This mobile game company is shameless about their cover art theft…

1 : Anonymous2021/11/24 16:47 ID: r19g6d
This mobile game company is shameless about their cover art theft...
2 : Anonymous2021/11/24 19:12 ID: hlxpyvm

What's crazy to me is that it's not just a simple copy and paste, but what appears to actually have taken some meticulous effort to copy the style and coloring, but with mostly completely different art.

ID: hlyhy31

If this ever went to court for copyright infringement, I'd really be curious to see the outcome. Sure, they've obviously bit the styles from those posters but is it fair use considering they're using "original" elements from their own game?

ID: hlyjkz3

There's nothing that can be sued over in these posters. They're original works, even if they share some stylistic similarities.

ID: hlyke43

Think about how many game covers and movie posters we've see with an orange + teal color scheme or a backlit army guy facing towards/away from the camera.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:00 ID: hlx5ics

Lmao straight up zero shame and zero fucks given.

ID: hlx5pj7

Horizon Zero Shame

ID: hlx5sld

lmao God of shame

ID: hlxb7nl

I think the idea is to be appealing to people who already played those game, I’m sure the actual game has potato quality graphics and terrible storyline and gameplay.

ID: hlxz69r

Also it's most definitely turn based and will require excessive "cool down" periods which can be avoided by buying "special glowy power gems" in the store. And of course you'll get like 80% free glowy power gems if you spend $99.99 on the "super mega ultra power bundle". I remember when these games became a thing. Paid DLC, skins, and mystery crates were seen in AAA games shortly after.

ID: hlxdint

Oh it definitely does lol (I looked up some gameplay on YT)

ID: hlxpsjb

I think it’s the opposite, probably trying to trick people into subconsciously associating it with major titles.

Or they’re just lazy.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/24 18:43 ID: hlxlh35

Thief Almighty

ID: hlxmfs7

Damn haha, that should have been the title of the post! So obvious that I missed it lol

ID: hlybkky

No worries, it’ll get reposted soon with the correct title.

ID: hly2r2m
ID: hly94mx

Owned by Yotta Games, a Chinese Company. Color me surprised.

ID: hlyh7mt

Still looking for the “surprised” crayon colour

5 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:05 ID: hlx6eo1

Just to save you the trouble of Googling: it's a fucking Clash of Clans-style base builder.

I had to go to YouTube to find this out, because there's not one actual screenshot of the game on its various profiles.

ID: hlx8ek6

Strangely nearly all "strategy" mobile games, ( Mobile should already be the perfect place for it ) are all the exact same trash, vikings war of clans rip off mobile games, Like there's only a single good one, and that game is just a rip off of Paradox strategy games ffs.

EDIT - I don't remember the name of the Paradox clone, but it was on the Google play store, used a really good world map, and some pretty rad game mechanics when it came to the economy.

EDIT 2 - Now I remember, it was called age of history or something, made by a Polish guy I think.

ID: hlxj9sp

Clash was great for a while (can’t speak to it now) but it really set a precedence for mobile game scams. It’s way too easy to pump money into any base building games.

ID: hlyamfw

I'll add to the growing heap of trash that is the mobile game industry. Almost all mobile games will hire a third party advertiser to setup trailers or minigame like Ads for them. However, they're nothing like the game, absolutely nothing like the game.

I've questioned a few of these developers and their responses are bottom of the barrel bullshit.

"We don't get to see the final product when it comes to advertisements"

Like fuck you don't. What company spending millions on advertising isn't going to see an Ad before it's pushed.

Imo the whole mobile game industry needs to crash and burn. It's click baity shit.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:10 ID: hlx72t9

Funnily enough not the worst, I recall one ad I've seen legitimately using footage from AoE2:DE as their gameplay trailer.

ID: hlx9fvm

Ya I've seen a mobile game ad that had footage straight from GTA 5, so flagrant lol

ID: hly2sf9

I've been trying to find the best survival zombie game. I downloaded like 6 of them to compare. They all use the same locked isometric view with left-run right-attack mechanics. They all use the same backpack, store, build (your base), pda/lvl/skill icons. They all use the travel to other locations on an over-map and spend 'energy/money' to fast travel. I think the concept works ok but I've basically just been trying to find the one that I like the art and UI for the best and see if progressing is any fun. It's nearly impossible to know which one came before another and where one will have an egregious paywall where another might not.

Now I get tons of ads on instagram for all these games. There was an ad of a guy walking around popping shots at zombies as a first-person shooter perspective and it looked awesome. I download the game and no, same isometric low-poly models and same format as all the other games.

ID: hly916h

The girlfriend of a friend got into gaming during Covid. We looked for something to all play together and I suggested Age of Empires 2. She looked it up on Steam and immediately said she wouldn't buy this, this looks like one of those Bullshit Mobile Games that is nothing like the Advertisement it shows on YouTube. Was a pretty good laugh when we explained to her that that's because this is the game many of those Bullshit Adds actually take their "Gameplay footage" from.

ID: hly2wsd

Agreed, this ripoff is actually relatively (key word here) very high quality. In the far cry one they changed the primary focus (Vaas/Neolithic man) considerably, added to the background, and even changed the man in the sand. 90% of these ripoffs are just footage and images stolen off the internet without so much as using a crop tool / recording it yourself.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/24 18:34 ID: hlxk2c6

“Yo wanna play some Chief Almighty” said no one ever

ID: hly6b60

“Which one?”

ID: hlyctno

The one that has a cover like that other game.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:15 ID: hlx7xyw

The ultimate "we have it at home" collection

ID: hlxahdf

haha pretty much

9 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:41 ID: hlxbxjv

Yup that’s typical mobile games for ya.

I miss the days when mobile games were actually good, like the Infinity Blade trilogy

ID: hlxef21

There are a few gems in the garbage heap, but very rare.
The best "mobile" games are usually ports, like Stardew Valley for example.

ID: hlxssx0

The issue is, the decent games keep getting harder to find as the amount of shovelware grows. And they're getting better at manipulating the stores, keeping the trash on the frontpage.

ID: hly0tqm


ID: hly05r7

My old iPod struggled so much trying to play infinity blade lol

ID: hlxur5g

That game was my childhood, literally had better story and gameplay than many full price pc games

ID: hly3hm5

God damn do i miss Infinity Blade. I was SO pumped every time a launch came out

10 : Anonymous2021/11/24 18:48 ID: hlxm50c

Lmao some graphic designer at that company is like my job is cake and no one here knows anything about games to even care.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:13 ID: hlx7j73

I hate those Aoe Advertises...

God fuk... Whats with this? Why can they do this?

12 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:39 ID: hlxblh4

What a shitty name for a game though

ID: hlxc21b

For sure, and only reminds me of Bruce Almighty (the Jim Carrey movie) haha

13 : Anonymous2021/11/24 18:41 ID: hlxl406

this is literally the "mom can I have X, no, we have X at home", meme.

ID: hlxlejf

I thought about doing that format but figured it's been overdone. But I 100% agree lol

14 : Anonymous2021/11/24 16:53 ID: hlx4gvh

as soon as I see covers like this or games named like "Call of battlefield" or similar bs, I report it immediately. i dont care how "good" the game might be. It is beyond me how people even download these crap to their phones.

ID: hlx4x1v

Agreed, so many garbage-ripoff mobile games nowadays.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/24 18:23 ID: hlxidf7

Child: “Mom, can we buy [good games]?”

Mom: “We have [good games] at home:”

[Good games] at home: Chief Almighty

16 : Anonymous2021/11/24 18:29 ID: hlxj8vt

Jajaja hey pass the homework, ok but change it... I'm on it dude.

ID: hlxjzay

haha perfect analogy

17 : Anonymous2021/11/24 18:33 ID: hlxjuo1

Can I copy your Homework and I will make some changes so it's not to obvious!


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