I knew there was a reason for all of those tentacles nemesis has

5 : Anonymous2021/11/20 18:14 ID: hletuz3

I wish I enjoyed Dead by Daylight because I have all of the RE and SH ad-ons, it’s just so janky and doesn’t feel finished.

ID: hlew5n9

And it never will, because the devs are more focused on more content than the health of the game that’s already there.

ID: hlfb0zi

They are doing a splendid job with the rise of hackers/cheaters in their game though /s

ID: hleyjfu

That’s a shame. I’m glad I only paid peanuts for it in the sale.

ID: hlfudgm

Yeah they're never fixing it. Too many horror icons already in it for them to try. They're already getting the sweet $$$$.

ID: hlfzkap

DBD is the only game that make my PS4 sound like a jet, it’s such an unfinished and unpolished game, it sucks cause i like it

ID: hlg9rmm

for some reason consoles default to high or ultra settings. my PC turns into an oven when i put it on ultra, the game just isn’t optimized well. console gets the worst of it.

ID: hlf18d0

I feel exactly the same. Got a bunch of stuff for it super cheap on sale, but really can't get into it. It feels very clunky and amateur, especially for the regular RRP and licenses they managed to get for it. Friday 13th felt way better and that had its own problems.

ID: hlf2ls0

I was hoping that they’d have taken Friday 13th and expanded on it, fixing any problems. It does feel like a poorly modded game.

ID: hlgxavn

I just don’t get the appeal of the gameplay loop. Run from killer fix generators over and over got old super quick for me. Being the killer is slightly more fun but yea then the Jank really shows up there

ID: hlgzaut

I don’t get it either. Even playing with people I know with chat gets boring fast. I have more fun with crappy levels on HumanFall Flat.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/20 22:21 ID: hlfrfez

Man I really thought I was on


7 : Anonymous2021/11/21 01:32 ID: hlgfxz0

I don't think James is ready for literal hordes of zombies.

ID: hlhjp0p

A chainsaw in one hand and a pillow in the other and he'd have Raccoon City emptied overnight.

ID: hlhr7o8

Well, I feel Pyramid Head and all the SH monsters he survived when hes never held a gun before was pretty impressive

8 : Anonymous2021/11/21 02:21 ID: hlglto0

Are you Maria?

9 : Anonymous2021/11/21 09:52 ID: hlhrhnw

As a fan of all 3, I do gotta say tho, DBD has joined so many horror licenses together that we never thought would happen. They are finally together in a game that doesnt mix the lore of each other together like Freddy vs Jason did

10 : Anonymous2021/11/20 19:24 ID: hlf3tnh

perfect crossover doesn't exi-

ID: hlfu540

DBD and perfect? Yeah no lmao

11 : Anonymous2021/11/20 21:58 ID: hlfoebg

pinhead nft

ID: hlfssb0

please pay 12 cumscheckles (10113 USD) instead of screenshotting

12 : Anonymous2021/11/21 06:59 ID: hlhe0vi

I want to learn this kind of iconography! Teach me.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/21 10:03 ID: hlhsbry

If the developers weren't absolute ghouls I'd love to suggest to y'all to play the game.

But they won't even talk about how their public test branch has a huge DDOS vulnerability that reveals your IP. 5 people already got swatted.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/20 19:22 ID: hlf3h4o

“I’d like to report a murder and missing person.”, “Who are the victims in those?”, “Yes.”


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