+10 mental damage

1 : Anonymous2021/12/27 12:51 ID: rpmw0t
+10 mental damage
2 : Anonymous2021/12/27 15:29 ID: hq5lhbv

I find it always funny that a small little man can defeat a Dragon in most of the games. Is there a game with switched roles? You are the Dragon and roast all humans?

ID: hq5xzhm

I heard there was a 100% science based dragon MMO in the works at one point

ID: hq66fer

Lmao I haven’t thought about that fiasco in ages

ID: hq6enoz

100% science based

then it must be a really unimpressive dragon.

ID: hq6gb51

Actually I believe it was a science based, 100% dragon MMO

ID: hq5z3lg

skyrim if you're not very good at the game

ID: hq6h2yu

Dark Souls too if you're like a normal human being

ID: hq5x7dm

Yes, I played reign of fire in ps2, you are a dragon an have to kill all human resistance. You could also play as humans and had to kill the dragons, funny game, I played it at my 13-14s

ID: hq6g98i

Based off the movie? Never knew there was a game. That’s cool.

Edit: looked it up. Saw guns. Probably not based on the movie

Edit2: looks like I need a refresher because I remember them being brought backwards tech wise.

ID: hq62s41


ID: hq5s53k

I saw Fire and Steel on indie game Reddit a while ago. Haven't gotten around to playing it yet, but it looks kinda like what you're describing.

ID: hq5wroq

I remember divinity the dragon knight saga had segments u could fight as a dragon and then land and kill wathever is left

ID: hq684rd

I do not recommend this game.

I’ve tried several versions of it and they all make Morrowind look like a stable game.

That being said, the dragon transformation is the coolest shit I’ve ever played in a game.

ID: hq64t3w


ID: hq6ev0z

Hoard, can't go wrong for $0.99

ID: hq5svuv

I remember when i was a kid, i played a game like this. Looked it up, apparently it's called "The I of the Dragon". It's on steam. It's an old game though, not sure if it holds up

ID: hq6j6xs

I remember a game called Drakengard 2 I rented a few times as a kid. You didn't play as a dragon tho but you had a dragon pal and frequently when fighting swarms of enemies could and should just say "Alright screw this" switch to playing the dragon and lay waste to swaths of them.

Fun times, tried looking into the series but apparently it had some sort of bizarre time plot shenanigans going that kid-me completely disregarded in favor of draconic rampage.

ID: hq6kqac

Drakegard 2 is actually the most "normal" game of the series. Both Drakegard 1 and 3 are dark as fuck as far as the story goes. The series is also related to the Nier and Nier Automata games

ID: hq6iee5

Yeah its called TROGDOOOOOORRRRR THE BURNINATOR and you can find it on Homestar Runner

3 : Anonymous2021/12/27 12:53 ID: hq53zs3

Your mother is so fat she gives me immunity to blunt force attacks

ID: hq5t00d

Your mother is so fat that there are prohibitive strength requirements to wield her.

ID: hq6e708

your mother is so fat, they needed a modder to lower so many strength requirements

ID: hq6rk52

Your mother is so fat we were able to outfit an entire army with her.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/27 16:32 ID: hq5u9bv

Monster hunter games: ... Your mother is my Monday outfit.

ID: hq63e9t

MHW was my first foray into the MH games. While I didn't beat the whole thing with the expansion I can't fucking wait for MW Rise. 2weeks!!!

5 : Anonymous2021/12/27 13:32 ID: hq57q2l

Let's not forget that Smaug, the last dragon, got his cheeks clapped in 10 minutes.

ID: hq64ycv

He wasn't literally the last dragon in the LOTR universe. He was the last of "the great fire drakes". Tolkien intended there to be lesser ones still around.

ID: hq5oxfd

He just got out from the bed.

ID: hq5zkn1

And got a gold bath, clearly he would have been woken up by that

ID: hq6gkx5

Granted, it was a lucky shot through previously pierced defenses.

And he toasted pretty much the entire town in ten minutes.

ID: hq63g3j


6 : Anonymous2021/12/27 18:07 ID: hq687y0


Edit: This was posted there 10 hours before this post

ID: hq6gsbb

This is equivalent in humour to a wife bad meme

ID: hq6i70j

This meme is ancient I from time to time see several years old memes on this sub I think poeple could tell by the font but no it allways ends up with thousand likes

ID: hq6im6l

Everybody in these comments seem to really be loving this incredibly unfunny meme.

ID: hq6he3l

welcome to reddit. people recycle here more than they do in real life

7 : Anonymous2021/12/27 13:28 ID: hq57cfo

This is where I wish Skyrim had New Vegas style leveling and perks. How great would it be to have a perk that added +10 damage to dragons for each piece of dragonbone armor you're currently wearing.

ID: hq5edjv

Or give you greater resistance to dragons' breath.

ID: hq57k01

Same. I hope something like this is in TES6 (in case it releases within my lifetime)

ID: hq5un2d

in case it releases within my lifetime

"Skyrim re-releases...they just work."

ID: hq5o74d

I'd like it if they'd scale. For each dragon you kill, have their stats improve, for example. Unlock new perks like resisting dragon-specific attacks, or magicka recharge speed in combat with dragons that also scale from combat with them.

Perks that give a set bonus, like +10 per item, start off the best they'll ever be, then only get worse from there as you progress in levels and enemies are tougher.

ID: hq69t4d

I mean, Dragons weren't exactly hard to kill most of the time. Especially with a few levels under your belt. The early ones were harder than the late ones imo

8 : Anonymous2021/12/27 14:16 ID: hq5cgsh

I read that in Sean Connery voice

ID: hq5hteq

Glad to see someone else did, too.

ID: hq6df4w

Shuck it, Trebek!

9 : Anonymous2021/12/27 17:44 ID: hq64tpm

Yeah but aaaaaackshually the Dragons in Skyrim don't sexually reproduce because they're like demigod fragments of time or some shit.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/27 17:18 ID: hq60z8s

This meme is so old half this sub were in nappies when it was made

11 : Anonymous2021/12/27 12:52 ID: hq53w0y

Violation +1000000

12 : Anonymous2021/12/27 16:19 ID: hq5seo1

"I'm inside your mother."

13 : Anonymous2021/12/27 14:23 ID: hq5da22

Destruction 100


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