RE3 Remake has really grown on me

1 : Anonymous2022/01/07 04:27 ID: rxykw8

So I'm basically brand new to the RE series. I've played 1-3 and 7 so far and and Haven't played the original RE3, only the remake. I actually liked it but I could definitely see why people weren't fond of it, it just didn't bother me as much since I never played the original and seeing Nemesis in those graphics alone made it worth my time. I never really had it up there as one of my favorite of the ones I've played, but recently after going back to get all the achievements, it's really started to grow on me. I've never felt motivated to replay a game enough to learn a run but for whatever reason I just don't get bored of RE3 remake. I literally couldn't even tell you why, but I just keep enjoying it more and more as I play it. I played it through all the way like 5 times in one day getting the achievements and didn't get bored at all. Maybe it's just because it's fairly short, but idk for sure. It's slowly becoming my favorite RE game and I don't even know why lmao.

2 : Anonymous2022/01/07 08:00 ID: hrm0ps6

I really like it for what it is. As a remake it's undeniably dissapointing

ID: hrmuwkq

After reading a lot of discussions and taking part in them I think what you said is what we would call "a consensus". If we cut out the extreme cases (people who call it a trash and people who call it masterpiece) most will agree that it is:

a good stand alone game (a bit overpriced though) and a disappointing remake.

ID: hrotgxs

Hit the nail on the head

3 : Anonymous2022/01/07 10:23 ID: hrmbzv0

i’m still waiting for the day haha. it’s not bad but i’m jaded

4 : Anonymous2022/01/07 05:02 ID: hrlj0ln

I understand how you feel about it. The game is good, but the thing is, the original shows how much better RE3R could've been.

Seriously, I believe this game could've been the best RE game ever made, if they actually did things right. And that's why the game was so disappointing to a lot of fans of the original.

I love the game for what it is. Right now I have 123h on it on Steam, but it is one of those games that you always play and wish some things were made in a different way.

ID: hrlku0l

What would you change besides length

ID: hrlndpk

Without re-designing the entire game and just adding content through a Director's Cut version, my idea would be:

Give freedom to the player as soon as the introduction in Uptown Raccoon City ends. Meaning, as soon as you enter Dario's warehouse, you gain freedom, like in the original. The area is almost a copy of the original warehouse anyway, you can even see his office. It'd be awesome to have that area, plus a few streets to walk around, before going to Downtown RC.

We already have an objective, which is to "get to the chopper", it'd be nice to have some obstacles that would make that mission harder. That means, Jill would never make it to the chopper in Uptown Raccoon City. Nemesis doesn't destroy it either in that moment.

After Carlos saves Jill, I'd have them both going to the RPD, so Jill can gear up. She lives two blocks away from the RPD anyway, you can even see it from the street Nemesis' container is at. There we could've had the scene of Brad running towards them and getting killed by Nemesis. Then, they could've added Marvin opening the RPD doors, calling them in. Jill could've had the choice of fighting Nemesis (without any prompts) or running inside.

Then in the RPD, we would've had more Stage 1 Nemesis. They could've even made Nemmy break through the showers wall, instead of Carlos using a C4, or the 3rd floor wall that's intact in RE3R. The game already fleshed out her character so much, the impact of seeing her reaction to being back into the RPD after 2 months of basically being held hostage by Umbrella in her apartment, would've been huge to her character development.

At the very least, if they really didn't want to change much, having Jill actually see Brad turning into a zombie and biting Marvin, forcing her to take him out, would've been a hell of a lot better than what we got with Carlos and Tyrell. I never understood why they went there in the first place and they had ZERO attatchment to that place and to the people that worked there. Huge waste of opportunity there.

After the RPD, Jill and Carlos could've run towards the subway and the game basically plays the same way.

With Nemesis killing Brad, it would've been interesting to make Brad turn into a buffed up Zombie (which he already seems like), since he probably has the parasite in him. Then the devs could maybe make him stalk Carlos in the RPD and in the hospital later on. Idk, Carlos deserved a boss fight.

The youtuber SphereHunter had a great idea for the Clock Tower, and it consists of after Jill fights Stage 2 Nemesis and gets infected, she loses consciousness and basically has another nightmare (since she was already having them). In this nightmare, she goes into the Clock tower and does her thing there, we get more Nemesis in a stage 1.5 and the chopper scene.

Maybe Capcom could've changed things a bit and made Jill have this nightmare after the train exploded, making new players believe it was actually happening. I think either way could work.

I feel that too much time passed while Jill was unconscious. We needed to know what Tyrell and Carlos were doing and that would've been a good excuse to have us playing as either of them. The park area would've been a good addition. This could've been added even as a true-canon side mode. Tyrell arrives at the hospital hurt and we don't know what happened to him. Carlos took 12 hours to go from downtown to the Clock tower. Something happened and it would've been fun to see.

And finally, the "You want S.T.A.R.S, I'll give you S.T.A.R.S" line, NEEDS to be said at the end.

I can't even describe how disappointed I was, when I heard it the first time and wasn't even able to hear it completely because Nemesis smacked Jill in the ass and she screamed, interrupting it.

Just like the Chopper scene, they cheapened one of the most iconic moments in the original game. The devs might not understand, but these two things are important to fans and should not have been changed.

These are my ideas. I could go on and on, but I think these things could've been added to the game, without changing the core of it. I love this game for what it is and it's not a bad game at all. It's just very disappointing.

ID: hrmw3h2

I would make a faithful remake, which in my book means:

Mechanics that made each run unique and heavily enhanced repaly value

- adding branching paths

- adding live selections

- adding randomizers of items, enemies and puzzle solutions

Additional game mode - mercenaries. After all RE3 introduced mercenaries to the series

Be faithful to the structure of original game - og RE3 was more focused on puzzles than original RE2. Restore them. Remade uptown and downtown into interconnected, nonlinear level with backtracking and with freedom of exploration. This means uptown would be an actual level, not a 10 minutes long cut-scene like it is now in the remake

Add unique locations from original game - aside explorable uptown, we really need park, clock tower, press office, factory etc. Ditch things like sewers and Nest - they belong to the RE2.

Actually try to make Nemesis scary - in original game he had multiple various spawn points dependent on your action, which made him much less predictable during next playtrhough. He also was extremely hard to take down during chases - it takes around 16 grenade rounds, while in the remake he goes down to 1 grenade. And change how people react to him - erase at least half of sassy comments and insults. No one is really afraid of him in the remake.

Those are for me the most fundamental things I would change in the game to make it more faithful and to make it be much closer in terms of content to the 60$ it costs.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/07 04:38 ID: hrlg3b3

It’s damn fun. It’s great for replaying because of the pacing. The game is constantly moving you forward with minimal backtracking. It does the action style of RE really well. It’s not a faithful remake of the original, but as a new game inspired by RE3, it’s great. Short, but I enjoyed every moment.

ID: hrpgqod

Short is like the best complaint you can get. Like leaving people enjoying the game and wanting more instead of being called awful dreadful boring or something like that

ID: hrm31at

Perfect summary

6 : Anonymous2022/01/07 09:03 ID: hrm5tfo

It's a quick linear action game and easily repayable so it serves as that. But there's nothing remarkable about it. It's fun, Problem is it could have been much better.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/07 10:43 ID: hrmdklr

This game makes me miss qte segments. Running from nemesis is just tiring in the cutscenes. “Hold x to escape”

8 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:23 ID: hrnj6zd

I love the game, I just wanted more of it and the lack of nemesis was disappointing. Those are my only gripes.

9 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:23 ID: hrnjb95

It's a great fun, time. It tells the same story as the original, just goes about it differently. It's basically a reimagining.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/07 19:55 ID: hroikvd

I played the original RE3 religiously and it’s still my favorite but the remake was awesome to me. Some disappointments sure but the replay value is great to me especially challenging myself on inferno and trying to beat it without shop items, that was really fun to me and Jill is gorgeous so that makes it all the better lol

11 : Anonymous2022/01/07 15:56 ID: hrnepxo

I played it for like an hour and the whole time it was just watching cutscenes of Jill being thrown against walls. I was like "ummmm can I... ya know... play the video game?" And the game was like "lol fuck that."

So I got a refund.

ID: hrng67f

This is what bothers me so much in this game - there is so little of an actual gameplay. There are short bursts of playing sandwiched between cut-scenes, forced walking segments and cut-scenes in disguise (you know, like entire uptown or construction site).

ID: hrnhl6k

This is the worst kind of video game man. A game can be good or badly designed, but if its cheating you into buying a cgi movie claiming its a game... thats intolerable. I wish there could be some conventions that govern this.

ID: hrno4uz

Wise choice.

ID: hrns30r

Hehe nice user name 🙂

12 : Anonymous2022/01/07 06:01 ID: hrlpm94

I get what you mean. I paid the full $60 and I have no regrets!

13 : Anonymous2022/01/07 10:09 ID: hrmawbq

Annoyed it didn't have the gore of 2. Would have enjoyed some more exploring of the city streets. Was so excited to be able to see raccoon city again properly. Otherwise I enjoyed it.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/07 14:58 ID: hrn5m6e

Lmao “I’m basically brand new to the re series” and “I enjoy r3make” alllllllways seem to go hand in hand. I wonder if it’s because you can’t see how trash the game is in comparison to its source material because YOU DIDNT PLAY THE SOURCE MATERIAL. Most the community agrees it was a fun game but it was a GARBAGE remake.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/07 04:32 ID: hrlfauq

It's super fun. I got it cheap, and as a result, I'm not mad at it.

ID: hrm3pvo

RE3R is the only RE game I've ever pirated. Literally bought same games across different platforms, but I was soo mad that I pirated this one. Truth be told, I have no regrets doing it.

ID: hrm5bif

Huh. I got it for like, I dint remember, ten or 15. I had to wait a long time though it was 30 forever. It was worth ten or 15 to me, because I still pick it up and play through sometimes, I really do enjoy it. But if I'd paid 30, yeah finishing in two hours, when I'm jot trying to be fast, would have bothered me lol.

16 : Anonymous2022/01/07 05:07 ID: hrljlpw

I always felt like it was just DLC for RE2 Remake due to the length of the game.

ID: hrm446h

In fairness, it’s similar to one scenario from 2. And the scenarios aren’t massively different with pretty much all the same puzzles etc.

I got it for a tenner or so, I kind of see it as a fun little addition to 2 myself. Like a really long Ghost Survivors scenario with amazing voice acting and characters. However no disappointment from me as I never really liked 3 that much as a kid. I played 1 and 2 endlessly but 3 was one I beat a couple of times and never really came back to, so I had very few expectations and wasn’t precious about how Capcom approached it

17 : Anonymous2022/01/07 05:24 ID: hrlljsi


ID: hrmb80x

Heh, my first resi game was the original 3, and I had a blast with the reboot, mind you, I wouldn’t have complained if it was a bit longer, but it was bloody enjoyable nonetheless, the fact that even with an infinite ammo rocket launcher, when the big bugger is chasing you, you can only put him down for a tiny respite, not the “piss off to the naughty corner you great big lump! I’m BUSY looking at stuff!” Of the original made my brick my pants the first time I realised he wasn’t going to go down!

18 : Anonymous2022/01/07 15:14 ID: hrn84v6

They literally could’ve kept the game the exact same and just upgraded the textures and graphics on it and that woulda been the perfect remake to me, but just an opinion, I feel like without all the extra shit you had to do in the original game they took something major away from it. Idk game feels so short too, and I didn’t really get an accomplished feeling after beating it, I was just kinda like “meh, I’m done”

19 : Anonymous2022/01/07 20:47 ID: hroqxbf

i know it’s kinda shitty compared to re2r and original re3 but it was my first RE game i ever played so it’ll hold a special place in my heart 🙂

20 : Anonymous2022/01/07 10:53 ID: hrmednq

After all these posts about RE3R, I went back to play it and yeah you are right the game is really fun.

I still think a puzzle version of the remake would be incredible. Do you imagine the remake has both an action version and a puzzle version?

Edit: Speedrunning the game is still mad fun

21 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:51 ID: hrno0l0

I really enjoyed it when I played it, but I did get it on sale so my experience wasn’t a rip off like everyone else

22 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:38 ID: hrnvscl

I really enjoyed 3 remake and might have even enjoyed it more than 2 remake. To me the two games felt like the missing half of the other and 3 remake just had the stuff I liked better. 2 remake had the multiple campaigns, but 3 remake had the store and more difficulty settings that I enjoyed.


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