Unpopular opinion, Code Veronica is more of a re4 than re3

1 : Anonymous2021/12/04 07:50 ID: r8kosm

I have heard a lot about Cv being the original re3 which got debunked, I still feel like Cv should have ben a mainline game because of all the important life in it.

Meanwhile 4 is so disconnected from the rest of the timeline with the only outcome effecting the rest of the games being that Leon now is friends with the president which barely even mattered.

I know it was never supposed to be like this but would it not make more sense?

2 : Anonymous2021/12/04 16:18 ID: hn7ibg9

I always felt CV was like a mainline title, it had significance to the overall history, several of the main characters showed up, it had the same length of a mainline title back then, etc. Never felt like a spin off or side game to me.

ID: hn7zwnl

It is mainline.

ID: hn8n8r5

several of the main characters showed up

There was like, 3 man.

ID: hn8o7s7

I mean, it's not like re games have a lot of characters, 3 in a single game are a lot.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/04 15:30 ID: hn7c1ye

Dude, that's the popular opinion, not the opposite lol

4 : Anonymous2021/12/04 16:43 ID: hn7lv6x

Personally I think people put too much weight on numbers and what is and isn't considered a "spin-off." Code Veronica is a mainline game. It keeps the same general style as the other mainline games and continues the overarching story. The fact that they called it CV and not 3 or 4 really is irrelevant.

Similarly, 3 and 4 are mainline games, and the fact that their stories are more standalone from the rest of the series doesn't change that. 2 has about as much relevancy to previous games as 3 does, and nobody ever accuses 2 of "not being a true sequel" or whatever. A real spin-off is something like Survivor, where it's in a totally different style and goes almost entirely unreferenced by the actual main games in the series.

My even more unpopular opinion is, I actually prefer when the games don't try so hard to tell some kind of interconnected story. The best games in the series are the ones that focus on atmosphere and telling a standalone story that's good, with some references to the other games for the fans to appreciate. Code Veronica, as well as games like 0 and 6 feel like glorified fanfiction, with too much focus on connecting to previous games at the cost of actually telling a story that is cohesive and enjoyable.

I don't even like RE4 that much, but the "blank slate" approach was definitely the right call and a big part of why the game has such widespread appeal.

ID: hn7xppm

I somewhat agree. Capcom almost had to do something different with 4 due to their regular formula getting a bit stale with all the earlier games being almost identical in gameplay.

Which is why I lore wise think CV fits better into the re4 slot while being better as a spin off gameplay wise. I don’t really agree with you’re opinion on mainline games and spin offs. I think that a mainline game should have more to do with an overarching plot while spin offs can go more crazy. You opinion is of course still valid tho and I can se where you’re coming from. There all just games in the end anyways

5 : Anonymous2021/12/04 17:23 ID: hn7rm5v

The first two games were about a nebulous, amoral corporation that you never see directly, but experience the locations it twisted through its work. The antagonists are themselves victims or manipulated and discarded by Umbrella, and their relationship to the company is how the playe

gets to learn about and confront them before resolving to take the fight to Umbrella itself.

RE3 and CV did this, but got a little hectic/weird with how that story progression escalated. RE4 is disconnected for that reason, because Umbrella was gone and Leon was engaged with the cult from start to finish directly, taking down bigger members and strongholds on his path towards Ashley.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/04 13:31 ID: hn6y9nz

I always thought this, it is important to the core story being told, and is building off of the previous stories. Re3 is the continuation of Jill's story and takes place during Raccoon City, including ending the raccoon city arc. This one is a bit after that so it would naturally be the fourth.

ID: hn77316


7 : Anonymous2021/12/04 13:37 ID: hn6yxea

People like to say RE4 is where the series went dumb, but Code Veronica is really where things got stupid. RE4 decided to make fun of the stupidity.

ID: hn72mev

The series has always been kind of goofy to be honest.

ID: hn73c7u

Yeah. But CV went straight up anime.

ID: hn724uj

I’d say CV is where the story jumped the shark, but RE4 is where the gameplay did. Now whether these are good or bad jumps is another debate, but I’ve had fun with what we have.

ID: hn77jpp

I agree, despite Cv having a pretty over the top story the gameplay still remained somewhat grounded like the earlier re games. I also think the over the top and campy moments in re are great as long as it doesn’t take itself to seriously and has more serious elements as well.

ID: hn7ga24

Running from giant Napaleon statues in a button mashing fashion yeah gotta agree there.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/04 19:33 ID: hn8aqrf

Definitely it should be mainline. I think we all see it that way, and that matters most, so there's that.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/04 13:23 ID: hn6xjnl

I didn't like CV and still don't. It started the path down towards wall running and blood that is incendiary, remote controlled Hunters. Didn't like it

ID: hn7707s

I see you’re point although it is still one of my favorites

10 : Anonymous2021/12/04 14:34 ID: hn755cc


ID: hn7806r

This is myth bro. This story has been debunked like million times. Original RE3 was supposed to be a Hunk story, and CV was always intended to be CV.

ID: hn7zqwc

Cv was not supposed to be 3. Op said even in this post that it's been debunked which it has.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/04 15:20 ID: hn7ao86

...I agree.

RE4 is so outlandish and feels more like a side story.

ID: hn7idpw


12 : Anonymous2021/12/04 13:06 ID: hn6vubk

In terms of the whole actual game, it's more of an RE6 than anything

ID: hn7zwaf

Don't insult re6 like that

13 : Anonymous2021/12/04 15:41 ID: hn7dgfh

CV is the continuation of Claire’s story in 2 so it’s definitely the “true” RE3. RE3 is just what’s happening to hill before and after RE2 so it almost would’ve made sense to just call them RE: Nemesis and RE3: Code Veronica. As silly as the voice acting in CV is, I love the story. It’s the first time you get a glimpse into the origins of umbrella and the ashfords. I also love the gameplay and overall flow of the game. I never understood the hate this game gets. It needs and deserves a remake more than any other game in the series as well.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/04 16:39 ID: hn7l99n

I remember the only way I was able to play this game originally (because I didn't have a Dreamcast) was that I had to go to the Wizards of the Coast store at the mall when my friend was working and play it in the back on their rental machines. And I had to hope someone wouldn't delete my save file in between visits.

ID: hn7wslo

Thats some real dedication

15 : Anonymous2021/12/04 21:42 ID: hn8sky7

CV is an absolutely necessary playthrough, to know why Wesker is still alive in RE5 and why he now has super powers.

Imagine playing RE5 after only having played RE1 in which he "died". That would be confusing

ID: hn8w3v1

That’s exactly why I think it fits perfectly into the order of the games instead of re4. CV is the end of clairs story from 2 and sort of the beginning on Chris’s story with weaker from 5.

ID: hn8z569

Yeah, RE4 should have been a side game

16 : Anonymous2021/12/04 23:16 ID: hn95t79

How is RE4 disconnected from the rest of the timeline exactly? That’s the first time I ever hear anyone say something like that regarding this game.

ID: hn99gfq

What I meant was that 4 is more disconnected. It takes place in another country with story elements that never come into play in any other games which wold fit better as a side game rather than a mainline game. The only thing connected to RE where Leon and Adas dynamic and their characters being in the game.

Basically i didn’t mean that 4 is disconnected from the timeline but makes more sense as a side game with CV fitting narratively better into the place of 4. If that makes sense

ID: hn9arsy

That makes no sense, just because it took place in a different place with new elements being introduced doesn’t mean it’s completely disconnected from the other mainline games plus it’s natural for sequels to explore new things otherwise rehashing the same exact thing over and over eventually gets stale. Also Wesker was in the game and involved in the story not just Leon and Ada even though he wasn’t the main antagonist of RE4 but rather working in the shadows and giving Ada orders if you played Ada's campaign called “separate ways”

17 : Anonymous2021/12/04 21:04 ID: hn8ncbn

Code Veronica was originally meant to be RE3 while the actual RE3 was meant to be a spin-off.

ID: hn8vrku

I think that was debunked by capcom, they always planned on re3 being re3 and not CV. I could be wrong tho but I read it somewhere


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