This is 2022 AAA installment in the largest franchise on Earth

1 : Anonymous2022/01/07 13:10 ID: ry71q7
This is 2022 AAA installment in the largest franchise on Earth
2 : Anonymous2022/01/07 14:26 ID: hrn0wl4

I get sad when I think about Pokemon's lack of catching up with the competition at this point

ID: hrno4k6

To me it feels like they are like refusing to hire 3d modelers and just made the 2d sprite artist try 3d. The graphical mistakes they are making is very basic stuff

ID: hro4unh

Honestly, they're printing money regardless as kids gobble this up.

Why bother with new hires when they've got themselves a nice solid stream of income.

ID: hrogh61

You're actually right! They did in fact retrain their 2D modelers to make 3D models, I recall hearing this before they did XY. I don't know if I can find a source tho, I heard this do long ago now. I think it was in a Nintendo direct?

ID: hroa39o

They should go back to 2D and sprites.

ID: hro4k26

And it’s not from lack of funding or bad hardware. I’m sure people are tired of people comparing it to BOTW but seriously, Gamefreak really is just in it for the money now, Sword and shield had two dlcs, and they are charging for Pokémon home.

ID: hro8e3h

Pokemon is too successful for any creatives to be making decisions about it, all that stuff is being decided by a board of directors and unless someone can show that a new way forward is going to increase profits no expenditures are going to be approved.

ID: hroo4d7

And it’s not from lack of funding

It probably is actually. The Pokemon Company probably isn't putting a very high budget toward these games because they'll sell 15-20 million copies regardless. No point in overspending if it doesn't produce a higher ROI. Better to divert resources to other projects instead to grow the brand (apps, media, merchandise, etc).

ID: hrojjom

Gamefreak really is just in it for the money now

They've been in it for the money since day 1.... Why else would they release 2-3 nearly identical games every generation?

ID: hrojsk7

What competition? I’m genuinely curious what games out there actually fill the role in gaming that Pokémon does?

EDIT: none of these answers address my question. The most important thing about Pokémon is that it’s accessible. To people in all age groups. No 12 year old is gonna go to GameStop and be like “I want _Shin Megami Tensei 5_”.

EDIT 2: Pokémon is the only accessible, portable and family friendly monster catching game on the market right now. People mention “competition” without realizing that Pokémon has no real competition. Temtem? I’m sorry but lol. No. And besides that, more than half of the people complaining on this post will somehow end up with the in their possession. Don’t agree with it? Don’t buy it. I hate what they did with BDSP after the lackluster SwSh, so I didn’t buy it. Legends Arceus looks wonky as hell, so I’m not buying that either. That doesn’t change the fact that there’s a new generation of millions upon millions of kids entering the age to play video games every Christmas, and Pokémon appeals to those children. They’re not gonna complain about graphics (they’re too busy actually having fun with the game), and neither are their parents. The Pokémon Company knows this. The only people who haven’t seem to have gotten the memo are the 0.00025% of the players that make up the hardcore gamers. Pokémon isn’t for you, and they show you this every year, and every year you complain, but find some excuse to buy it.

ID: hrp5v1b

Monster Hunter Stories, and for more challenging game the Megami Tensei series.

Edit for

: MONSTER HUNTER STORIES 1 AND 2, literally saying it right here. That game is beginner-friendly, Family-friendly, available on the Switch for PORTABLE use (MHST 1 is on Android/IOS/3DS), the game is also accessible (my 9 year old niece is playing it right now), your arguments doesn't mention these two games.

Not to mention, the visuals is heavily stylized towards young audience, battle mechanics are simple enough (literally Rock-Paper-Scissor mixed with elemental attributes and some status ailments).

I only mention SMT 5 for adult audience bcs you do realize adults are also playing Pokemon?

3 : Anonymous2022/01/07 19:35 ID: hrofdgy

I no joke have seen better looking games on the Wii.

ID: hrp47w8

Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Metroid Prime, Monster Hunter Tri (Original), Xenoblade Chronicles, RE4, Okami to name a few...

I agree with you 100%.

Im aware graphical fidelity is not everything, but this game looks like Dani's Unity project.

ID: hrp50no

Pokemon’s graphics in recent years has been appalling, especially if you compare it to more graphically competent games on the switch like Metroid Dread and BoTW.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:30 ID: hrnkg4g

And it will sell like hotcakes because the name alone

5 : Anonymous2022/01/07 13:15 ID: hrmrn3g

That just looks a like ps2 game in 1080p

ID: hrn0rmm

I usually think that the ”ps2” graphics comments are hyperbole, but it does absolutely apply here.

ID: hrnaeya

Actually, the water is almost Nintendo wii level ngl

ID: hrnfoiw

It’s worse than a lot of the higher end PS2 titles. A lot of shots look like unfinished amateur games where they haven’t finished the textures and releases it early access on steam level of graphics.

ID: hroz2pt

To me it looks like the out-of-bounds area in a PS2 game. Like, you'll have the detailed playable level space, but then you've got the background landscapes which are passable at quick glance. Looking at them closely, however, reveals that they're significantly lower resolution and peppered with 2D assets. Those mountains and the lake beyond look solidly "out of bounds" to me.

ID: hroiezz

I played DQ8 last year and it looked better than this

ID: hrow2ro

FFX on PS2 looks phenomenal compared to this so it looks like a mid level PS2 game really

ID: hro482l

Not even 1080 probably...

ID: hroakuj

Yes! Hit the nail on the head. Looks like an old ass game running on an emulator upscaled to a higher resolution to me.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/07 13:21 ID: hrmsd4f

I think I will wait for reviews on this one...

ID: hroyl3x

"It's a Pokemon game it's a switch game! 8.0 out of 10!"

ID: hrp83zu

I dunno, I think it has too much water. 7.8/10.

ID: hrp8khr

7.8 too much water

7 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:11 ID: hrnrbjh

Thing is, a game does not have to be the most graphically intensive game out there. The issue is does it look aesthetically pleasing. That's my problem with some of the newer pokemon games, they just look bland. Of course graphics alone are not everything, mechanics and game play do matter. But it just does not feel like they've done a sufficient job making the games come off as appealing.

As others have said, vote with your wallet but also critique it.

ID: hroflm3

Yeah like generally speaking BOTW isnt the most graphically intensive game out there, but the art style severely makes up for the drawbacks it may have. This has little to no artstyle and the lack of graphical fidelity shows

ID: hrohmdy

BOTW did what TF2 did and made themselves a visual language that looks good without extra stuff needed to fancy up the graphics. Kinda like vallheim and minecraft. The textures and everything are real low resolution, but thanks to everything else are able to hold up.

Pokemon on the other hand just feels dated these days.

In case anyone is wondering what the far side of this is, look at games like star citizen or cyberpunk. Pretty graphics at the cost of sometimes not running well even on high end systems.

ID: hrojt2r

This looks just ugly in any way possible

ID: hroosvf

The art style looks really muddy and flat, too much dark brown and green. It doesn’t need to have incredible Fidelity for its graphics to look artistic and colorful. This genuinely looks like a rushed student project

ID: hroyg6x

"Vote with your wallet" doesn't work, because for every one game I don't buy, a hundred other people buy a double pack

ID: hrozpyz

Graphics ... fine. I can deal with that. Animations? Garbage. Absolutely garbage.

ID: hrooltb

Agreed. A good art style =/= graphical fidelity. Breath of the wild looked incredible, even with all the blurry textures and low draw distance for details

8 : Anonymous2022/01/07 13:12 ID: hrmrbos

Graphics don't make the game, but heck, Nintendo could do better XD

ID: hrnu2mq

Obviously Nintendo could: look at other games. Pokemon's ownership sits in a three way ownership between Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc with complex agreements and none of them will ever give up any ground to the others, so Game Freak (who can't program for shit) are gripping tight onto all game development responsibilities and shoving it all into incremental upgrades to their ancient codebase and not letting Nintendo's actual competence within ten feet.

ID: hrmtmn8

Graphics don’t but animations 100% do. They give character and life to the game and the creatures and that shit has been lacking in the past few games. It’s embarrassing. Nintendo or PC don’t give a shit they make money off the Merch the games are just justification at this point.

ID: hro3uj4

Do you really believe the developers at Nintendo made this shit? Like give them credit, their corporate may suck, but the developers would never let this fly.

Game Freak is the shitty one

ID: hrmrvh2

It's not really Nintendos fault though, they don't have much of a say in what the games are like. As far as I remember, Nintendo only has a small share in the Pokemon company which is why the games are exclusive to their platforms. Pretty much every negative thing about the recent Pokemon games can be attributed to GameFreak and the Pokemon Company becoming increasingly lazy with their games

9 : Anonymous2022/01/07 13:40 ID: hrmurmr

Graphics are 100% not the only problem in this image.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:35 ID: hrnv90c

Nintendo Flight Simulator X (2006)

11 : Anonymous2022/01/07 19:03 ID: hroa3xx

If Nintendo can delay Metrioid Dread for decades to get it to a level they deem polished, they can certainly do it for Legends. Not buying day one, vote with your wallet.

ID: hrol52j

Nope. Pokémon runs on a very strict release schedule since the anime, trading cards, and merchandise all depend on games releasing at a specific time. Pokémon has never delayed a game for this very reason and they aren't going to start now.

ID: hrozshy

Metroid Dread is a first party Nintendo game, Pokemon isn't*

*I know some people are gonna argue otherwise and the Pokemon company and Game Freak have very close ties to Nintendo, but I don't care. It is literally the least polished "Nintendo IP" by a huge margin and this is because it's not a first party. Simple as that

ID: hroj32a

Nintendo only owns 1/3 of Pokemon, so they can't delay LA like that delayed Dread.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/07 15:56 ID: hrnepp1

I only saw the screenshot while scrolling Reddit and thought, "another mobile game ad." Unfortunately I was wrong.

13 : Anonymous2022/01/07 19:02 ID: hro9u9x

It took me a LONG time to start to give up on Pokémon, but I’m almost there. I don’t even mind if games are a few years behind the curve or if they want to keep things simple, but at this point, it’s just inexcusable. What a waste of potential.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:24 ID: hrnjgl9

From one of the laziest developers in the world. Did anyone actually expect something great from them? I didn't. They basically remake the same game with a different map and change how some of the sprites look and BAM $70 please.


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