VGA Game of the year 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:10 ID: rczugo
VGA Game of the year 2021
2 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:20 ID: hny3gik

I want to play this game but you see, that would require friends

ID: hny934v

I also want to play this game but my system only supports EGA, not VGA.

ID: hny6zum

I'll play it with you 🙂

ID: hnye6hf

I got a date on tinder to play this.

ID: hnycw3y

This and A Way Out are two of the best co-op games I've played recently, even for people that aren't exactly into video games.

ID: hnyemqj

A Way Out was the first game I got my wife to play with me. Before that, it was just Telltale games (making the choices together basically).

A Way Out opened the door for Borderlands, Gears, Halo, and now Destiny 2.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:36 ID: hny5ff7

Maybe this will inspire more companies to create even more couch co op games. I grew up playing those, but there just aren't many or new ones to play anymore .

Couldn't be happier

ID: hnyjlqs

They also made a much different couch coop game, A Way Out. A lot of people loved it, I definetly think It Takes Two is better, but if you're looking for another couch coop its worth a try

ID: hnzfzg5

"A Way Out" was an excellent "proof of concept" that birthed a new genre in my opinion. It was a bit rough around the edges but it cleared the way for "it takes two" to enjoy the attention it deserves.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:11 ID: hny29qp

'Actually in a way the Oscars got fucked'

yeah, fuck the Oscars.

ID: hny2bl5

That guy is such a chad

ID: hny4xr7

In the press media on Hazelight's website there is a 44mb image of Josef. Not sure why but if you need it its always there.

ID: hny2fhf

I was laughing my ass off when he got on stage. I love this dude's vibe; he is real.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:18 ID: hny36gx

I think it’s great that a couch co-op split screen/game like this has won in times of when they are becoming so rare outside of Nintendo.

ID: hny56c7

Yeah, we need more co-op games like this in the future

ID: hnyauex

Nintendo needs to make something like this with Mario and Luigi. (Not them going through marital problems, but gameplay-wise.)

ID: hnygjxb

The We Were Here games are good fun coop games. Not as good as It Takes Two, but still good coop games

ID: hny5aa7

They found a niche and knocked it out of the park just like with "A Way Out". People will always want to play games with their friends on the couch or online.

ID: hny9l6e

Yep, and the fact that even if it was online you didn't have to both buy a copy is something that I would love to see more especially with the release of consoles that are digital only.

ID: hny410v

It’s even getting hard to find couch co-op games on Nintendo these days it seems.

ID: hny518p

It's mostly indie developers coming through for these experiences.

Stardew Valley w/ multiplayer update is kind of the definitive one.

Overcooked for testing relationships.

My pick for a bit of a chiller strategic game is Kingdom: Two Crowns. It's like tower defense, but with two players you can both pick your side of the kingdom and focus there.

I guess technically playing with one other person in Mario Party and strategizing how to absolutely ruin your A.I. opponents all while allowing only one person in the room to become the superstar halfway counts as Nintendo providing a couch co-op game?

Edit: I appreciate all the continued suggestions. Always keeping an eye out for good co-op games with the significant other.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:48 ID: hny6y4z

Played with my wife. She did not care about videogame AT ALL. Once we started she was the one who did not want to stop.

They were all great games but "it takes two" is a "game even for non-gamers".

ID: hnyfuab

same here! pratically begged my girlfriend to just try it with me, now every night before bed she bugs me to complete a chapter or 2 with her. Great game

ID: hnym7n0

My wife is a bigger gamer then me.. but hates multiplayer games. I got her to play no mans sky with me but she wouldnt do anything together. Will we enjoy it?

7 : Anonymous2021/12/10 05:07 ID: hny92yj


8 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:20 ID: hny3foe

Well deserved and fuck Take Two for suing them.

ID: hny4vez

Wait why

ID: hny4z15

“Take Two” “It Takes Two” Naming bs

ID: hny53ec

Take Two (Company) sued It Takes Two (Game) for the name

ID: hny5bu0

Wait seriously? Take Two as in the slimey microtransaction company?

ID: hny5swo

Yes seriously. As if they had any reputation to protect anyways.

ID: hny6tia

Yeah, the slimy microtransaction anti-consumer company Take Two. That one. "Fuck The Fanbase" Take Two.

ID: hny5v2s

They’re not suing them. They’re objecting to their trademark of the name. Still silly though because who is going to actually mistake it takes two for take two interactive.

ID: hny9d3o

Isn't this the same asshole and scumbag company that took down a bunch of GTA mods?

9 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:12 ID: hny2d2h

I didn't expect this, but have to admit it's a hell of a game and a pretty fresh experience.

Well earned!

ID: hny5bz8

I played this through with my son. Fantastic father son time. Really enjoyed it.

ID: hny2g2y

Next game to be played on my list

ID: hny4mwa

fresh is the key word. In an industry bloated with remakes and copy/paste designs on shooters/sports/etc. It Takes Two was a breath of fresh air for novelty and engagement start to finish

ID: hny5eyp

For anyone wanting to play this game, don't watch anything about it. I went in blind and every new setpiece was fresh and exhilirating to play through!

10 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:48 ID: hny6vgm

Infinitely better than the Take Two game publishing company.

Fuck you, Take Two.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/10 05:43 ID: hnycy0b

I guess nobody wants to bring up the brutal murder of the white elephant?

Because that part is fucked up.

ID: hnyj5ny

It was so traumatizing, many people blocked it out of their memory. Also they happily rejoiced bathing in their daughter's tears!

12 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:21 ID: hny3l4t

This not just It Takes Two winning. This is a win for pure creativity.

This literally restored my faith in The Game Awards.

ID: hny5lnc

Same. It wasn't just the new big AAA release of the year winning. It was a game from a relatively smaller studio with a clear amount of creativity and passion put into it, in a genre that never gets GOTY. Not to mention, it's just a great game.

ID: hny6x8i

That guy didn't do anything specifically to win awards. He seemed like he just wanted to make an amazing game. I love that about him. He is filled with passion and love for gaming. Truly deserved.

ID: hnyi1yu

not just pure creativity but a pure experience. it takes two was all experience. there was no collecting trinkets and other fillery dopamine bumping gamified stuff in there. its literally just the core experience thats so full.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:25 ID: hny40e0

I’ve gotta finish it but my wife and I have had a hell of a time. Couch co-op will always be some of the best gaming around.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/10 05:28 ID: hnybc5e

Been playing this with my kid. He lives it and it's a blast to play. Best coop game thus far.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/10 05:06 ID: hny8zqo

I was gonna be salty as a Metroid fan, but these comments are so wholesome that I must be wrong. Congratulations, IT2!

16 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:37 ID: hny5jf5

This game got my SO into gaming. Fully deserved


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