What are some of the most memorable missions/quests in gaming history?

1 : Anonymous2021/12/29 21:45 ID: rrjohg
What are some of the most memorable missions/quests in gaming history?
2 : Anonymous2021/12/30 02:54 ID: hqhwvum

I think the quest in ES: Oblivion where you are locked in a mansion and have to kill everyone is amazing. It's like creating your own Agatha Christie story with all the ways you can kill everyone.

ID: hqifkpf

Whodunnit is one of the best elder scrolls quests ever made. Easily

3 : Anonymous2021/12/30 00:52 ID: hqhgatu

riding to mexico with the jose gonzalez song - red dead redemption

ID: hqiize4

Gorgeous scene. Second only to riding home to the ranch to “compass” by Jamie Lidell. The calm before the storm.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/30 01:24 ID: hqhkmm3

Facility - Goldeneye

5 : Anonymous2021/12/29 22:11 ID: hqgt5qr

The comeback of old Altair and Ezio founding him in the library…

ID: hqhhfrs

requiescat in pace fratello mío

ID: hqgxhw7

After many years of absolutely loving the AC series so much until that point I remember how epic this moment was for me.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/29 23:00 ID: hqh0ct4

The first you see Rapture in Bioshock. A truelly magical moment in gaming.

ID: hqhfl62

That one got me. The blue whale swimming through sky scrapers was just an incredible shot

7 : Anonymous2021/12/30 02:56 ID: hqhx5qo

The cake is a lie.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/30 01:17 ID: hqhjqxn


(Still one of the greatest WTF side quests in Borderlands 2)

ID: hqi3y4l


ID: hqi61dt


9 : Anonymous2021/12/29 23:37 ID: hqh5pgh

Metro 2033, the Library

ID: hqi7z7m

Shit I played that recently and instead of doing the thing where you look at them so they don't move, I just sprinted through the entire segment screaming lmao

ID: hqiho9j

You finally get out of the library, you hear an achievement ping, you find out it's for not killing them.

"Wait I could have shot them?!"

10 : Anonymous2021/12/29 22:16 ID: hqgtwzy

Far Cry 3 when you had to burn the marijuana fields.

ID: hqhllq7

I've loved that skrillex/Damian marley ever since

ID: hqhc4tn

Gta sa when you had to burn the marijuana fields.

ID: hqhjwdn

Call of Juarez: The Cartel when you had to burn the marijuana fields

11 : Anonymous2021/12/30 00:38 ID: hqhedxh

Mass Effect 2 the suicide mission when you go through the Omega Relay. ME2 really was written more like an action movie than most video games, great pacing and a tight script, just an incredible ending to a game

Another quest that's always been really memorable for me was Kyle's Gone Missing, a Horde quest in WoW involving a Tauren whose dog went missing which most old school WoW players know about. It was created by Blizzard for a kid named Kyle Chatterton who loved playing WoW and visited Blizzard through the make-a-wish foundation, they used his voice for the NPC and he got to design the quest, he would later die in 2008 but his NPC and quest remains in the game still

12 : Anonymous2021/12/29 23:20 ID: hqh3ef7

That mission where you drink with Lenny.

ID: hqhnln6


ID: hqhvtzs


ID: hqi3i5r

"Haha! Found ya Lenny!"

13 : Anonymous2021/12/29 23:09 ID: hqh1r50

That final level in Halo 3 where you drive the warthog as the station is blowing up sticks out to me

ID: hqi31kr

I was gonna say Covenant from Halo 3.


ID: hqihgcf

I think Floodgate has gotta take the cake with how it starts, the crashed ship in the cutscene, (although that might count as the last of Tsavo Highway-), the first section being called “It followed me home” and just how eerie everything feels-

14 : Anonymous2021/12/29 21:54 ID: hqgqjx3

Half-Life 2's "We Don't Go to Ravenholm" chapter. It's one of those levels that scared the crap out of me as a kid. I know the place like the back of my hand now, but I'll always remember that first time I got greeted by it's atmosphere and... "Inhabitants".

ID: hqh2hp5

I love that priest who was talking you while you made your way through!

ID: hqhnvy0

You have already met

my congregation

15 : Anonymous2021/12/29 23:14 ID: hqh2gc2

50,000 people used to live here..

ID: hqh37j2

Now it's a ghost town.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/29 22:22 ID: hqgusgq

That first time you crash on the ring in the original Halo

17 : Anonymous2021/12/29 22:55 ID: hqgznft

The Original MGS fight against Psycho Mantis.

ID: hqhhz9a

Oh man, I remember I was a bit confused when he ordered me to put the controller down. Did not expect that.

Then he said he'd read my mind and he was like "aaah, I see you've saved often" and I was "huh, I have," and then he said "I see that you like Castlevania" and it freaked me because I was playing SotN. Took me a moment to figure what was happening, but it made for a very memorable encounter indeed.

18 : Anonymous2021/12/30 00:12 ID: hqhapoq

The Skyrim intro sequence

ID: hqhk4vx

That music coming up after you exit the cave. Such a surreal moment

19 : Anonymous2021/12/29 21:47 ID: hqgpgfj

No Russian.

20 : Anonymous2021/12/30 01:04 ID: hqhhxko

that mission in titanfall 2 when you time travel

ID: hqi0ybe

Sooooo good. "I'm about to be eaten by dinos!" Time travel "now I'm about to be shot my enemies!" *Repeat

21 : Anonymous2021/12/30 00:56 ID: hqhgub3
22 : Anonymous2021/12/30 02:32 ID: hqhtxug

The final 2 missions in Titanfall 2

-"What are you doing?!"

-"I won't lose another pilot"

23 : Anonymous2021/12/30 02:59 ID: hqhxi4m

Silent Cartographer from Hale CE.. so many memories

24 : Anonymous2021/12/29 23:56 ID: hqh8ezr

Finding that damn frying pan in Witcher 3

25 : Anonymous2021/12/29 23:20 ID: hqh3chr

Bloody baron quest in the Witcher 3

ID: hqhhzzu

I knew the botchling had to be real folklore cos it's too weird to make it out of a writing room.

ID: hqhnuh2

Yeah, nothing says “You can’t make this shit up” like following the ghost of a dead fetus.

26 : Anonymous2021/12/29 23:09 ID: hqh1qfm

Omaha Beach in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault


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