Do not support “Quartz”, the new NFT Ubisoft marketplace

1 : Anonymous2021/12/07 17:13 ID: rb3jfr

I can't stress this enough. We have to stand against this practice. It will be worse than loot boxes if we allow it to infest gaming.

This is just another way to nickel and dime players with cosmetics rather than focusing on making quality products with depth.

We have to let companies know this is anti-consumer.

Edit - Some extra context as to why they are so bad using my replies to some people in this thread:

All the focus will be put on NFTs. All the good cosmetics will be NFTs. Only those who can afford it will have cool things. Its just another way to chop up content and sell it for extra.

Resources and time will be invested into making shallow experiences that are conduits for shitty marketplaces and cosmetics instead of focusing on making quality games.

It's been happening for years with microtransactions and loot boxes.

NFTs are a step too far.

Edit 2: I'm not entirely against the concept of using an NFT style system for digital games. For example, actually owning your digital copy rather than just a license so you can sell it to another users account. That's actually the future of digital gaming.

What I'm against is how Ubisoft are doing it with in-game items.

2 : Anonymous2021/12/07 17:17 ID: hnm47jq

Don't give ubisoft money, got it

ID: hnmj8bj

I gave them 20 dollars for siege 3 years ago when it was good and they haven't seen a dime from me since, this won't be too hard

ID: hnmll97

I stopped at Splinter Cell.

ID: hnmm1kw

One of my mates got the first Division game for free, and the second one for $3.

In total, Ubisoft has received $3 from him, which is enough to buy a couple square feet of flooring to feed their money smelters.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/07 19:31 ID: hnmms1a

I still don't even know wtf an NFT is tbh.

ID: hnmt9ae

Think of it like a "Limited Edition" thing that the company only made 500 of.

Each one of those 500 has a serial number to confirm its one of the 500 and not a copy. People can collect them and buy/sell them like trading cards, or beanie babies, or you name the collectable.

The point with NFT's is that they are "digital" and use cryptography to prove that your "copy" is "real".

ID: hnn50ta

Yes except the NFT itself is not the thing, it's just the serial number.

ID: hnmtk1l

Thanks, I hate it.

ID: hnn7awl

and what is stopping them from releasing another 500? Even if you can proof yours is one of the first 500 it's unlikely to make them more valuable in the long run.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/07 17:53 ID: hnm949p

I know people who like NFTs like to talk about how they are the future of gaming, but do we really want the future of gaming to be based around new ways to buy and sell microtransactions? It would be nice if we could focus more on things like gameplay and immersion, not new ways companies can nickle and dime people.

ID: hnn5li0

The people who post in favor of it do so because they are hoping to make some quick money if it becomes successful. I run a large gaming community, the people who posted in favor of it joined only to do so. There are likely very few who actually like games that think that NFT games might be interesting, and most of those are generally not knowledgeable about it or don't understand the impact it would have on the market. The rest supporting it are just cryptobros looking to pump the value of their preferred con.

ID: hnme6aq

the only people who genuinely believe that NFTs are the future are con-artists and gullible idiots

ID: hnn7cji

In terms of video game solutions, NFTs are just a database with the added side effect of burning down the rainforest.

I work in the industry and have contacts from indie to AAA studios. Nobody has yet heard of an actual solution or new feature that NFTs provide to gaming that wouldn't be just as easily solved with a traditional database.

ID: hnn8nva

And it blows me away how wide it's spreading.

There should be no way that such a massive portion of the population is that stupid, but we see the proof every day.

ID: hnmm6bj

NFTs will benefit only two groups of people.

Game dev executives. Top 1% influencers.

That's it.

ID: hnn7ibk

Exactly, the tip of the pyramid, because NFT is a pyramid scheme and that's why all the cryptobros want everyone to get into NFT, so they can climb the pyramid on not be the ones left holding the bags.

ID: hnn8rx1

They only have a future in the monetization of gaming. They lend nothing new or novel to it beside that.

ID: hnme1k7


ID: hnmeh0u

Wouldn't the ability to buy and sell digital games as NFTs require the approval of the companies that make and sell those games? Companies that would probably prefer for gamers to buy games from them instead of a second-hand NFT market?

ID: hnmjwex

I actually profited off of a free game because I got some rare cosmetics (in game) that I sold through Steam.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/07 17:40 ID: hnm7aws

Don't worry. I don't support any NFT.

ID: hnmk0lk

No Fuckin' Thanks.

ID: hnmyxu3

I love that. Saving this post for sure.

ID: hnmkkn1

left clicks, save photo

6 : Anonymous2021/12/07 18:30 ID: hnme7vw

I mean... don't support NFTs in general.

ID: hnmiyci

I feel like in theory nfts could be a great way of supporting digital artists. In practice they're more like modern beane babies.

ID: hnn168f

Would it actually change anything though?

It doesn't in any way prevent art theft. The people who buy art already are going to keep doing so, and the people who steal it aren't going to stop.

ID: hnn921e

You can also just... commission art from an artist you like if you want to support them. Or join their Patreon if they have one.

There are lots of ways to support artists that don't involve a con.

ID: hnmvvbl

As a digital artist--yeah. I'd have gone all in on NFTs if they weren't so awful for the environment and the community wasn't so weird

7 : Anonymous2021/12/07 19:24 ID: hnmlt13

What is NFT?

ID: hnmqwn3

An NFT is basically an entry in a digital ledger, often representing "ownership" of a digital item. Usually a picture or some other kind of digital art. In this case, Ubisoft is going to start connecting some in-game cosmetics to NFTs. People are concerned that the hype around the NFT concept is going to lead to more microtransactions or other negative effects on gaming.

ID: hnmrgmu


ID: hnn9jcc

Have you seen those web sites that sell you stars? Like, they give you a paper that says you own Alpha Centauri B. NFT is that but instead of a paper, you get a digital paper.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/07 17:15 ID: hnm3vzm

Sheep gonna sheep. Do what I do: point and laugh.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/07 18:12 ID: hnmbodq

I buy a game and that's it, I never spend a single extra cent kn games aside from the price of the base game and dlc if I'm interested.

I really find it stupid spending money (which is your time, I have to waste 1.5hours of my time to buy a 20€ skin) on cosmetics that you don't even see 90%of the time if you are on an fps. It's stupid and people keep falling for it

ID: hnmjtcg

Thank you! And yet the same donkeys will buy limited editions of anything else.. it's cosmetic and no one is forcing them to buy this crap.

ID: hnmppyj

Exactly, I bought a few limited edition for games back in the day, I have the Lancer 1:1 scale from gears of war, the "night vision" goggles from mw2 and a big daddy statue from bioshock, now this sort of stuff is so rare that I don't even bother anymore

ID: hnmngw1

A lot of people have more money than sense.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/07 19:12 ID: hnmk60e

I just saw the trailer for this nonsense and started laughing my ass off, do the suits at ubisoft seriously think that this trend will catch on? the kids dont get what it even is and the adults know that its a stupid scam, on top of even more pathetic monetization.

ID: hnmppnm

Do you think they would stoop to paying you tubers and twitch streamers to market it for them?

ID: hnmu7w3

I doubt that, has anyone ever marketed lootboxes or mtx? the entire reason why we even have these is because of greed, paying people to advertise shitty products is a waste of money.

ID: hnmxsm6

Nobody wanted pay-to-win microtransaction games, but software devs successfully shoved them down our throats.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/07 19:37 ID: hnmnl7z

Trying to get gamers to not support and defend corporations when said corporations are actively making the industry worse.

Lmfao to the highest degree. Hope you're ready to constantly be called an entitled whiner by bootlicking morons, because that is your future.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/07 18:58 ID: hnmi6ef

Don't support NFTs in general.

Shit seriously feels like a total scam.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/07 17:55 ID: hnm9fpp

Ubisoft continues to protect its abusers, by the way.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/07 17:59 ID: hnm9v52

NFT’s are so dumb lmao

15 : Anonymous2021/12/07 18:21 ID: hnmcx8n

All the focus will be put on NFTs. All the good cosmetics will be NFTs. Only those who can afford it will have cool things. Its just another way to chop up content and sell it for extra.

Knowing ubisoft it will happen, but nfts do not have to cost anything, nor be limited etc, it is up to the creator (Ubisoft, so most likely will be expensive)

16 : Anonymous2021/12/07 17:57 ID: hnm9n36

NFTs? More like No Fucking Thanks.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/07 19:25 ID: hnmm2pa

Why did the mods remove my post about Quartz but leave this one? I was told we can't discuss NFTs here?

ID: hnmxrvm

When you see all the quality comments, this doesn't surprise me.


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